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Transformers Sightings
Thanks to BBTS who have just sent out an update on the Transformers Generations 2014 Series 03 Revision 01 Case of 8. This is the case that includes the much anticpated Ratrap and Tankor, figures that are thankfully coming 2 per-case. They are on pre-order now ready for shipping in June 2014. Get your now at bigbadtoystore.com
The long-awaited next wave of Voyagers has been announced. This Case includes one each of returning favorite Springer and new sculpt Sky Byte, and two of new sculpt Roadbuster; this Case is priced at $89.99. Sky Byte and Roadbuster are also available as a Set for $57.99, and Roadbuster can be purchased singly at $27.99. Check out all the pre-orders now at bigbadtoystore.com
Generation 1
The code to use is FRIENDS14 and it's a great one. It gives you 20% off and free shipping at Hasbro Toy Shop. Some interesting deals you can get include Voyagers Whirl and Doubledealer for $16 each, or the Kreon combiners Computron and Menasor for $8 each. Check it out yourself now at hasbrotoyshop.com
Third Party
The much anticipated pre-order of Riftshot Core & Recoiler Core will be open Friday March 21st, 2014 at 6:00 PM CST. This team of two will be available as a set and we will not be selling either figure individually on this pre-order. Pricing will be as follows: Set of Riftshot Core & Recoiler Core Member Price - $189.99 USD, Set of Riftshot Core & Recoiler Core Non-Member Price - $209.99 USD.
Third Party
Thanks to BBTS who followed out previous report of the Unique Toys UT-D01 Salmoore figure that will be a homage to the Cy-Kill character. The figure listed as a voyager scale toy that will feature chrome on the pipe and wheels! The figure listed for pre-order to arrive 2nd Quarter 2014 at their price of $99.99 USD. You can pre-order the figure now at bigbadtoystore.com
Thanks to BBTS who sent us an update about their new listings for the Transformers Generations Legends class Series 01 and 02 figures that are no up for pre-order. This is your chance to get yourself the Cosmos with Payload, Swerve with Flanker, Skrapnel with Reflector and Tailgate with Groundpounder sets that we first saw at Toy Fair this month. See the details below with official images on how to order yours now.
Robotkingdom has posted news of new Takara Henkei Specialists Three Pack Autobot & Decepticon Set Asia Exclusive (Non Japan Release) that are up for pre-order now to be available April 25th 2014. Check out the previews for the Autobot Specialists Three Pack with Ironhide, Hound, and Mirage. Also see the Henkei Decepticon Specialists Three Pack Galvatron, Octane, and Astrotrain below with pricing and order links.
Thanks to Joel over at BBTS who let know they have listed some new Transformers Generations Japan exclusive figures from Takara Tomy. This is your chance to pick up the Fire Blast Grimlock and Thundercracker action figures that are now up for pre-order now and listed for shipping in first quarter of 2014.
Thanks to TFW forums member Icespark who has share news about a possible Transformers Masterpiece Sunstorm Toys R Us exclusive USA release of the Takara Tomy MP-11S. According to the TRU inventory system, the listing for a "TRA SUNSTORM MASTERPIECE" with item number 311207 is slated for release at $74.99 USD. This information could be wrong, old or for another product so take it as only a possible rumor at this time.
HasbroToyShop.com have put up a new product listing for the Transformers Generations Whirl 30th anniversary voyager class autobot action figure. We've all been drooling over this one-eyed robot since we saw him last summer. HTS has it for order now at a nice $19.99 USD price while the supplies last at hasbrotoyshop.com.
Following the news from BBTS, we have word the figure will be a Tokyo Toy Show Exclusive MP-18 repaint Blue Streak figure. From what we can tell the figure is repaint homage to the Diaclone / G1 Bluestreak figure in a blue colored theme that includes 2 missile launchers. Look for the figure to ship in June or July of this year. Pre-order the figure now at bigbadtoystore.com
BitgBadToyStore have posted a listing for the Transformers Generations 2014 Series 05 revealing Arcee and Chromia action figures. The toys are listed as a set of 2 with one of each figure. Sorry no images at this time, but they are estimated to arrive March 2014 at currently listed price of $31.99 USD. The figures are listed as SOLD OUT at this time but you can see the order page now at bigbadtoystore.com
Thanks to our sponsor BigBadToyStore we have new and details of the Transformers Generations 2014 Series 03 action figures. This wave of toys will include the deluxe class editions of Tankor, Crosscut, and Rattrap. The figures are listed for shipping in April of 2014. Check out the Transformers Generations 2014 Series 03 action figures in robot and alterante mode below. You can pre-order this set now at bigbadtoystore.com
BigBadToyStore have just posted a new product page letting us know there will be a 2nd production run for the Transformers MP-14 Masterpiece Red Alert figure. Fans who missed out on the initial release can pre-order the figure now for $79.99 USD that is listed for shipping in late / Q4 2014. Order yours now at bigbadtoystore.com.
Rescue Bots
Big Bad Toy Store have just posted a new product order page for the Transformers Rescue Bots Minicon Wave 03 - Set of 4 action figures. What's quite interesting is these are listed as "Minicon" figures. With no images, we're not sure if that's a typo or reuse of the word or if this means the Transformers Rescue Bots series will be getting formal Minicons in the line.
According to TFW Forums member Icespark, we may very well be seeing the Transformers Masterpiece MP-17 Prowl as a Toys R' Us exclusive figure here in the USA. Details found in the system inventory reveal the possible release will as item number 115235 at a price of $59.99 USD. Keep in mind this news is unconfirmed and may not happen. Surely, we'll find out in a couple weeks when the New York Toy Fair 2014 takes place next month.
Joel from Big Bad Toy Store just let us know they have announced the highly anticipated MP-20 Wheeljack now listed with its own cool Collector Coin in addition to the original listing. This follows the Anti-Hypnosis exclusive from Asia as the second exclusive variant. Sorry, there is no image at this time. The figure is priced at $87.99 USD for pre-order now at bigbadtoystore.com.
Out sponsor Robotkingdom have posted an order page for the Transformers Nike Megatron Air Trainer SC Calvin Johnson exclusive figure. Somehow they have managed to get a bunch of the loose, we'll assume that means un-packaged, figures without the football that they are offering for sale at $29.90 USD plus shipping. No idea how many of these they have, but chances are they will sell out fast at that price. Order now at robotkingdom.com
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