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Transformers Videos
The Caution, Low Sign Youtube channel has posted a pair of videos shot at Toy Fair earlier this month. One features Long Haul, the structural core of Devastator and shows off the toy's articulation followed by a demo of Devastator's arm becoming a missile battery. The second video is another look at Ultra Magnus, starting with the Minimus interaction we've seen, but ending with John Warden commenting about 1/144th scale elements on the toy and how he wants to find ways to incorporate that even more going forward. Click through to check out both embedded videos.
Generation 1
The latest episode of QTransformers is up on YouTube! Titled (more or less) "Mystery Of Certain Psychic Powers," this week's guest conversers are Bluestreak and Smokescreen! As always you're not going to get much out of it if you don't speak Japanese, but you can at least see the rest of the Datsuns make their appearance. Keep reading to see!
Generation 1 Japan
This week's episode of QTransformers is as nonsensical as ever for a non-speaker of Japanese, but does seem to focus on explorers in some way, as the title implies. That said, you do at least get to see QTransformers Sideswipe and Sunstreaker joining the conversation, so at least there's new character designs to see. Keep reading to watch!
Third Party
Radio Free Cybertron's diecast is still at Toy Fair in New York, and he's taken plenty of photos and video at the Play With This Too booth! We've got grayscale hardcopies on hand of Desolataur in both stills and video, and more. Keep reading to see it all!
RID 2015
Taiwan station YOYOTV has posted a preview video for the Taiwanese premiere of RID, which will happen at 10:30 AM local time on February 14th. We've gotten a number of premiere dates for RID2015 so far... just not for the USA. Odds are good that'll be announced around Toy Fair, so keep checking back for more info - until then, keep reading to see the video!
RID 2015
The official Transformers Youtube channel has posted a new version of the TV spot we previously reported on. The first version only had sound effects mixed, lacking any spoken dialogue. The more recent video has English speech from the kid watching the fight between Bumblebee and Steeljaw, as well as narration and lines for Bumblebee. It also adds a mention of the Warrior Class figures, represented by Optimus Prime, and points out the game app for the series. You can keep reading to see the embedded video.
Generation 1 Japan
Honestly, I have no idea what the title is supposed to mean, but that's the best translation we can suss out for "Motenai Otoko No Gyappu No Nazo." This episode features Wheeljack as the fourth character of the week alongside series regulars Optimus Prime, Lockdown, and Bumblebee. The theme of the series seemingly continues to be that Optimus has a terrible sense of humor. Keep reading to see and be confused!
Age of Extinction
The ILMVisualFX Youtube channel has posted a new behind the scenes video talking about the development of Lockdown's ship, which they call the "Knightship" in this video. They discuss some of the early concepts Michael Bay brought to ILM that shaped the development and some of the goals they had in creating the major set piece for the movie. One fact represented in the description but not the video itself was that this took the record for highest complexity model previously held by Shockwave's worm-drillers in Dark of The Moon. Click through and check it out.
RID 2015
The Transformers Official channel on YouTube has posted an ad for 1-Step RID figures featuring Steeljaw and Bumblebee! The ad features sound effects only so you won't be distracted by the original German narration, and the animation is much closer to the TF Prime style than what we've seen of the TV show so far. Keep reading to check it out!
Generation 1 Japan
For those of us still watching what seems essentially to be an Adult Swim comedy in a language we don't understand, QTransformers Episode 5 is now up on YouTube! With a title that translates, best as we can determine, as "Mystery Of The State Of Wit," This episode introduces Prowl to the regular cast of Optimus Prime, Bumblebee, and Lockdown. Keep reading to see!
"ROBOT! CAR! ROBOT! CAR! ROBOT!" Hasbro has posted a new 15-second TV spot to their YouTube channel showing off Kre-O Battle Changers! In the spot, Grimlock is extremely excited about the idea of fully-transforming brick Transformers - which, let's be honest, is what Kre-O should've been from the outset. Keep reading to see the ad!
Generation 1 Japan
DLE has posted the fourth episode of the QTransformers animation to YouTube! Titled "Mystery Of Stage Bosses," it seems (to we non-speakers of Japanese) to feature a discussion on the weird, slightly dull stage bosses of Transformers: Mystery of Convoy and its QTransformers smartphone remake. Keep reading to see the video and be confused!
Robots In Disguise
The Transformers official Youtube channel has posted two new videos for the upcoming Robots in Disguise cartoon, spotlighting Optimus Prime and new character Fixit. Each video is about a minute long, and Fixit's video definitely gives more character focus while Optimus Prime's is more the form of an inspirational message than highlighting the traits of the character. Click through to see both embedded videos.
Third Party
Third party Transformers news for the week ending January 17th, 2015. Includes the latest news from Clonedroid, Dr. Wu, DX9 Toys, FansProject, Gigapower, Mastermade, Mastermind Creations, Play With This Too, TFC Toys, Ultimate FansToys, Unique Toys, Warbotron and X-Transbots. Correction: MADLAW is Function X 5, not Function X 15, as I state in the video.
Generation 1 Japan
The latest episode of the QTransformers animation is up on YouTube! There's... not a lot to recommend this one to non-speakers of Japanese unless you like watching Autobots fantasize about a bird pooping on a person, and the person then being hit by a meteor. But if you want to puzzle over that one, keep reading to see!
Generation 1 Japan
The second super-chatty episode of the QTransformers animation has hit YouTube! The episode is titled "Mystery of Reliable Kusoge" - "Kusoge" is a Japanese gaming term that is more or less shorthand for "crappy game," and Mystery of Convoy definitely applies. In the episode, Optimus Prime suggests the alternate designation of "Murige" - "Impossible game" - citing games like Ghosts N' Goblins/Ghouls N' Ghosts as (animated!) examples. Keep reading to see the episode!
Generation 1 Japan
Dreamlink Entertainment has posted the first episode of their QTransformers animation on YouTube! It's... something that you're not going to get much out of if you're not fluent in Japanese, but there's a few interesting visuals throughout the 4-minute talking-head animation, and it ends with a QTransformers commercial that gives us a better look at the little toys. Keep reading to see it for yourself!
RID 2015
Hasbro has posted a series of video clips previewing Robots In Disguise! Seven short clips in all introduce us to Team Bumblebee, both collectively and individually, as well as the Decepticon escapees that they'll be hunting. Keep reading for more details and and to see videos!
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