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Transformers Video Review
YouTuber chuckdawg1999 has posted a review of Wave 2 Stunticon Dead End! He likes the figure, citing it as his second- or third-favorite Stunticon - but he's not thrilled with the exhaust pipe weapon, which doesn't make that convincing of a gun. Keep reading to see!
Youtube user Peaugh has posted two new videos talking about Stunticons Dead End and Breakdown, rounding out the second wave of Combiner Wars Deluxes. We get a quick look at both figures in their individual videos, running through their own robot and vehicle modes and their respective combiner mode forms. Click through to check out both embedded videos and have a look at the new toys!
Thanks to Youtuber Charles A Emanuele we have an in-hand look at the Transformers Combiner Wars Stunticon Offroad action figure. Chuck breaks it down the details on this toy giving us some insights on similarities with other molds and more details. Watch the video for all the details on the Transformers Combiner Wars Stunticon Offroad now.
Chuckdawg has posted a new video for the final Hasbro Aerialbot just starting to get in to distribution with the rest of wave 2. Air Raid is a heavy reworking of Skydive, and the video shows the new elements of the toy in both modes, as well as finally showing a fully assembled Superion. But apart from a fully joking segment near the start, the contents of the included comic are not disclosed, so it will remain a mystery a while longer what this wave is packed with. Click through for the embedded video!
RID 2015
YouTuber chuckdawg1999 has posted a video review for the now-appearing second wave of Robots In Disguise One-Step Changers! Featured in this wave are Grimlock, Steeljaw, and Fixit, and they all look pretty good and have nifty auto-transformations. Keep reading to see!
Third Party
Following up the photo gallery of the Motormaster-derived Lone Wolf figure, G1Hexatron has passed on a link to a video for the testshot. Showing roughly the same things as the photos, aspects like the transformation engineering will likely be better demonstrated in video, plus some insights from the designers are shared as well. Click through and check out the embedded video.
We've finally got our first close look at the Armada variant of Leader Class Generations Megatron in a video posted to the Kal El Reviews Youtube channel. Most of the people who've managed to get an instance of this mold have favored the G1 option, so coverage of the Armada-based deco and alternate tooling has been scarce to say the least. This video goes over a lot of the specific detail so you can see everything that was done to try to make this resemble the original Armada figure. Click through to check it out, and a followup video giving a side-by-side comparison of both Megatrons!
RID 2015
Chuckdawg1999 has posted a review of Hyperchange Optimus Prime to YouTube! Chuck seems pretty happy with the sizeable figure, and the three-step transformation is actually pretty impressive. He also says that it has a certain heft that he feels Transformers have lacked in recent years, so if you want a robot with some weight behind it, this may be your bot. Keep reading to see the review!
Third Party
Vangelus has received an early copy of Guttur and recorded an extensive review video about Gigapower's take on a Masterpiece-style G1 Snarl. This video represents the "metallic version" featuring metallic paint where another edition of the toy is planned to have chromed elements instead. While Dinobot saturation seems to be well outliving the flood of Predakings in the realm of third party repetition that's cropped up over the last year or so, Gigapower looks like a strong contender for Dinobots in this style. Click through for the embedded video!
Mohd Hafiz has created a video showing off Leader Class Megatron, recently released in stores in Malaysia. The video shows the working(ish) tank tracks, how the vehicle scales to Masterpiece Autobot cars before moving to a demonstration of how it transforms and covering things like the robot mode's poseability. It's a big, impressive looking figure, and you can check out the embedded video below to see more!
Thanks to Prime Time Reviews who has posted a new video review of the Transformers Generations Combiner Wars MotorMaster action figure. Get the breakdown on the middle guy who's loaded with GeeWun goodness. Does it live up the character's namesake? Watch the video to find out now.
Robots In Disguise
Chuckdawg1999 has posted a review video for the warrior class Drift figure from the new Robots in Disguise line. This figure which has just started to enter the distribution cycle has been well-received by Chuck, who especially praises it for the design taking sword-handling poses in to account with additional joints. You can click through now to read Chuck's summary of the figure as well as check out the embedded video!
RID 2015
Shartimus Prime's got his paws on the Transformers Optimus Prime Deluxe Class Robots In Disguise action figure. Dig into the review and images of the littler figure from the series we thought he wasn't going to be in. While the debut of the Robots In Disguise cartoon hangs in the future, you can study this figure out of the box and in his robot and alternate modes for the full details. Read on to see the video review and image gallery.
Youtube user chuckdawg1999 is back with a video about Kre-O Battlechanger Bumblebee. Following on from Optimus Prime, we get a good look at another of these builds that take the more positive qualities of Kreon Microchangers and bring in more brick involvement. Between these two and the Soundwave we showed you photos of yesterday, the Battlechanger line is looking like a strong move in the evolution of Kre-O. Click through to check out the video!
YouTuber chuckdawg1999 has posted his video review of Battle Changers Optimus Prime! Chuck reports that Prime is fun, but some parts may pop off in transformation- which is certainly what happened when Grimlock kept transforming poor Bumblebee in the spot we posted earlier. Keep reading to watch!
Age of Extinction
Shartimus Prime swings by with his latest ransformers 4 Slog Age of Extinction SDCC 2014 G1 Colors Amazon Exclusive figure review and images. There's more than meets the Dinos with the last of the team filled out AOE style. Watch the video for the unboxing, followed by careful scientific analysis of the mechanics and other notable aspects of the item known as Slog. Images are provided for more in-depth drooling where required.
Shartimus Prime swoops in with a brand new review of the Transformers Powerglide Generations Combiner Wars Toy Legends Class figure. He got this this little feller in his clutches for the reviewing and the analyzing from out of the package and onto the screen. Watch the video review below with a bunch of nice images for those detailed oriented readers out there.
RID 2015
Here's a look at Warrior Class Bumblebee from the new Transformers Robots In Disguise line. This is a very nice figure. The detail, mold and transformation are all surprisingly good! I was not expecting to like this figure and I actually like it a lot! If you are on the fence about this line I recommend giving it a shot with Bumblebee. Please rate, comment and subscribe!
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