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Transformers Video Review
YouTuber chuckdawg1999 has posted his video review of Battle Changers Optimus Prime! Chuck reports that Prime is fun, but some parts may pop off in transformation- which is certainly what happened when Grimlock kept transforming poor Bumblebee in the spot we posted earlier. Keep reading to watch!
Age of Extinction
Shartimus Prime swings by with his latest ransformers 4 Slog Age of Extinction SDCC 2014 G1 Colors Amazon Exclusive figure review and images. There's more than meets the Dinos with the last of the team filled out AOE style. Watch the video for the unboxing, followed by careful scientific analysis of the mechanics and other notable aspects of the item known as Slog. Images are provided for more in-depth drooling where required.
Shartimus Prime swoops in with a brand new review of the Transformers Powerglide Generations Combiner Wars Toy Legends Class figure. He got this this little feller in his clutches for the reviewing and the analyzing from out of the package and onto the screen. Watch the video review below with a bunch of nice images for those detailed oriented readers out there.
RID 2015
Here's a look at Warrior Class Bumblebee from the new Transformers Robots In Disguise line. This is a very nice figure. The detail, mold and transformation are all surprisingly good! I was not expecting to like this figure and I actually like it a lot! If you are on the fence about this line I recommend giving it a shot with Bumblebee. Please rate, comment and subscribe!
RID 2015
Here's a look at the Warrior Class Grimlock from the new Transformers Robots in Disguise line. I love this figure! The colors look great, the mold is fun and unique and so is the transformation! My ONLY complaint is that he isn't a Voyager size figure. Please rate, comment and subscribe!
Third Party
Vangelus has posted a new review of Alberich, the Rippersnapper-based left arm piece for Unique Toys' Ordin gestalt project. With a detailed look at all modes, including an impressive bit of extra tech exclusive to the combination mode, it seems apparent that Alberich isn't as much of a stand out toy on its own like the predecessor Troll had been. That's far from calling it a failure, however! Click through and check out the video.
Third Party
Warbotron's latest combiner limb has shipped, and Radio Free Cybertron's diecast got there first! Clocking in at 29 minutes, diecast covers the figure in-depth, including some interesting size comparisons. (It looks as though it's almost a good scale to put with your Masterpieces!) Keep reading to see for yourself!
I cannot think of a better note to close the year out than with a good long look at the figure we have waited 30 years for, the Transformers Arcee Generations Deluxe Class Toy IDW Comic figure. Shartimus Prime is just in time play the one of the final notes in 2014 with his gift of pink joy out of the package, looks at the robots modes and the alternate vehicle modes of the official definitive vintage classic original real-deal throwback G1 Arcee. Read on to see the video and image gallery for a Happy New Year!
Benscollectables have posted a new video review for the Transformers Takara Platinum Edition Masterpiece Soundwave Year Of The Goat set. Get the breakdown on this repaint edition with very interesting colors to say the least, in a somewhat unbalanced mix of clear plastic and copper/brown colored parts. Watch the video review to the figure and exclusive packaging now for the full details.
Benscollectibles on Youtube have posted a few new video reviews for the Transformers Generations Combiner Wars figures. Get an in-hand review of the Optimus Prime, Silverbolt, and Firefly figures that we first saw last summer at BotCon and SDCC. Read on to watch all three of the video reviews below for more information on these Transformers toys.
Thanks to Benscollectibles who has posted a video review MP-22 Ultra Magnus Transformers Masterpiece figure from Takara Tomy. Get a look at this much anticipated figure that finally delivers on all the Ultra Magnus glory with car carrying trailer and all. Watch the video review to see who this figure measures up to expectations along with details on transformation and much more.
Chuckdawg1999 has gotten Combiner Wars Legends Wave 1, and has posted a video review for the whole wave! In addition to the recolors Windcharger and Thundercracker, new figures Bombshell and Powerglide are here as well. Chuck says the new figures are best in wave- fortunate, since everybody would want Powerglide even if he was bad. Keep reading to see!
RID 2015
Diecast from Radio Free Cybertron got his hands on the entire first wave of RID 2015 and has posted video reviews of the entire assortment! Priced slightly lower than next year's Combiner Wars Generations Deluxes, the Warrior class figures look to be closer to Beast Wars Deluxes in terms of size and complexity, and that is fine by me. Keep reading to see what Diecast thought!
Nicholas' Figure Reviews on Youtube has posted a series of videos covering three of the four initial Deluxes from Combiner Wars. Featuring Drag Strip, Firefly (Fireflight) and Alpha Bravo, we get our first look at these three toys and their articulation and transformations between robot and vehicle modes, and Drag Strip's combiner forms in full motion. The general conclusion is that these toys are nice and solid all around. Click through and check out the embedded videos!
RID 2015
IJK Productions on Youtube has posted two new video reviews showing off the One Step Changer figures Sideswipe and Underbite, a vehicle-to-beast character that is so far exclusive to this price point. Sideswipe uses the familiar AOE Drift "butterfly knife" transformation pattern, while Underbite does a smooth flip forward. Check out both embedded videos to get a look at the details of each toy!
Generation 1
Vangelus has brought us what, as far as we can determine, may be the first detailed English-language coverage of Sentinel's Fortress Maximus-sized, non-transforming Scorponok figure. With a whopping hefty price tag attached - and shipping costs to match! - this is a purchase to be carefully considered, and now you can get a good look at the massive figure in action, and learn a little about how it's built. Click through to check out the review and decide if your bank account, or indeed your home can accommodate this monster!
Third Party
Thanks to Shartimus Prime who's hooked it up with some special this time. We like special things, Yes! Fix your peepers on the Feral Rex Predaking Gold Plated Crazy Devy Wings complete with the CDMW 39 King's Power Parts upgrade. Get the break down on the blingtastic review with all the thrills and spills that only can Sharti can do. Read on to watch the video and stare that image galley.
Third Party
Reviewer Thew Adams has released a new video today covering Transistor, the next entry in Masterpiece-style transforming figures by Keith's Toy Or Possibly Fantasy Club. The outcome is generally positive with only minor points to the negative and perhaps a fragility warning to be had. If you're curious, this review can fill in a lot of information for you in an easy chunk of about six minutes. Click through and check it out!
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