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Transformers Video Review
PaxCybertron has posted a video review of Generations Crosscut to YouTube! Patterned after a Skids variant released in the Diaclone line that preceded Transformers, Crosscut was reissused and named in a Japanese eHobby exclusive. Today he appears in More Than Meets The Eye as a former senator and shovel-wielding activist turned playwright. Keep reading to see the video!
Generation 1 Japan
Protoman Gaming has posted a video review of the Android/iOS game QTransformers: Convoy no Nazo, a remake of the classically horrible Transformers Famicom game. It's a free-to-play game where you buy continues, using the original game's legendary difficulty in possibly the most sinister way possible. Keep reading to see the video!
PaxCybertron has also posted a review for Windblade, the Fan-Made Bot that IDW has left many of us eager to purchase. Pax reports that she's decent, with a few minor issues. Keep reading to see the review!
YouTuber PaxCybertron has posted a review of the upcoming remold of Generations Armada Starscream, Jhiaxus! Introduced in the Transformers G2 comic where he was not orange, Jhiaxus went on to appear in IDW/Simon Furman's Regeneration One comic where he was also not orange, and also in IDW's main Generations continuity where he was briefly orange after years of not being orange, because his single orange appearance was designed after this toy. Keep reading to see the review!
Generation 1
IJK Productions has posted a review of Masterpiece Prowl to YouTube. Decent-looking figure, but kind of funny to watch MP Soundwave tower over him to that degree. Keep reading to see the review!
Age of Extinction
YouTuber Charles A. Emanuele, AKA chuckdawg1999, has reviewed Age of Extinction Power Battlers Optimus Prime. Definitely one of the simpler toys for kids, and it shows. Keep reading to see the video!
Age of Extinction
Shartimus Prime has loaded it up again with a new video covering the Concept Camaro Bumblebee figure from the Evolutions two pack. Get the scoop on these figures including the Legends Bumblebee redeco and the mainline deluxe figure that is a new Bumblebee mold. Read on to see the full video review from out of page to them modes along with lots of images for your to stare at after the jump.
Age of Extinction
Thanks to our forums member blurrprime, AKA Coolboz2008, who has posted a video review of the Drift voyager class action figure from the Transformers Age of Extinction series. Fans have been loving this figure in the deluxe class. See how this fella measures up in the larger Voyager scale with looks at the robot mode, alternate vehicle modes and all the details in-between. Watch the video now after the jump!
In this review we take a look at Sunstorm in his jet and robot mode while also taking a look at comparisons and doing the transformation. I also cover some of the issues I had with my figure and how to possibly fix them. If you enjoyed the video please let me know with a like and subscribe for more content like this.
Generation 1 Japan
Today is Review A Bad Game Day, a "holiday" put together by game reviewers to spotlight some of the worst video games ever made. For the first year, Rob Clay/RAC put together a review for the Famicom game Transformers: Mystery of Comvoy. With the coincidence of RABGD and the original game being back in the news thanks to the QTransformers remake, it seemed like a good time to remind everyone exactly how horrible it is. Keep reading for the review!
YouTuber Chuck Emanuele, AKA chuckdawg1999, has reviewed the Legends Class Cliffjumper and Suppressor. Chuck reports that it fares a bit better than the Bumblebee made from the same mold did, and Suppressor is a pretty nice recolor of Optimus Prime's partner Mini-Con Roller. Keep reading to see the video!
Age of Extinction
Thanks to our pal Shartimus Prime who setn word he has posted a video review of those tasty SDCC 2014 G1 Dinobot exclusive figures set. There's chrome on them thar figures and this video shows all the goodness of these figures out of the box, in robot and dino modes, AND the way cool cardboard fold-out play set thing-a-jobber. Read on to check out the full review and a healthy collection of images to drool over.
Age of Extinction
Shartimus Prime brings us his latest Transformers 4 Age of Extinction Lockdown One Step Changer action figure video review and image gallery. Yea, its a One Step, but its LOCKDOWN!!! Give this video a gander for the full details on this snappy little guy along with a nice collection of high quality images for staring at.
Age of Extinction
YouTuber chuckdawg1999 has posted a video review of the TakaraTomy Advanced Series repaint of Dark of the Moon's Deluxe Soundwave. Overall the figure seems to be good-looking but difficult to transform, and bereft of any MechTech weapons this time around. Keep reading to check out the full review!
Age of Extinction
Shartimus Prime hooks it up with new Video Review of the Transformers 4 Age of Extinction Dino movie action figure! Get a look at the Japan exclusive from Takara Tomy that is a remake of the Sideswipe figure. See the images and watch the review for the full scoop on this rare figure now.
Third Party
TFCon Toronto 2014 is happening now, and Fansproject has an exclusive Diaclone-colors version of Columpio (AKA Sludge) and his axe Mini-Con, Derpan. Overnight, that figure has already been reviewed by both Peaugh and Vangelus - keep reading to see both reviews!
Third Party
YouTuber Peaugh has reviewed the test shot for the upcoming Bullsfire DB-01 Air Strike, a third-party Swoop designed to go with MP-08 Grimlock. Unusual to see a review of a testshot. Check out the full review by clicking on the title!
Third Party
Shratimus Prime gets pre-historic on us with a brand new Fans Toys Scoria FT-04 Transformers Masterpiece Slag Iron Dibots action figure video review. The goodness of a MP scale homage to the G1 Slag character cannot be denied! Get the scoop on Scoria from the unboxing to the robot mode to the Dibot / Dinobot alternate mode to see how the guy measures up.
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