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Age of Extinction
In addition to Evasion Mode Optimus Prime, User ChErikS on the TFW forums has also gotten Voyager class Grimlock well ahead of the release date, and has posted multiple photos, including a size comparison with his G1 counterpart. Outside of the Hasbro "glamour" shot released post Toy Fair we can see that he looks a bit hunchbacked in Dino Mode. Check out all the photos mirrored below.
Age of Extinction
Thanks to online retailer Midwestern Southern Hobby who have published the case mix details for the Transformers Age of Extinction toys that will be released on May 17, 2014. Get the details on all the Wave 1 figures that will be included in the case mixes for Leader, Voyager, Deluxe, Titan Heroes, various Construct-A-Bots Dinobots, Flip-N-Change, One-Step Changers, and the Power Battlers below for the full preview on what's to come.
Age of Extinction
Funko's POP Vinyl Twitter account has revealed prototype images of their AoE Optimus Prime, Bumblebee and Drift figures. While we had previously seen Optimus turn up on eBay, this is an official look at all three cast both in white plastic and in color.
Folliowing the update date from Captured Prey about the MP-18 Blustreak figure being released as a Silverstreak variant. Captured Prey let is be known there could be a possible Blue colored exclusive later this year or early in 2015. According to the update on Twitter, there are some negotiations going on with Takara TOMY currently that may get us the Diaclone version still: "The Blue version of (MP) bluestreak will be release later this year or beginning of next year. We are still negotiating with takara..."
Diaclone fans will be bummed about this news. Thanks to our sponsor Captured Prey, we have news that the MP-18 Bluestreak will not been a Diaclone blue version as first reported. According to the product listing on the Captured Prey site, we wlll likely be getting another variation on the "silver" color theme that is said to be a "Silverstreak deco: that will be a different silver colors that the MP-18 Streak already released.
Age of Extinction
Innovation First is a high-tech robotics and engineering company at the bleeding edge of consumer technology. HEXBUG products are designed to give children a positive experience with robotics at a young age. HEXBUG have formed a new partnership with one of the years biggest blockbuster movies: Transformers: Age of Extinction, in which HEXBUG is bringing the iconic, franchise characters to life for fans of all ages, with the Transformers HEXBUG Warriors & Nano product lines.
Collectors Club
The new Transformers Collectors Club magazine is shipping to fans and we've got news on the first Pirates vs. Knights figure thanks to the Allspark's member NightViper who worked on the Club Magazine comic. He has shared some of the details on the selection of the Tranformers Prime Ratchet base figure mold that was selected as the first Pirate figure in the set. Read on the for the details on how and why they settled on this figure. UPDATE: The image has been posted on the BotCon twitter page. What do you think? Leave a comment below about this figure.
Third Party
FPcore have updated their site with the backstory fiction for their Recoiler and Riftshot characters that are part of the FPcore Project Ground Hammer. Get the insights on who and where these new characters came from with profile information on both of the Twins below for the full preview now.
BBTS have updated their site with a listing for an exclusive repaint of the MP-18 Masterpiece Bluestreak. They currently do not have any information about the specific colors or deco of this repaint, information will be added as it becomes available. Sorry, no images at this time, but we expect them soon with a June release at $84.99. Pre-order the figure at bigbadtoystore.com
Those of you hunting for the new waves of of Transformers Generations figures will be glad to know HasbroToyShop.com have posted new listings for the Series 2 Transformers Generations 30th Anniversary Armada Starscream, Mini-Con Assault Team, Scoop with Caliburst and Holepunch, and Skywarp. These figures are now listed at $14.99 USD. You can find them all listed with other Generations toys now at hasbrotoyshop.com
Generation 1 Japan
Takara Tomy have a new brand that is coming for you! And it appears to include Transformers! The new place holder site shows what appears to include a new edition of the Micronaughts figures which and a game line called Video Game Robotics HD. It is not clear which of the Megatron figure shown in the header shilloette is part of. The feet in the Video Game Robotics HD show something more Transformers like. We'll have to wait and see what it is.
Beast Wars
TFormers.com's Featured Toy of the Month is Robot Masters Optimus Primal! Not quite Deluxe-sized and thus in scale with your Generations Beast Wars figures, Optimus Primal loses most of the gimmicks of the original Ultra-class toy while keeping- or gaining -articulation.
Age of Extinction
Thanks to Seibertron member Primeultimus who has found a new set of Target product listings that give us more looks at some of the possible Transformers 4: Age of Extinction toys we will be seeing. Listed are Transformers Construct-Bots, Generations, "Joust Sparkers", "Jousters" , and some miscellaneous figures under the banner Robots in Disguise series name. Get a look at the complete list with product numbers and prices now.
Age of Extinction
Some new Transformers 4: Age of Extinction product listings have been discovered in the Walmart online inventory listings. We have seen some of these before on the Hasbro list we reported on previously. The new list has a number of confirmations about the Dinobots as well a names and prices that are going to be definite spoilers for what we may see in the movie. Check out the full list below for the reveal.
Generation 1
Celebrate the 30th anniversary of your favorite Robots in Disguise with these Transformers 30th Anniversary Wave 1 Mini-Figure 5-Packs! This set includes 3 individually packaged mini-figure 5-packs. Each 5-pack focuses on a particular generation. For example, the Generation 1 five-pack contains 5 mini-figures of characters as they appeared in the first generation of the TV show and comic books. Each 5-pack includes 1 puzzle piece to form a 3-D puzzle. Collect them all to complete the puzzle!
Generation 1
Celebrate the 30th anniversary of your favorite Robots in Disguise with these Transformers 30th Anniversary Wave 1 Mini-Figure 3-Packs! This half case includes 6 individually packaged mini-figure 3-packs. Each 3-pack focuses on 1 character from Transformers, and spans the entirety of the series to give you different looks of each, from Generation 1 through Transformers: Prime. Each 3-pack includes 1 puzzle piece to form a 3-D puzzle. Collect them all to complete the puzzle! These figures will be released in March 2014. See the case pack and other details below.
Generation 1
Celebrate the 30th anniversary of your favorite Robots in Disguise with these Transformers 30th Anniversary Wave 1 Mini-Figures! This case includes 24 individually blister packed mini-figures. Your favorites from Optimus Prime from Generation 1 to Megatron from the computer animated TV show Transformers: Prime are all here! Each mini-figure comes with a puzzle piece. Collect them all to form a 3-D puzzle of one of the characters! These figures will be released in March 2014. See the case pack and other details below.
Thanks to Siebertron who have found and posted the package codes for the newest Transformers Kre-O Microchangers Wave 4. Copy down the list of codes that are stamped on Kre-O packages to help you identify which Microchangers toys are in the package. Check out the list of wave 4 package codes for the full details now.
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