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Generation 1
Hasbro Answers Your Burning Questions Round 8!
bwbm - Wednesday, March 31, 2010

The Hasbro Question and Answer sessions have returned! And with that, we have our first two questions of the year! Take a look at their answers regarding the Robot Heroes toyline and whether or not they peruse fan sites. During Toy Fair 2010, Hasbro's other lines including Marvel showcased Robot Heroes-like figures, but the Robot Heroes line was not included in the Transformers portion of the conference. What precipitated the decision to cancel the Robot Heroes even though there were still figures scheduled to be released?

Hasbro: First, you are correct in that the Robot Heroes line will not be continuing past the Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen line. Unlike Star Wars and Marvel which have expanded to include figure and vehicle play, the fact that our figures have both vehicle and robot modes limited our ability to extend the play pattern past just figure play. We felt that although the Robot Heroes line has performed well, it just made sense to end on a positive note.

How often do team members of the Hasbro Transformers team peruse fan media websites and/or forums to get an idea of what fans think about a newly-released figure, recent press event (like Toy Fair, BotCon), or desires for certain characters?

As a whole, the team peruses all of the sites on a daily basis. We think staying in touch with our fans is a critical element to being able to put out a compelling line year after year.
In order to make it easier for you to check out all the different Hasbro Q&A's that are posted around the Internet, we have gathered up all the questions with links to the actual sites where you can easily go to and see the answers. Here is the round-up for March 2010's batch of questions.


Cool Toy Review: What are the chances of gestalts coming out that are more closely designed from the G1 sources? I've seen the Superion, Bruticus, and Devastator molds from the past couple of years, but they are the Energon molds and not G1 that most people want. The same mold used for two characters in the same set doesn't help either.

The characters that make up the gestalt could be released over the course of the year with a new gestalt each year. The characters could vary in size from deluxe to voyager to Ultra. A lot of people thought, or at least hoped, that Silverbolt was going to be like this. This would make for some awesome and high quality combiners. The time for collecting figures to build something bigger has gotten popular again over the past several years. Just look at the Marvel Legends and Star Wars build a droid stuff.

Cool Toy Review: Will the masterpiece Skywarp be easier to get than the MP Starscream? I never saw one at any of the 9 Wal-marts in my area. As a matter of fact, I even inquired using the UPC code & none of them even had it in the system as orderable. Heck your own Hasbro representative even told me none of the stores in my region were going to get it. Of course she also had no idea what the currently shipping Star Wars figure packaging looked like. I'm in Carbondale, IL, by the way.

ActionFigs Unlike the G1 cartoon on DVD, the pilot and first 2 seasons of Transformers Animated were released on DVD directly by Hasbro. However, also unlike the G1 cartoon DVDs, the final season of TF Animated has never been released on DVD, despite season 2 being released 14 months ago and the final episode having aired nearly a year ago. Since then, Transformers Animated DVDs for seasons 1 and 2, as well as the pilot DVD, have long since gone out of print. Yet TF Animated has grown to be a fan favorite. Since Hasbro was publisher and distributor on these DVDs, the question goes to you: when will the season 3 DVD set finally be released? What has caused the delay, and is it possible to see the other DVDs in the series re-released so late-comers can also get their hands on the whole series, hopefully before the toys leave the shelves? With the 3rd Transformers movie coming up next year, it likely means another break for TF Classics, so this seems like the best time to ask the following... Would Hasbro be willing to do an official fans choice poll that could be included in the next round of Classics that comes after the 3rd TF movie, or at least sponsoring a fans choice poll from the fan sites? This would be an exciting way to keep hardcore fans feeling involved in the line, and give Hasbro plenty of time to design the winning figure. Of course, fans would prefer to choose a brand new figure, but even deciding on a remold or repaint would be something. So, any chance we could get a fans choice poll?

Question #1: At best, it has been really difficult to find the Toys R Us exclusive Transformers Animated Arcee and Cybertron Mode Ratchet. Rumor has it that these two figures have been cancelled after their extremely limited initial release. Can you let us know what's going on with those two toys as well as the rest of the remaining Transformers Animated figures we saw revealed last summer at BotCon 2009 such as Rodimus and Blackout?

Question #2: It seems like Hasbro's toys and IDW's comics are missing an opportunity to cross promote each other. In the past, it seemed like it was a very successful venture of promoting current toys in the current comic books (such as the G1 toys in the Marvel comic books back in the 80s). Can you explain why the current comics are not being used as a marketing device by Hasbro to directly promote a current series of Transformers toys (outside of the ROTF comics ... this is more of a reference to the Classics / Universe toys in relation to the ongoing G1-themed comics)?


1) What is Hasbro's strategy for the release of the remaining, announced Transformers Animated figures such as Rodimus, Ironhide, Blackout, Thundercracker, etc.?

2) How do you solicit and determine which stores receive exclusives?

1) What is the reasoning behind using the Chromia mold for Hunt for the Decepticons Elita-1 as opposed to the Arcee mold? Concept art for Elita-1 appears to resemble the Arcee mold more than the Chromia mold.

2) Was the recent shift from twist-ties to a paper-based tie done on the basis of cost, environmental sustainability, or some combination of the two? Will we see other changes in how Transformers are packaged, from an environmental perspective, in the near future? Will Masterpiece Grimlock be released in Canada? Why have you chosen to produce toys for characters that were not even in the movie when you could have produce the remaining Constructicons, for example? Voyager Overload instead of Voyager Bludgeon, Voyager Hightower instead of Voyager Mindwipe and Deluxe Scrapper instead of Deluxe Lockdown?


AFC - How much design input did Hasbro have in all of the characters for the "War for Cybertron" video game. Obviously some (hopefully a lot) of these characters need to translate to toy form. Did Hasbro dictate the design for Activision, vice versa, or was it a 50/50 collaboration?

AFC - Can you tell us if any of the unreleased season 3 Transformers Animated toys such as Rodimus will ever see the light of day here in the US? And if so, what might the outlet be?


Preserve: At Toy Fair this year, a Classics 3.0 Drift was shown. Has a redeco/retool been planned for this toy at this time?

Preserve: What design considerations did the team discuss to bring the character Lockdown from the Transformers Animated world over to the Revenge of the Fallen line?

TFviews Will we see more secondary characters from one aesthetic being translated to others? This questions is especially focused on new character-specific molds (like movie Lockdown) rather than recolors (like movie Gears). We know it helps when the character has an interesting story to add to the lore, or interacts with a main character in their line. So beyond that, what is the process behind deciding which characters get that treatment? Why is it that Leader-class figures in the ROTF line have just 1 voice clip per figure, yet the Animated line had 3 lines of dialogue per Leader figure? It can’t just be about paying actors since ROTF Jetfire uses a different voice actor altogether. And why is it that all of these Leader-class ROTF figures single voice line are just them introduce themselves rather than having interesting movie lines or at least exciting, in-character dialogue? Even some of the little-kid-themed ROTF toys do more talking than these $40+ figures, doesn’t that seem like a waste of a voice chip to use merely 1 line of dialogue?


1. Is the new Voyager Sea Spray a character who lives in the live-action film universe?

2. At Toy Fair 2010, a yellow redeco of the Revenge of the Fallen Voyager Long Haul named "Payload" was revealed. There are two other yellow Constructicon dump trucks that exist within the extant Revenge fiction: firstly, within the movie itself, a yellow dump truck that is a different model truck from Long Haul forms Devastator's left leg with a yellow Rampage, while Long Haul himself forms the entirety of Devastator's right leg. Meanwhile, within the Revenge video games, there are the "Constructicon Warriors", generic enemies that are the Long Haul game model in yellow. Which of these concepts, if either, does Payload represent? Is Payload perhaps the unknown yellow dump truck from the film, who is in turn a Constructicon Warrior? Or is Payload not connected to either, meaning that there are three separate yellow dump truck characters within the Revenge universe?


1) Fans were excited to see Human Alliance Jazz with Captain Lennox debut at Toyfair. However, many fans have expressed confusion about the deco design choice for Captain Lennox. Josh Duhamel, who plays Captain Lennox, has facial stubble and short, spiky dark brown hair in all of his movie appearances. However, the Human Alliance Captain Lennox figure has no facial hair and non-spiky, whitish-blonde hair. Was this deco design choice purposeful? Is there any chance of the deco on the Lennox figure being changed before the figure's release, as it is unlikely we will ever get another figure of him?

2) Recently it was revealed that Toshiba would be releasing the Device Label line of Transformers from Japan. Any insight into Hasbro's involvement in this and why it was decided that this was the right line to release outside of Japan over other lines that are currently exclusive to the Japanese market?

If you don't see your site listed and have a Transformers/Hasbro Q&A Round posted and would like to see your site added to our Round-Up, just shoot us an email at

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3:45 pm

1. Will hasbro be making pcc minicons that can turn into limbs? 2. If you make a pcc Devestator, will it have 6 or 5 components? 3. Why is it that you can not make a movie toy an animal and still have it turn into a robot? 4. Why is it that with Animated, you had no figs that weren't in the s... read more 
12:18 am

(I care about Twist ties...) There will be Robot Hero Ranting on next weeks RFC... 
10:42 pm

8:52 pm

I like what was asked over at another board and found out that Drift will be repainted into Blurr for the Generations Line  
5:15 pm

I actually remember those limitations. It was a ridiculous list, and pretty much neutered any quest for information we might have had. I hope the next round does better, because if they keep this up, there's no reason for a Q&A. And then there's no reason for us to respect them, or bu... read more 
5:03 pm

Unfortunately, they officially launched the Q&A program at 6:30 PM on a Friday, asking for questions to be submitted early Monday morning, so there really wasn't any time to set up something and get people to post and for us to choose, so we did it ad hoc. They also reduced our 3 questions,... read more 
1:28 pm

Where did those questions come from? I don't recall those even being asked when we submited the ones we wanted. Also I thought there would be 3 questions... Ehh, I guess thats the way things go sometimes.... 
1:24 pm

Yea right, so all the UK fans telling you to sort out distribution and you know GET THE TOYS OVER HERE FOR US TO BUY and not just the same wave four thousand times fails to make an impact? 
5:49 am

This was pretty good. I also feel that I should honor their decision to cancel the Robot Heroes line, they were an eyesore everytime I walked into a Transformers aisle. 
3:48 am

Regarding Robot Heroes, I didn't collect them, but I find it odd that the company that used to make Action Masters has no idea how to expand the Robot Heroes line. 
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