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Collectors Club
How did we end up on the Tidal Wave you ask? Its a funny story actually. Well...funny if you can see the humor in being pursued without lawful cause and having to get bailed out by a ship of pirates as funny. Anyway, what was I saying? That's right, how did I end up becoming a Star Seeker? While doing some "research" I found an interested log recorded that day which will certainly provide some useful insights (or maybe some valuable data one day). Here it is.
Conventions Center
That's right, the first of the Shatteredverse Prose fiction stories hits this Friday, 12/5. It will be available in the Members Only section, so if you have not yet joined the Transformers Collectors' Club - See all the benefits you will receive as a Club Member, including the free membership figure, the exclusive Club Magazine and much more! click here.
Generation 1
A new mashup/remix of a classic Transformers episode has surfaced online over at Jumpcut. "Megatron's True Motivation" is a 2-minute widescreen re-edit of the classic season one episode "Heavy Metal Wars," complete with an entirely new voice cast, but original G1 sound design elements in place. In this new comedic take, the Constructicons are sent on a mission to gain a crucial component for Megatron's new project. Once completed, Megatron proclaims "Even Optimus Prime will envy us." Watch the clip here.
Beast Wars
Beast Wars International (the largest purely Beast Wars Transformers website) is currently having its annual Fan Fiction Awards. These special awards are hosted each year to celebrate the writing of BW TF fan fiction. It's a democratic system, whereby readers submit fic nominations for the various categories until a certain date, afterwhich polls are held for voting. We'd like to welcome all Transformer fans who enjoy reading fan fiction to partake in this event during the nominating and voting periods. More information on the awards can be found here
Generation 1
Popular Transformers fanfic author, Roy, has three new fanfics, "Eviction", "The Greater Good" and "Desperate Acts" up on the newly revamped Lexicon Transformers fanfic site.
Generation 1
That is right, you read the headlines right. Too bad its not true. However, since we get all kinds of fun stuff submitted to TFormers. We thought it would be a good time to share some if it with you the readers. This article was submitted by an anonymous person. We think you too should get a laugh at some of the professional idiots at work out there. They are crafting fine BS like this. Read on, we promise it'll be fun.
Generation 1
Fembot Got Rack - "...There really is no explanation for this." Read more by Peppermintwind at Lexicon.
Generation 1
Available at Transforce 2005 will be the second TMUK novel entitled 'The Last Odyssey'. The story follows Jazz, Prowl, Grimlock, Bumblebee and Soundwave after the War has ended as they search for the legendary havan of J'nwan. Along the way the crew encounter betrayal, revival, aliens aplenty and even the death of one of the main characters. The book will be at the TMUK stand in limited numbers but will also be available to order after the convention. For more details and updates keep checking the Last Odyssey website.
Worth by Stelartron - "After the episode 'Past: Part 2' Wheeljack remembers the events that led to his defection to the Decepticons and ponders his relationship with Hot Shot" Read more by Stelartron at Lexicon.
Generation 1
Color Me Mine by Jazzy - "A short tale with musings on color in the grand scheme." Read more by Jazzy at Lexicon.
Nostalgia.... Or How My Kids Turned Me Back On To The Transformers by Blade - "I never imagined, ever, that a cartoon I use to watch as a child could fascinate my boys." Read more by Blade at Lexicon.
Generation 1
O Captain, My Captain by Roy - "Season finale. A battle waged on Earth takes a heavy toll on both armies, and Shockwave finally puts his plans to overthrow Megatron into brutal action. An updated version of the original Transformers story, best read after episodes 1 - 36." Read more by Roy at Lexicon.
Generation 1
Judgment From Above by kidu - "Pursued by angry Decepticons, a Quintesson crash-lands on an alien world. The inhabitants mistake him for divine, and aren't about to turn him over to the Decepticons, but his salvation may lie in the very past he is running from." Read more by kidu at Lexicon.
Generation 1
Grimlock's New... by Roy - "To save the life of an Autobot warrior, certain modifications are made to his frame, modifications that while saving his life, are unwanted. Alpha Trion experiences a frightening and confusing vision concerning the future of Cybertron and the universe, and new Autobot recruits arrive on Earth. Updated version of the original Transformers story, best read after episodes 1 - 34." Read more by Roy at Lexicon.
Generation 1
Psychedelic Rainbow Crystal Transmogrification by Kevona - "Twenty-one Transformers are turned human by the power released from the explosion of a mysterious meteorite and desperately try to find a way to restore their true forms. Set in early Season II. Written for Dogcatcher's Transformers-as-Humans contest." Read more by Kevona at Lexicon.
Generation 1
Safe Haven by JazzBot - "Prowl meets someone he thought he lost a long time ago." Read more by JazzBot at Lexicon.
Beast Wars
The Cosmic Reset by peppermintwind - "A fan makes a wish, and sets something incredible in motion. First in the Redux series." Read more by peppermintwind at Lexicon.
Generation 1
Natural Enemies by Roy - "The Decepticons press the offensive and take the Autobots base on Earth. Can a newly upgraded comrade help them turn the tide and retake their base? An updated version of the original Transformers story, best read after episodes 1 - 31." Read more by Roy at Lexicon.
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