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Planet Steel Express has put the once canceled, now back on track Buster and Trench up for preorder Now is your chance to show support for the first full third party Transformers Animated figuresd produced! Bluster is an homage to Animated Huffer, while his brother Trench is an homage to Animated Pipes!

Joining BotCon 2014 Saturday Night at the Golden Ticket Reception and on Sunday, 6/22 for both a panel and for autographs is the one, the only, Mr. David Kaye! The ONLY actor to have voiced BOTH Optimus Prime and Megatron, David Kaye has been a part of the Transformers franchise for nearly 20 years, having most recently appeared as Hardshell in Transformers: Prime. Don’t miss your chance to meet a true fan favorite at BotCon 2014!

The set now has a name and in package image thanks to Robot Kingdom. The Heroes' Tool Kit! DX9 08 Animation weapons Kit The set contains two stasis cuffs, a pair of magnets and an axe with extendable handle. The axe is compatible with both deluxe and voyager Optimus. Different colors for American and Japanese version will be available. See the image below courtesy of Robotkingdom.

Transformers Animated fans rejoice! Finally, the long awaited release of the Transformers Animated Season 3 will becoming to DVD as a single release and as a Complete Series DVD from the those wonderful people Shout! Factory. Both of these products have been posted the official site with a official release date of June 10, 2014. See the cover images and details below for the full details.

Transformers are coming to Bent-Con! Tom Kenny (ROTF-Skidz and Wheelie, TFA-Starscream) and David Sobolov (TFP-Shockwave, BW-Depthcharge) will be attending Bent-Con 2013. Tom will be joining Martin and Olivia Olsen on Sunday for a panel on Adventure Time as part of Bent-Con's Rainbow Connection and Youth Day. David will be participating in the Voice Actor's Panel on Friday night, and will be signing autographs and meeting with fans all weekend.

Thanks to our very own forums member Goktimus Prime who has asked Australia video distributor Madman Entertainment if they wlll be offering the Transformers Animated Season 3 cartoon on DVD. Who responded that they will indeed: "Yes! For the first time anywhere. First half of next year." So there you have it, fans down-under will be getting the last of the Transformers Animdated on DVD in 2014.

New color shots of the TrailerForce TF-01 from Xovergen are ready to roll, sort of. Their upcoming upgrade for Transformers Classics Optimus Prime turns the voyager class toy in a full-blown God Ginrai / Power Master Prime homage. New images of the pre-release production sample are said to be a customized TrailerForce TF-01 toy. Shown is the Base mode, Combined mode, Add-on mode displaying the back-pack weapon pod for Henkei Convoy, Vehicle modes, Garage mode displaying storage of weapon and accessories and the concept for box art. Important Note: the actual final versions may vary.

The TFCC have posted yet another new image of the Transformers Subscription Service Decepticon Slipstream action figure. The new images added to their Facebook page shows off some better images of the robot and jet alternate vehicle modes. We get a much better look at her colors this time. The usage of the purple, metallic grey and blue-green works nicely on this lady with a blunt demeanor. Check out the image after the jump for the full look at the TFSS Slipstream figure.

The TFCC have posted a new image of the Transformers Subscription Service Decepticon Slipstream action figure on their Twitter page with the caption " Oh? Good Morning Twitter. Just a little hello from Slipstream" The image shows off a close up of the torso with a good look at the head with missing horn ornament. Slipstream is a female Decepticon who fought on Cybertron during the early days of the Autobot/Decepticon war. She is a Seeker who specializes in sarcasm and stinging insults hidden behind a thin veneer of humor. in Check out the image after the jump for the full look at

The Transformers Collectors Club have announced the will be sculpting a new head for the Jackpot action figure that will be part of subscription service figure (TFSS). The Jackpot toy is based on a repaint of the Transformers Animated Jazz action figure. Get a look at a prototype of Jackpot's new head mold sculpt and his character bio summary after the jump.

Transformers Collectors Club have posted a new image of the TFSS Circuit action figure in robot mode. This one toy offered in the Transformers Subscription Service is a homage to the Circuit action master toy was released exclusively in Europe after the G2 market had dried up in America. The Circuit figure was a repaint based on the Axer figure. Here we have Circuit again who is made from a repaint and remold of the Transformers Animated Lockdown toy. Note: this sample is not final. Production colors will vary slightly. But you can see the pretty after the jump for the details.

Toy maker Meister Wing have released some new prototype images of their pending project the Anime TrailerArmor ATF-01. This upgrade kit for the Transformers Animated Optimus Prime voyager class action figure will add on a trailer and other accessories such as a large battle axe and what appears to be wings and jet-pack. The designs look quite promising actually with a lot attention paid to the original motif. Meister Wing seem to have captured the look quire well. Get a look at the for more details after the jump.

After teasing their upcoming Anime TrailerForce ATF-01 last week, Xovergen is providing a full look at their upcoming product that turns the Transformers Animated Optimus Prime into a full-blown firetruck. No release date set yet, but the figure is still in gray prototype mode, so it might be a while before you can get your hands on this puppy. Take a look at the images after the break.

While Optimus Prime in the Transformers Animated cartoon was depicted with a full firetruck look at one point or another, the figure never received that full justice, and Xovergen is hoping to correct this with the Anime TrailerForce. The third party shop is developing an add on that will turn the vehicle into a firetruck and also as his jet pack in robot mode. The product is currently a work in progress and is a prototype only, so do not take this as the final design; however, it is nice to see the direction that the design is heading.



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Thanks to the man behind Transformers Animated, Derrick J. Wyatt, who is keep the love alive for the fans of what is arguably the last good Transformers show. Derrick shows us there was a whole more than meets the eye in Animated with this reveal of the Transformers G2 inspired Animated Straxus character. He's looking funky fresh in his day-glo colors ala the G2 color-blinding themes the line is so well known for. Check out the image after the break to share your love for Animated.

Transformers Animated is gone, but not forgotten. So while this is nothing to get in the car and head out hunting for, it is neat to see some uber rare and unproduced action figures surface from time to time. Thanks to Ebay seller amoronline, we have some looks at the Electromagnetic Soundwave. This was a proposed redeco of Animated Activator Soundwave, first revealed through a set of instructions posted to the Hasbro website in August 2010. Check out the images after the jump and share your comments on the figure.

This could very well be the last set of updates to the Animated database, but we have images from the latest Toys R Us Exclusives. Click on the links for pics of Rodimus Minor and Ironhide.

If you haven't checked out your local Toys R Us store yet, you might want to peek in. The Animated exclusives are starting to crop up on shelves as this is posted. Although Arcee has eluded us so far, we were able to snag Cybertronian Mode Ratchet and refresh his profile. You can check the updated profile, along with fresh images, by checking out the Animated Database.

Thanks to Collection Station who have posted official Hasbro images of the Transformers Animated Voyager class Mudbuster Bulkhead and Thundercracker action figures. These new images give us new looks at the robot modes, vehicle modes and the packaged images. The character bio summary has been posted for each figure as well.

A lot of news is better than no news on these guys, I suppose. A little after we told you that Transformers Animated Arcee and Cybertron Ratchet would be Toys R Us store exclusives, GenZhao has provided us some out-of-package shots of the figures, too. Since up until now we have only seen official and random proto and test shots here and there, this is a welcome change. Devour the pics in the gallery.

Ebay seller TFctoy has posted a lot of new ebay auctions for upcoming and one prototype / test shot action figures. The first item of interest is a test shot colored version of the leader class Animated Megatron in silver, red and yellow color. Another Animated figure makes the grade with an auction for Voyager Mudbuster Bulkhead in and out of box. From ROTF we get a look at deluxe Strike Mission Sideswipe and Tuner Mudflap.

Transformers Animated Deluxe Electrostatic SoundwaveThanks again to GenZhao, we have images of the upcoming Transformers Animated Deluxe Electrostatic Soundwave. The gallery finally shows off the Keytar Ratbat. GenZhao says that the wave (along with Freeway Jazz) is due out next year, but BBTS currently has a pre-order for November 2009 along with other previously-released figures.

Official Hi-Res Images of Transformers Animated Freeway JazzWe just received some high resolution official shots of Transformers Animated Deluxe figures Freeway Jazz and Electrostatic Soundwave. We have uploaded them to the respective figure's database entries. Take a look by clicking on each figure's name. As originally reported, these figures are slated to ship together in Deluxe Wave 3 in November.

Thanks to "chenkofs," we have new images the green and black Voyager Bulkhead repaint (previous images here) as well as Deluxe Freeway Jazz. These images mark the first time we have seen Freeway Jazz since BotCon 2009. Take a look at the shots in the gallery!

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