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Following on the inventory data confirming Combiner Wars Cyclonus, we've learned that the Transformers Battle Tactics game has been giving hints about this already. In game images captured by down shift of cybertron.ca we can see through the chibified proportions their their Cyclonus has design details in common with Silverbolt's toy, especially evident in vehicle mode. We also have clear indication that Viper is Powerglide's recolor and strongly resembled the Rattler aircraft from GI Joe. Click through to see it all!
A source whose name is being withheld at their request has reported finding more new Combiner Wars information in the inventory data of the major retailer for which they work. Voyager wave 3 is now expected to consist of Hot Spot whose vehicle design was revealed recently, and Cyclonus which seems to validate a standing rumor of the recolor/remold for Silverbolt. The listing also include Voyager Optimus Maximus, which can be guessed as being the white recolor whose boxart we saw that gave us the first hint of Legends Rodimus. More established information was verified, which you can keep reading to see the recap of.
Age of Extinction
From Masabon we've got many photos of the Deluxe Stinger just released by TakaraTomy. With its only representation in Hasbro's AOE line being Legends recolors, AD-32 Stinger is the first iteration of the character (we use the term loosely here) that can mix with the rest of the normal product line. Recolored from the "modern" Bumblebee figure, it's a good likeness as a robot, but of course doesn't remotely match the Pagani vehicle mode. Click through to check out all the mirrored photos!
Third Party
Site sponsor TFSource has posted a preorder for X-Transbots' new MasterMini Masterpiece-styled figure along with giving us our first look at it. Seen in the form of computer renders at this point is a figure based on Beachcomber called Arkose, which is the name for a particular variety of sandstone and so may not be exactly the best thematic matching for the name, but the design looks nice and the one full color render which will probably be included on the packaging art doesn't hurt its early appeal. TFSource expects to stock these in April. Click through to check out the images.
Transformers TV
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Daniel, @2Danomite2 on Twitter has shared a few more shots of Combiner Wars Motormaster with us, this time showing the details of just the Menasor torso mode. The surprising thing which Daniel subsequently verifies is that virtually everything above Motormaster's legs is new parts compared to the Optimus Prime iteration. As it was yesterday with the inner details, today we have a first look at the sculpt of the closed chest doors which are much less "fake chest window" than on Optimus, and if you ask me looks even better than having Blackjack inside! Keep reading and check it out!
Third Party
Our wish has been granted, and Badcube has uploaded more shots including robot mode of their Wardog "Not-Warpath" figure to their Facebook page. Much as the tank mode shot promised, this figure is looking really sharp at this stage, and if all goes well and the figure's final production plastics are consistent with this, it's going to be an excellent take on the character. Click through to check out all the mirrored images.
Youtube user chuckdawg1999 is back with a video about Kre-O Battlechanger Bumblebee. Following on from Optimus Prime, we get a good look at another of these builds that take the more positive qualities of Kreon Microchangers and bring in more brick involvement. Between these two and the Soundwave we showed you photos of yesterday, the Battlechanger line is looking like a strong move in the evolution of Kre-O. Click through to check out the video!
Hasbro has posted its product page for Leader Class Thundercracker with official images and a product description! A seemingly chrome-free remold of Legends Jetfire, Thundercracker seems to come with most but not all of Jetfire's gear, with the iconic booster pack sensibly excluded. Keep reading to see!
Jagex's Transformers Universe game has run the course of its short life, but the project had a lot of art designed for it, and the artists that contributed have been posting their work for all to see. We have a range of pieces from Oliver Miles and Sam Beattie including elements that never had a chance to be used in the game. Adam Turnbull has also posted a few video clips to his Vimeo account including function demos and cinematic elements, which we've got embedded below. Click through to check out everything!
2Danomite has followed up his first round of photos with some shots of Motormaster configured for Menasor, although three-fifths of the combiner still consists of Aerialbots for now. But this notably gives us a first chance to see the remolding for the inner combined-mode chest which up until now has always been concealed under Blackjack in the promotional photos. We believe the outer chest doors may have changes as well, but we're still waiting to get a look at those. Meanwhile, click through and check out the new pictures!
Twitter user @2Danomite2 has posted images of his just-arrived Voyager Motormaster! The figure is looking good, and Daniel says that he ordered the case from Entertainment Earth. If so, we can hopefully expect preorders to be filled soon from other online retailers. Keep reading to see the photos!
From SamsungHK we have a batch of new photos showing off Soundwave, part of a two-pack coming up in the new Kre-O Battlechangers series of transforming figure kits. While we don't have photos of Ratchet, the other side of this set, we do see Soundwave comes with a full set of little buddies in the form of Ravage and Laserbeak mini-builds, and Rumble and Frenzy represented by the smaller scale Kreons. The photos even show a way that they can all incorporate with Soundwave in both modes. Keep reading and check it all out!
RID 2015
Autobase Aichi has posted images of new characters previously revealed by TFW2005 as appearing in a recent update to the RID smartphone game! Included are Warrior class Sideswipe and Jazz, One-Step Optimus Prime, Drift, Fracture, and Thunderhoof as well as Legion-class Fixit and Underbite! It's good to see more Decepticons in the line, even if personally I'd prefer to see them in the Warrior class. Odds are good we'll see these figures at New York Toy Fair 2015 in a couple weeks. Until then, keep reading to see the screenshots!
Hisashi Yuki has once again posted an image of the upcoming Masterpiece Star Saber, but this time the V-Star seems to be giving Arcee, Windblade, and Chromia a lift. Most notable about the photo is the fact that Arcee sadly uses the open hands which are not very good at holding her accessories - you can see in the photo how far her gun sticks out of her hand. All three figures in what Yuki seems to refer to as the "Woman Robot" series are due to be released in Japan on Valentine's Day, February 14th. Keep reading to see for yourself!
After being delayed more than once, it seems the rather late fifth issue of IDW's The Transformers vs GI Joe will finally be hitting shops during the month of February. Comics Alliance has released the preview for this issue a bit early, so we finally get to see a bit of what comes after issue 4's use of "weapons-grade magenta." Comics Alliance reported it would ship alongside More Than Meets The Eye #37 on 2/4, but John Barber has since verified on Twitter it will ship on 2/11. ...possibly with MTMTE #38. Click through for the mirrored preview pages and a copy of the solicitation blurb!
Third Party
Kapow Toys has gotten hold of our first look at Badcube's Warpath-derived figure Wardog in what will hopefully be its final plastic colors. Having reached the stage of production-color testshot, we get to see Wardog in the traditional Warpath red, which looks very nice on the figure. While we'd like to see the robot in color soon, the vehicle teaser is more than enough to catch our interest at the moment. Keep reading to see the full size image.
Third Party
Site sponsor TFSource has received an album full of new pictures of Toyworld's Devilstar. This large figure based on Astrotrain is looking excellent in all three modes and makes an impressive show of how much it conceals the elements of its unused vehicle mode in both forms along with a nicely styled robot. TFSource is expecting these in stock soon, although the current January estimate might not be very likely at this point. Click through and check out the mirrored photos!
ComicsAlliance has just posted an interview with Mairghread Scott, writer of Windblade, about the upcoming Combiner Wars crossover! Revealed is the length of the crossover- six issues over the course of three months - and the fact that Windblade is going to continue on as a book after its conclusion and that Scott has longterm plans for the series and character. Scott also drops hints about a character she's wanted to write for ages making an appearance... Keep reading for excerpts and a link to the full interview!

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