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Transformers News and Reviews
Happy Holidays from the staff at Tformers.com! We hope you have a great Christmas and have a great time with friends and family! We at Tformers will be taking this day to celebrate good cheer with food drink and robots! We hope you will do the same and look forwards to much good Transformers news, reviews and more in the year ahead.
From a listing on Chinese auction site Taobao, we've got new images showing the updated Masterpiece Skywarp. Using the modified seeker body that's been used for Coronation Starscream, Sunstorm in Japan and the US, and Thundercracker and Acid Storm as Hasbro exclusives, Skywarp has been long awaited to finish the original trio by collectors that weren't quite satisfied with the mold's original form. Skywarp is a bit sparse in accessories though, only including a Megatron gun and another Dr Arkeville. Click through and check it out!
Generation 1 Japan
Robot Kingdom ROBOTKINGDOM .COM Newsletter #1254 Hi, Here is a quick update from www.robotkingdom.com. Free TF Movie 3 Bookmark comes with every order Till stock last! Free TF Movie 3 Trading Cards for every orders and unsent Preorders! For every USD50 ordered, 4 pack of TF Movie 3 Trading card will be included. For over USD300 Order, A Card Album will also be included! #1 Hot News Takara Transformers Masterpiece MP-22 Ultra Magnus. Photos Update! Start Shipping NOW! US$152.9/pcs
Benscollectables have posted a new video review for the Transformers Takara Platinum Edition Masterpiece Soundwave Year Of The Goat set. Get the breakdown on this repaint edition with very interesting colors to say the least, in a somewhat unbalanced mix of clear plastic and copper/brown colored parts. Watch the video review to the figure and exclusive packaging now for the full details.
Transformers TV
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Still need convincing to buy Masterpiece Ultra Magnus? TakaraTomy has you covered, as they've just uploaded a full stop-motion demonstration of the toy, showing its transformation and both modes along with the full lineup of modern Autobot Masterpieces. It's an extremely compelling advertisement for the toy, and a great way to see its scale relative to the toys most likely to be displayed with it, including its use as a car carrier. Click through and check out the embedded video!
Collectors Club
FunPub has sent out a small holiday greeting today in the form of our first looks at production sample pieces of two figures from the third Transformers Figure Subscription Service. Absurdly obscure character Carzap from the IDW Bumblebee mold, Krok from stealth bomber Megatron, and Krok's pet Gatoraider from one of the many Arms Micron molds. Krok and Carzap both feature new heads which we're also getting our first real look at. Click through and check out the whole set of images!
Age of Extinction
Shartimus Prime goes back in time to give us a review of the Transformers 4 Dinobots Age of Extinction Platinum Edition Unleashed Shared BBTS Exclusive 5 Pack. Get the scoop on this set that includes 2-in-1 Grimlock, Slog, Strafe, Scorn and Dinobot Slug figures with details on the packaging and more details. You can order these now in-stock at bigbadtoystore.com. Read on to see the video review and image gallery.
Transformers-themed holiday greetings are coming in on Twitter! From TakaraTomy we have three Christmas-themed images which feature no less than five female characters in Santa Claus-themed minidresses, because Japan has a thing for those. But we also get pseudo-NSFW Cheetor's Drunken Naked Karaoke, and Santa Rattrap with his reindeer, Silverbolt, so there's something for everybody! Beast Wars Megatron's voice, David Kaye, has released his annual Christmas recording as well - this year it's a duet with Powerpuff Girl voice actress Tara Strong titled "Bubbles It's Cold Outside." Mind your ears, as Tara can really hit those high notes. Keep reading to see it all!
Generation 1
Autobase Aichi has posted new images of the two upcoming variations on Mega Drive Megatron! Sega Genesis Megatron is shown in-package (with a blank cartridge, making us wonder if labels for multiple Mega Drive games will be available) and the limited Sega Genesis Megatron is shown sitting next to someone's keyboard. Keep reading to see!
Third Party
From site sponsor TFSource we've got a new early reveal from third party group Badcube. Continuing their series of figures in the Masterpiece style focusing on the Autobot Minicar characters, we've now got concept art for Wardog, their take on Warpath. While the art is likely representative of the kind of design detail they want to express in the figure, we'll just have to wait for prototypes to begin to decide how well this effort will come out. Keep reading to see the full image!
Generation 1 Japan
The Q-Transformers, the super-deformed figures based on the mobile device adaptation of Mystery of Convoy, will soon star in an animated series, and we've got a first look at the opening sequence. We don;t have details available at the moment, but the roughly 45 second opening may suggest a show following a ten minute episode structure in a shared timeslot. Click through and check out the video, cleaned up and provided by walruslaw.
Generation 1 Japan
Our friends at The Spacebridge have offered the fandom a holiday gift and uploaded to Youtube a copy of a promotional VHS tape released preceding the Japanese premiere of Transformers: The Movie in 1989. The video contains the trailer for the movie, including all of its early-animation goodies like Diaclone-colors Ultra Magnus. The nearly 20-minute video also features TV openings, toy commercials, and more. Check out the embed below to enjoy some classic Transformers advertising fun!
Age of Extinction
You may associate the word "gross" in a completely different way when it comes to Age of Extinction, but hate it or love it it was a monetary success. Box Office Mojo has published their yearly tally of worldwide box office numbers, and clocking in at just shy of $1.1 billion is Age of Extinction, followed by Guardians of The Galaxy. But take note, this success relies heavily on worldwide ticket sales, with China likely being a major contributor. In domestic numbers, AOE falls fifth earning just $245 million, beating its estimated budget - but not by much!
This is the Radio Free Cybertron 2014 Year in Review! On this episode we talk about everything that made 2014 the biggest year yet in Transformers, from Age of Extinction to Robots in Disguise, Combiner Wars, Transformers Angry Birds, the IDW comics, conventions, all the third party Dinobots, and more! Put on your diaper and grab a 2-liter, as we guide you through 2014!

Age of Extinction
Just in via Amazon Japan are new high quality images of the Transformers Movie Advanced AD-32 Stinger action figure. Get a look at larger, clearer images of the red remake of the Camaro Bumblebee as Stinger in his robot and alternate vehicle modes. Amazon has this figure listed for shipping on January 31, 2015 at 3,024 yen / $25 USD. Read on to see all the images now.
Blacklai of TFND continues his streak of extensive galleries of brand-new toys with the MP-05G gold version of Masterpiece Megatron. It's... very gold! In addition to goldness, it also sports a Hasbro Asia bonus piece, a diecast Reflector in camera mode that Megatron can hold. Keep reading to see!
Generation 1 Japan
TakaraTomy held a massive press event for the QTransformers line yesterday, and Autobase Aichi has posted a variety of slides and images from the event. While mainly focusing on naming voice cast for the QTransformers animation project, this also meant revealing a variety of new character designs as well! Also, the hourlong event includes an attempted playthrough of the Mystery of Convoy remake, giving us the best look at the game thus far. Keep reading to see slides and video!
Third Party
Our sponsor TFSource has updated with a listing and new images of an upcoming upgrade package from Dr. Wu. A common complaint of Masterpiece Bumblebee has been the poor sculpt quality of the human face sculpt within the Exosuit figure, to the point where debate has begin over which Witwicky is meant to be inside. Dr. Wu's New Partner set addresses this with two better sculpted and painted heads to represent both Spike and Daniel. Click through and check out the images!

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