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Transformers News and Reviews
This is the Radio Free Cybertron 2014 Year in Review! On this episode we talk about everything that made 2014 the biggest year yet in Transformers, from Age of Extinction to Robots in Disguise, Combiner Wars, Transformers Angry Birds, the IDW comics, conventions, all the third party Dinobots, and more! Put on your diaper and grab a 2-liter, as we guide you through 2014!

Age of Extinction
Just in via Amazon Japan are new high quality images of the Transformers Movie Advanced AD-32 Stinger action figure. Get a look at larger, clearer images of the red remake of the Camaro Bumblebee as Stinger in his robot and alternate vehicle modes. Amazon has this figure listed for shipping on January 31, 2015 at 3,024 yen / $25 USD. Read on to see all the images now.
Blacklai of TFND continues his streak of extensive galleries of brand-new toys with the MP-05G gold version of Masterpiece Megatron. It's... very gold! In addition to goldness, it also sports a Hasbro Asia bonus piece, a diecast Reflector in camera mode that Megatron can hold. Keep reading to see!
Generation 1 Japan
TakaraTomy held a massive press event for the QTransformers line yesterday, and Autobase Aichi has posted a variety of slides and images from the event. While mainly focusing on naming voice cast for the QTransformers animation project, this also meant revealing a variety of new character designs as well! Also, the hourlong event includes an attempted playthrough of the Mystery of Convoy remake, giving us the best look at the game thus far. Keep reading to see slides and video!
Transformers TV
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Third Party
Our sponsor TFSource has updated with a listing and new images of an upcoming upgrade package from Dr. Wu. A common complaint of Masterpiece Bumblebee has been the poor sculpt quality of the human face sculpt within the Exosuit figure, to the point where debate has begin over which Witwicky is meant to be inside. Dr. Wu's New Partner set addresses this with two better sculpted and painted heads to represent both Spike and Daniel. Click through and check out the images!
Writer Josh Hechinger has published an interesting article featuring his attempt to extract the elements of script from a completed page of IDW's Transformers: More Then Meets The Eye, and using the exercise as a way to explore character motivations and understand the book a little better. The conclusions reached are perhaps not groundbreaking, but for fans of one of the best comics titles on the market today this should be an entertaining read. Click through for a quick excerpt and a link back to the original!
Generation 1
Transformers vs GI Joe is a successful effort of recapturing the look and feel of comics from years gone by, telling a new tale of meetings - and confrontations - between the characters of GI Joe and Transformers. And now just in time for the holidays, the first collected volume is hitting shops and includes the FCBD issue 0, and retail issues 1-4. We've got reviews for each retail issue, so keep reading to get a list of review links and preview galleries!
Generation 1
TRANSFORMERS COMBINER WARS 2015 - LEGENDS, VOYAGERS - The first releases in this continuation of the Generations line include Optimus Prime and Silverbolt for Voyagers, and Bombshell, Powerglide, Thundercracker and Windcharger in the Legion line. Don't miss out on these new figures, which you can check out at the link. bigbadtoystore.com
Third Party
From Xovergen's Facebook page. Final product images of Xovergen TF-02 Godarmor, release expected in January 2015. Includes the first look at the trailer mode in color. Read on to see the images now.
While we had assumed that Generations Chromia would be a remold of Arcee, she is in fact a remold of Arcee instead. Which is why it turned out to be okay that she shipped in the same assortment as Arcee. Also, she's the best of the three women we've gotten in Generations this year.
The ever-prolific Masabon1980 has posted an entire gallery of Shouki & Daniel images to Photobucket! Showing details down to the illustrated instruction sheet, Shouki uses Classics Astrotrain's Shuttle Mode as a disguise as the Thunder Arrow, the Japanese version of Micromaster Skystalker's shuttle. And Daniel gets a third mode too, as a Pantograph or current collector for Shouki's train mode. Keep reading to see!
From the ROBONIN Blog, we've got photos giving our first in hand look at Shouki, the mailaway exclusive from the 2014 edition of the Transformers Generations book in Japan. This Astrotrain recolor meant to represent the leader of the Trainbot team from The Headmasters comes with a recolored Groundspike Mini-Con, meant to be Daniel Witwicky and act as Shouki's Targetmaster partner by transforming it so the intended minesweeper form more resembles a bow. Click through and check them all out!
Hisashi Yuki has tweeted a photo of the very soon to be released Gelshark, better known to many as Sky-Byte. The Legends release of our Generations Sky-Byte features a modified deco to catch more of the feel of the original toy. Yuki-san has chosen to show Gelshark off with Black Convoy, proving that even fifteen years later, the poor shark still can't get the spotlight for himself. Click through for the full size image!
RID 2015
DOWNLOAD NOW!! THE TRANSFORMERS NEED YOUR HELP! The Insecticons are everywhere and we need your help to defeat them! Take control of your favourite Transformers, collect energon, and unlock power modules to gear up and defeat the Insecticons.
Generation 1 Japan
Greetings Sourcefans! It's not too late to place an order on http://www.TFSource.com and receive it in time for the holidays! Select 2-day or overnight shipping when in checkout - Happy Holidays everyone! This week we have a bunch of new instock items like Bullsfire - DB-01 Air Strike, DR. Wu - DW-P22 Engineer set, Sentinel - Gigantic Figure - Scorponok (Mega Zarak) - 22'' Tall, AFT Toys - AFT-07 Titanium Saint, and Reformatted - R-01C - Terminus Hexatron Continuum!
Benscollectibles on Youtube have posted a few new video reviews for the Transformers Generations Combiner Wars figures. Get an in-hand review of the Optimus Prime, Silverbolt, and Firefly figures that we first saw last summer at BotCon and SDCC. Read on to watch all three of the video reviews below for more information on these Transformers toys.
Thanks to Benscollectibles who has posted a video review MP-22 Ultra Magnus Transformers Masterpiece figure from Takara Tomy. Get a look at this much anticipated figure that finally delivers on all the Ultra Magnus glory with car carrying trailer and all. Watch the video review to see who this figure measures up to expectations along with details on transformation and much more.
RID 2015
The Transformers Official YouTube Channel has posted a trailer for the RID 2015 Smartphone game, available now on iOS and due in January for Android. The game allows you to scan your RID figures to use them in-game, and a flash of a screen that classifies characters as "Starter" or "Legion" suggests that (surprise!) purchased characters will be more powerful than ones simply unlocked. Keep reading to see the trailer!

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