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With Caminus under attack by Menasor, reinforcements are dispatched from Cybertron to assist in the defense of the Camiens, including Starscream's "secret weapon" - Superion! "The Sum And Its Parts" Story by Mairghread Scott and John Barber, written by Mairghread Scott, art by Sarah Stone. Read full review!
I was pretty surprised to find out this would be joining the Leader Class toys. Still, it sort of fills a need. Hasbro got away with the Classics Nerf-Gun style Megatron at retail once, but apparently could never do so again. And while we had the Deluxe Megatron last year, that was far from a typical G1 representation, not to mention being quite tiny. I kinda feel like they might have overcorrected with this though... Read the full review!
Angry Birds
The fate of Piggy Island hangs in the balance as the final push to stop the Eggspark's influence on the Angry Birds' world begins! It all hinges on the Deceptihogs actually following instructions. ...oh dear. "Hard Boiled" is written by John Barber, with art by Marcelo Ferreira and colors by Nikos Koutsis, with guest illustration by Livio Ramondelli. Continue to the review!
A newly functional space bridge gives Starscream a target, a relic offers weapons of mass destruction, and a hot night on Cybertron ignites a new war. "Combiner Wars: Opening Salvo" story by Mairghread Scott & John Barber, written by John Barber, illustrated by Livio Ramondelli. Read the full review!
Transformers Cloud has had its moments. Its history in general has been ...inconsistent. You go from almost mind-numbingly mundane to surprisingly amazing to... well, you've seen Shockwave; sometimes what they do just plain doesn't work. But Rodimus was one of those moments when they were firing on all cylinders. On paper this is something that should never work, but when you get it together and have the final product right there, it's some kind of magic. Keep reading!
The Fan-Built Bot was designed well in advance of the character's supporting media being produced. And as tends to happen some divergence occurs when the media catches up. Especially when the character is interpreted by an artist such as Sarah Stone who has a distinct style which she brings to her Transformers work. Hasbro's release couldn't try to line up with that, but TakaraTomy had some extra time to tinker with it before releasing it in their confusingly named Legends line. Read the full review!
Blackjack was designed with intent to be the Battlecharger Runabout (likely with a future recolor to be Runamuck) but that was abandoned, reportedly because it was felt that the character didn't make sense as a Stunticon. (Oh, and they still couldn't use the name after the last time they tried to, but that probably didn't have much to do with it.) Anyway, one new deco later and now we have an updated Micromaster. Honestly, the figure is probably more interesting looking like this than it would have been as Runabout OR Runamuck. Keep reading!
Huffer shared some space with Windcharger as a recolor nobody really wanted. The mold is so much Optimus Prime that to try to give it a different head and pass it as a character who is expected to look much different seemed to be asking the impossible. Plus the design of the figure had never been all that well regarded. But I learned that we were wrong about Windcharger, and I think we were wrong here too. Read the full review!
If you want a Powerglide that doesn't tower over the majority of your other Classics-style Autobots, looks like the original toy and cartoon design, and got released in the correct colors on the first try, you're in luck! And all you had to do was wait seven years. The effort of making Autobot Mini-vehicle characters in the current Legends size class carries on this year, getting in to more remakes to try to update as many characters to this uniform size as possible. Windcharger might not have necessarily needed it, but some will definitely agree Powerglide did. Keep reading
A seeker mold is effectively a license to print money, at least in ideal circumstances. The original Classics seeker was used over 30 times, and even the Fall of Cybertron seeker hit the Core Three in pretty short order. There is no surprise at all that the Legends got pressed forward to be Thundercracker, and if Skywarp held any surprise it was just that it'll be coming as soon as it is. While I may have hit seeker fatigue from the Classics model, with this mold I am completely okay with numerous reuses. Continue to the review!
Skrapnel was probably my overall favorite of Legends molds released in 2014, and that made me extra pleased to find out that it would be followed up by a Bombshell, giving me more modernized G1 Insecticons. Even more novel that the name was among the batch secured for Transformers once again after years of substitutes like Hardshell, ...or Insecticon... Read the full review!
In fairness, what could Tailgate have really been reused as if not Windcharger? Granted, in a way Takara answered that question a few years ago by making Reveal The Shield Windcharger in to Marvel comics character Wipe-Out. While that's probably a little too far afield for Hasbro, it would work a little better using Tailgate's mold than it did just making a black Windcharger. But despite the collective yawn of disinterest this Windcharger received when it was unveiled at Botcon 2014, this isn't something that should be easily overlooked. Keep reading!
The two indispensable and out of print resources for Transformers: Animated have been combined with new supplemental material to make a definitive reference. Transformers Animated: The Complete Allspark Almanac is the final word on the series by Jim Sorenson and Bill Forster, with contributions from Marty Isenberg, Derrick J. Wyatt, Eric Siebenaler, Aaron Archer, and more! Continue to full review
The end of the journey takes them to the beginning as Megatron's life hinges on the outcome of the confrontation between Brainstorm and the Lost Light's away team, but has irreversible damage to the fabric of reality as we know it already been done? "Elegant Chaos, Part 3: Predestination: A Beginner's Guide" written by James Roberts, art by Alex Milne, with colors by Joana Lafuente. Continue to the review!
All Earth-bound Cybertronians converge upon Wanmu: Prowl and the Constructicons to retrieve the Enigma, Galvatron and the Decepticons to stop anyone from possessing it, and the remaining Autobot team to retrieve Devastator and stop them from escalating things any further. But are they the only ones seeking the relic...? "Onyx Interface - Conclusion: The Obliterati" Written by John Barber, art by Andrew Griffith, and colors by Josh Perez. Read the full review!
Marking the return of a name long lost to the franchise, Motormaster has been what many were waiting for: An option for the non-Silverbolt Voyager mold that wasn't Optimus Prime. The status as the core of Menasor may be a driving factor in any general preference of one instance of the figure over another, but as it turns out there's still a lot to offer here even for people who already bought Optimus. Continue to the review!
The inevitable conclusion! Will Drift's alliance with Gigatron be enough to survive the stone army and stop Hellbat's scheme? Will Grit finally get revenge and prove himself a real Decepticon again? Will anything be learned from this experience and referred to again in the future? Probably not. Drift: Empire Of Stone part 4, written by Shane McCarthy, breakdowns by Guido Guidi, pencils (pages 5-10) by Marcelo Ferreira, finishes by Stephen Baskerville, with colors by John-Paul Bove. Read the full review
RID 2015
Bumblebee receives a mission from a vision of Optimus Prime and must return to Earth to protect it from the new danger that threatens it, with the support of a team of unlikely recruits drawn together by chance and circumstance. It's the start of a new Transformers cartoon, and many are wondering just what to expect out of this intended follow up to Transformers Prime. Keep reading for my non-spoiler review of the first two episodes!
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