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The British Board of Film have posting a new film trailer classification for a "Transformers: Age of Extinction" movie trailer. This one is longer than the previous versions at 2 minutes and 25 seconds indicating this could be our first full trailer with extended footage. Read on to see the full details of the trailer that has been rated 12A, the UKs equivalent of PG-13.
Collectors Club
The official BotCon Twitter account has revealed the creator behind this year's Transformers Timelines Story. Timelines is the fiction published in the Collector's Club magazines in prose and comic format and provides the source material for the exclusive toys for every BotCon. This year, they've got a big name with lots of solid Transformers experience - find out who below!
Generation 1
The first issue of the Windblade miniseries is scheduled to hit stores next week. But in the meantime, Comics Alliance has talked with the creative talent behind the title, writer Mairghread Scott and artist Sarah Stone, in what we imagine will be the last interview before eager fans get to finally read the book. Check out excerpts and a link to the full interview below!
We have a number of new images of the soon to be released Tankor figure, based heavily on the show CGI model of the character from Beast Wars. Ebay seller lena81822 has again obtained a number of loose samples and provided lots of close up shots, as well as a chance to own early for the right price. To see all the photos of the figure in both modes, keep reading!
Conventions Center
The official Botcon Facebook page has posted a photo of the third mode of the Scorponok figure from the upcoming 2014 box set. In this image of the familiar jet mode of the Energon Scorponok mold, we also get out first look at the humanoid form of the Headmaster figure, a remolded Encore Spike, as revealed in our original coverage on this toy. Check out the images mirrored below!
Generation 1
Shout Factory's web shop has just listed a preorder for a Dinobot themed collection of G1 cartoon episodes, no doubt tying in to the heavy Dinobot focus of the movie properties this year. Roar of The Dinobots is priced at $9.99, and includes six unspecified episodes from the original cartoon series featuring the Dinobots. The single-disc collection is due to be released on July 8th.
Third Party
Following a lot of curiosity and speculation, we finally have much of the questions around Keith's Fantasy Club's Citizen Stack given answers, in the form of a massive photo gallery. Showing the cab articulated and able to turn while being integral, the structure of the car carrier, and holding Autobot cars, plus lots of group shots to demonstrate scale. There's nearly 60 photos, which we've mirrored, so keep reading and take it all in!
Thanks to Hobby Ark Toy Store, we have a look at the Transformers Generations book mailaway premium item, arriving now. Infiltrator Starscream is a translucent plastic version of Fall of Cybertron Starscream representing the stealth ability in the game, and includes extra weapons from other Fall of Cybertron figures. The photos show the toy in both modes, and armed with the extra gear. Check them out mirrored below!
A PDF document has been discovered which contains a number of presentation style images. While much of it covers ordinary fare like how store displays will be designed, and character concept art relating to Transformers 4, a portion looks forward to the post-movie years. Besides indicating the next movie will not be until 2017(!), it reveals the interim is planned to include animated entertainment, denoted by two new faction logos. Keep reading for more information and the extracted images.
Third Party
A new, and currently unnamed third party group is making their debut with design renders of an upcoming figure based on the Micromaster Countdown. Described as Scout-sized, this figure represents the original's moon buggy alternate mode, and while no launch base is mentioned, it will include a turret unit the figure can sit in, and will interact with Generations Metroplex! See all the images below.
Collectors Club
Though a website update is pending at the time of this writing, via the Botcon Twitter account, Fun Publications has revealed the latest addition to the 2014 guest roster as none other than James Roberts, writer of the highly praised More Than Meets The Eye! Fans of the current IDW titles planning to attend this year's convention should be very excited! While we wait for botcon.com to update, you can see the original tweet below.
Collectors Club
In a bit of a shocking move, the Botcon website has revealed that not only is a G1-flavored recolor of Energon Scorponok the 4th boxset toy for this year, but they've also made it a functioning Headmaster! While up to this point everyone believed that the previous reveal of Devcon would mark the main must-have figure from the set, it's probably safe to say that's been blown away by today's news. Keep reading for more information and images!
Roughly a month early, Cybertron.ca user Cobra Commander has located Age of Extinction Voyager Grimlock at a Canadian Walmart! While this is most likely a leak and isolated incident, it represents the first known shot North American Transformers fans have had at the new product line. Details and mirrored photographic proof below!
Generation 1
After threatening "a new form of Nuclear test" this past Sunday, North Korean Dictator, and noted WMD enthusiast, Kim Jong-un seems to have rolled out the big guns, emphaiss on "Roll Out." Seen here "inspecting" the Decepti-Kim, North Korea's not so benevolent dictator seems delighted with his nuclear entry into the Third Party Transformers market.
User ChErikS on the TFW forums has gotten his hands on the Evasion Mode Voyager class Optimus Prime well ahead of the release date, and has posted multiple photos, including a size comparison with a G1 Optimus Prime. Apart from the relative size, the seeming low quantity of paint applications is also notable. Check out all the photos mirrored below.
The Ragin Nation Facebook page is back with more new TF4 toy images. This time we get a look at Galvatron in box, as well as a followup shot of Hound loose with its accessories displayed. These are low-res versions of promotional photos like will eventually appear on retailer websites when these toys are available for sale starting in May. Check out both images below!
Promoting the upcoming release of Age of Extinction in China, statues of three Autobots, Optimus, Bumblebee, and Sentinel Prime, are being toured around the country. Standing as tall as fifteen meters (nearly 50 feet!), these statues are said to be rising taller than even some local buildings! We're not sure why Sentinel Prime is part of the touring group, but keep reading to get a better look and read from the original DailyMail article!
Thanks to TAG Hobby and Cybergundam, we have scanned pages from the latest issue of Dengeki Hobby magazine showing the upcoming Masterpiece figures. While much of these are the same or similar to images we've seen recently, new tidbits like Wheeljack interacting with MP-10 Prime, and new angles on Spike's Exosuit in transport mode are shown for the first time. Check them all out below!
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