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Transformers Rumors
RID 2015
This news just in via TheAgabyss on Twitter we have what may be possible news about Takara's plasn to show the new Transformers: Robots in Disguise Cartoon in Japan. What's more is there are details about toys that will be offered as well as some possible spoilers of character names. As always, this is unconfirmed news that should be considered a rumor until an official announcement.
Artist Marcelo Matere posted on Twitter today that he's "working on Transformers Animated again," followed by a semicolon-bracket winky emoticon. He said that news would be coming soon, but the prospect of new TF Animated work is certainly welcome. Matere has worked on Animated package art for Hasbro as well as comic art and book covers for IDW, so there's no real way to narrow down what this new project will be just yet. For now, keep reading to see the original Tweet!
Age of Extinction
We've been here before, back after Dark of the Moon wrapped - but Michael Bay has again said that he wants to move on to different kinds of movies and possibly not direct Transformers 5. He recently renewed his contract with Paramount so presumably there will be great pressure for him to continue- but it's very likely that both Bay and Transformers could benefit from a fresh perspective on the property. Keep reading for a link to the article and details.
Collectors Club
Less than 24 hours after the LioConvoy reveal, GI Joe fansite GeneralsJoes has brought to our attention a recent Transformers Collectors' Club tweet that promises their next figure reveal will "send shockwaves across fandoms!!!" Both collectors clubs managed by FunPub, GI Joe and Transformers, contain characters named Shockwave... Keep reading for the original tweet and a link to further analysis at GeneralsJoes!
Age of Extinction
Time reports that there is some doubt as to whether Age of Extinction really cracked the hundred million dollar barrier this weekend. The more conservative estimate is $97.5 million, still ever so slightly more than Captain America: The Winter Soldier but a significantly lower amount than Dark of the Moon. What does this mean for the film, the franchise, and Hollywood's disappointing year in general? Click for a quote and a link to the full artlicle!
Rise of Dark Spark
Many fans were more than a little disappointed to hear that High Moon Studios would not be working on the third game in the War For Cybertron/Fall of Cybertron series. But if not Transformers, what are they working on? Recent job postings on Activision Blizzard's website may provide some insight.
Age of Extinction
Korean pop entertainment news site, Kopstarz, is reporting on the Transformers 4: Age of Extinction movie trailer that will Premier on Feburary 2 at the Super Bowl XLVIII. According to the article the trailer is rumored to feature the Dinobots leader Grimlock along with the Autobot leader Optimus Prime and Bumblebee. As always, these claims are not confirmed so take them with a grain of salt as anything can happen between now and then.
Age of Extinction
Following the concept cars sighting by kingmyreee, we find there is a mention in the comments by the instragram membter that Mark Wahlberg and Tryrese Gibson were spotted on the set. The comment follows from kingmyreee: "Shooting some scene. They don't got the cars out yet but Mark Walhberg and Tyrese is here" Gibson has mentioned he may be back for Transformers 4, but this could be a confirmation he is. Surely, more sightings will be made soon if that IS him. Watch the second June 26th video clip for the comments on the sighting.
Generation 1
Thanks to a post on the Allspark, we have news of solicitations going around Malaysia that lists many Takara Tomy Transformers items under series names that we have not seen for a long time. Could these be repacks of Transformers Prime Beast Hunters toys or new releases with different decos under the Platinum Edition heading? Its hard to tell right now, but the listing includes exciting names like Ultra Magnus, Classic Predaking, Grimlock Vs Bruticus and more of what appear to be Asia exlusive releases that you can see below.
Thanks to Planet Iacon, following up news Year Of Snake Platinum Series Optimus Prime and Omega Supreme releases in Singapore on January 22, we have some additional news that there will be two more Transformers Platinum Edition Exclusives coming later this year. It is not clear if these will be Year of Snake exclusives or something else. Stay tuned fore more details as they are made available. Leave a comment below with what two figures would you like to see made as Platinum Series exclusives.
Prime Beast Hunters
Thanks to our pals at the Allspark, we have heard a rumor that we could be getting some new Transformers Beast Hunters Voyager Class figures! According to the info posted. They have connections to a Walmart employee who claims to have discovered Transformers Beast Hunters inventory listings for the voyager class figures Shockwave (BST SHKW) and Ultra Magnus (BST UM) along with the Optimus Prime and Predaking we know of all ready.
Thanks to griffin over at Ozformers, who has posted an image from Toy Hobby Retailer magazine of what may be a new Transformers Thanks ot Generations G1 Optimus Prime figure design. The image that appears in a magazine article celebrating Hasbro's 90th year as a toy maker. Is an illustration that depicts an Optimus Prime with man of the hallmarks of the Generation 1 version. What is even cooler is the Roller vehicle presented as a Targetmaster weapon! Take this at face value, as we have no news of a new figure at this time.
Age of Extinction
The Irish Film & Television Network are reporting that Irish actor Jack Reynor is the has been give the lead role with Mark Wahlberg in the next Transformers 4 film. According to the site, Bay has offered the role himself to Reynor after three screen tests. According to the article, Bay was extremely impressed with the actor who beat out five other contenders for the part. While there has been a lot of bogus news around lately, this story feels like it is legit considering the source is an industry level film publication. That said, we will take the news as a rumor for now. Read more about Transformers 4 and Reynor below.
Age of Extinction
Has the hunt for new cast leads begun for Transformers 4? It seems a bit strange that another Web site would make a post for lead actors, but that's what's happened at SpoilerTV. This could very well be bunk, but worth noting they have posted a description about Transformers 4 that appears to be looking for a new female lead to play a high school senior. Read the full details below for the full reveal. Keep in mind there is a lot of speculation in the movies, so take as a rumor till it is confirmed officially.
Thanks to dy over at ACToys who has posted an image that appears to reveal two possible new releases for the Asian Transformers market next year. The image scanned from a magazine show two figures that will be offered as exclusives for Chinese New Year, February 2012. Shown are images of an Energon Optimus Prime and an Energon Omega Supreme that will have Year of the Snake designs much like we saw on Year of the Dragon Optimus Prime. That is all we have to go on at this time and fair to warn this my not be a sure thing. Stay tuned for more details as they are made available.
Prime Beast Hunters
Hasbro, Inc. may be looking to release additional waves of Transformers Prime First Edition Arcee, Cliffjumper, and Vehicons as well as Transformers Dark of the Moon Que (Mercedes Benz E550) in Asia, according to multiple sources. The case breakdown for the Prime figures including two (2x) of Arcee and three (3x) each of Cliffjumper and Vehicon. The information also specifies that each case of Transformers Dark of the Moon waves will include only Que figures, meaning that all eight (8) in the case will be one figure. Continue...
Generation 1 Japan
Before Takara Tomy's Masterpiece MP-11 Starscream even hits retailers next month, the company has announced that they will repaint the mold as MP-11S Sunstorm. According to Malaysian retailer Toy Wizard, the company will release the figure towards the end of May 2012. In addition to this bit of news, Toy Wizard also reports that Takara Tomy has separately announced that Encore #23 as Sixshot. Keep reading for more.
Generation 1 Japan
Thanks to a post over at ACToys, we've got a glimpse of what could be a Star Saber action figure from a third party company. There is not much to go on but the name, "DB2-01 ARMORED SABER" and an black and white image. The photo that has been purposely distorted, looks a hell of a lot like the Transformers: Victory Saber action figure. IF this is for real, let us hope this a full scale figure with both tar Saber and Victory Leo at a decent price.
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