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Transformers Colombia has brought us new catalog style photos for the upcoming Voyager Brainstorm. The photos omit any direct indication of the toy's Headmaster design, but otherwise offer a couple more detailed looks at the figure beyond what was seen from the press and display case photos from Botcon last month. Keep reading to see all the images!
It's time again for Japanese hobby magazine scans, and the first item of note is our first "official" look at Masterpiece Star Saber. Seen previously at an event where photography was forbidden, Star Saber is now revealed in full detail for all to see. And he has full transformation from his basic Saber form up to Star Saber. Brainmaster functions aren't confirmed, but you never know. Check out the scan below while we wait for bigger, clearer images to roll in!
Generation 1
No one can deny, Hasbro have been putting pedal to the metal rolling out a TON of new Transformers Age of Extinction products this year. According to the latest report from MarketWatch, Hasbro's Transformers sales increased 32% to bring a hefty $335.8 million in sales for the last quarter. This was backed up by strong sales for My Little Pony as well, but didn't help Hasbro meet Wall street expectations due to weak sales from games and pre-school products that are losing out to the mobile apps market. Read on for more details on Hasbro's latest earnings.
Age of Extinction
Robot Kingdom has shared an image of the upcoming AD-31 "Saikyou" (Strongest/Ultimate) Optimus Prime, which appears to be a power-up form of Prime that uses the Generations Leader class mold. Seeing as that mold was already used as AD-01 in a similar but superior deco to the US release, could this be a Silver Knight color scheme like the one Target seems to be so in love with? More info as it becomes available, but for now check out the incredibly vague magazine scan!
A new assortment of product photos has surfaced showing toys from two upcoming assortments of Transformers generations Deluxes in what should be final production plastic and paint colors. Windblade, Nightbeat and Jhiaxus from the next new product assortment, and Arcee and Chromia for the wave following can all be seen packaged, with their comic covers, and alternate modes. Keep reading to see all of the photos of these toys which should start becoming available soon!
Collectors Club
An image of the "secret" seventh Transformers Collector's Club Subscription Service 2.0 figure has appeared on eBay. It's not a particularly big surprise, but will probably be a welcome addition as it complements previous figures in the service. We're not mentioning it by name because toy spoilers are apparently now a thing and we wouldn't want to be ejected from the fandom. Keep reading for the photo!
Age of Extinction
A member of the Chinese-language TF forums Transformers Never Die has posted an extensive gallery of AD-20 Black Knight Grimlock, the Japanese release of Generations Leader Class Grimlock. This figure has the stark grayscale look to go with its silver chrome... which of course means the torso's using a warmer color of chrome than the other parts of the body. I'd love to swap torsos between this and Generations Grimlock. Read on for mirrored photos, and lots of them!
Conventions Center
The third unit from the Collectors Club's second Transformers Figure Subscription has started shipping to members. John Deluna from Radio Free Cybertron has received his today and posted a slew of pictures to his personal Twitter account. In case readers are concerned about the identity remaining a surprise, we won't reveal it here, but keep reading if you want to find out who to expect coming soon to a mailbox (or secondary retailer) near you!
Age of Extinction
In a rather subtle piece of satire appearing on National Report - a political "news" site that seemingly dances right on the razor's edge of Poe's Law - "Micheal" Bay (whose name is not spelled correctly once) spoils Transformers 5 for us by announcing that he'll be killing off Optimus Prime and replacing him with Rodimus. Keep reading for an excerpt and a link, which may include Age of Extinction Spoilers!!
Age of Extinction
Planet Iacon has also posted images of a Hot Toys Optimus Prime! No other details are available, but Hot Toys are makers of high-end, usually 1/6-scale human figures (they've done some exquisite releases of Iron Man from the various films) and you can expect whatever they do with Optimus Prime to be beautiful, elaborate, and really, really expensive. Click through to see the images!
Age of Extinction
Thanks as always to Singapore superfans Planet Iacon! Takara put up a slew of new product announcements last night, and we've got details on all of them! Robot Masters are being reissued, including the somewhat scarce LioConvoy, we're getting Nemesis versions of Evasion Mode Optimus Prime AND Voyager Grimlock, and there are some extra-adorable mini-Transformers headed your way as well. Keep reading for details and pricing! UPDATED: These toys will be available at the Transformers Expo in Japan, which takes place August 9th and 17th. If you want your Voyagers in Nemesis format, contact your favorite middleman service now!
Age of Extinction
Joining the list of exclusive redecos coming in Japan from TakaraTomy are Slug and Scorn in Black Knight varieties. As the name suggests the toys are primarily black with accents of other colors. Scorn is particularly striking, but that toy may not be capable of looking bad. The toys will be released at a variety of stores in Japan this November at a price of 3200 each. Keep reading to see the pictures!
Age of Extinction
Just in from TakaraTomy's website we have updated images of the "rusty" version Optimus Prime depicting the Voyager Evasion Mode toy in the decayed state from early in the movie. New to this posting are side by side comparisons with a standard Evasion Mode Prime showing very clearly the differences. And that Rusty Prime's robot body is far too white for an Optimus. See all the pictures below!
Age of Extinction
TakaraTomy has posted a new page on their website with details about a Japanese release of the rally car Skids redeco currently slated to be part of a Platinum Series multipack in Hasbro markets. The figure, Rollbar will be offered in Japan as a Toys R Us exclusive and will be available in November of this year. Of potential note is that Rollbar is shown with two of Skids' small gun. Whether this is indicative or just a photography error remains to be determined!
Age of Extinction
Toynews-online.biz has posted an article listing Hasbro's top ten toys of Christmas 2014. A couple of Transformers made the list, including entries from both Age of Extinction and Rescue Bots, as well as Marvel toys, My Little Pony figures, Play-Doh, and of course board games like My Monopoly. Keep reading for the full list!
Beast Wars Japan
The e-Hobby site has been updating with a lengthy illustrated story for the Transformers Cloud line, and have just posted part 4 of 6 for the story that accompanies the upcoming Hot Rodimus and Shockwave. While the story's too complex for automated translation to make heads or tails of, head and tails are involved as this week's illustration shows Hot Rod and Shockwave doing battle as the Beast Wars Maximals and Predacons look on. Keep reading for all four illustrations and a link to the latest story page!
Age of Extinction
Once more with thanks to Transformers Colombia, we have new product shots of the exclusive Platinum Edition Silver Knight Optimus Prime, recolored from the "First Edition" Optimus we reviewed several months ago. Notable compared to prior shots is the addition of chrome detail elements on the torso, greatly enhancing what had been a very bland appearance. To see all the photos which we've mirrored, keep reading!
The Hobbybase has reported via Facebook that the series 2 2014 Microchanger assortment has updated packaging that no longer includes the individual codes that so far have been able to be used to quickly and accurately identify the contained minifigures prior to purchase. Hobbybase has advised that sets they sell will be opened to ensure full assortments, but in normal retail situations, it appears you're now on your own!
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