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Generation 1
Multiple news sources are confirming that Leonard Nimoy, best known as Star Trek's Mr. Spock but also a repeated presence in Transformers media, has died of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease at the age of 83. An actor, director, photographer, and much more, Mr. Nimoy was in all things he chose to do an artist, first and foremost, who gave his work the attention and forethought it deserved. He will be missed, and the thoughts of the TFormers staff go out to Mr. Nimoy's family.
Third Party
Following a long buildup of concept drawings, design art, computer renders and 3D printed prototypes, Play With This Too has finally launched their Kickstarter campaign to begin production of their action figure line. Between homages to Transformers, He-Man and other classic properties and artist-original material all built around a flexible base design, Play With This Too can have something for everyone upon successful funding of their project. Head on over to their Kickstarter and check out what they have to offer by clicking here.
The Transformers App updated with the new Fan Built Combiner voting options, and along with it is some supplemental material. Under the category of the new combiner's enemy, Galvatronus is presented as an option and revealed for the first time in a piece of art. The image heavily implies Galvatronus (comprised of an assortment of limbs from other teams) has mental attack or control powers, and otherwise we get to see the Galvatron-derived head and the full chest detailing. Click through to check it out!
The next round of Fan Built Combiner voting has started, and this round you get to help decide the name for the combined form, personality, the designated nemesis from among the Decepticon combiner ranks known so far, and the gender. There's quite an excellent naming option given in the poll choices, while the other categories follow predictable patterns. Read on for a list of all the available options for each category.
RID 2015
Revealed officially at Toy Fair earlier this month, we now have new photos of three upcoming One Step Changer figures. In what looks like final plastic colors we see Drift and Fracture, who along with Warrior and Deployer toys are getting a lot of merchandise attention this year. Finally we have Thunderhoof who has caught a lot of fan attention and so far only has One-Step to represent a larger toy. Click through and check out all the promo shots from Hasbro's Polish website!
One prevalent complaint held with the Voyager truck mold currently in use as Optimus Prime and Motormaster is with the ratcheted joints in the hips, which have too much space between "clicks" or stopping points, making natural looking poses difficult. Shapeways designer GlauG is attempting to remedy that and has designed substitute parts to increase the number of stops in the hip joint. Currently at $4, one set has enough parts to do two figures, and this inexpensive solution could be all the difference for this toy. Click through for a link to the product!
RID 2015
While they may not be for everyone, the One Step Changers can offer fun casual action play that anyone might enjoy, and in RID just like the last movie, it's also exclusive home to select characters for now. Fixit is one such character who appears first in wave two of RID's One Step toys sighted by multiple people including myself at Targets across the US. Also in the wave are Steeljaw and Grimlock. Keep a special eye out too, some packages carry coupons good for $2 off the purchase of a One or Three-Step RID figure!
Thanks to Manuel (@RodimusPrime87) we finally have pictures of the leader Class G1 Megatron decorated as an Autobot. The figure having long been advertised as including stickers to allow you to reflect Megatron's current status in IDW's comics has so far only been seen in its stock appearance. Now finally we can see the Autobot emblems and the swirls inspired by the original gun form detailing. The logo stickers are backed in white to cover the Decepticon logos, but so are the swirl lines, causing them to unfortunately stand out badly. Click through to check out the pictures!
Age of Extinction
As is standard practice, the winners of the Razzies were announced the morning before the Oscars ceremony, and Age of Extinction was recognized! While it was nominated in nine categories, it only won two: Worst Director for Michael Bay, and Worst Supporting Actor for Kelsey Grammer. However, Grammer was cited for performance in four movies - TF4, The Expendables 3, Think Like A Man Too, and Legends of Oz. Keep reading for a full list!
Having already seen his uncolored lineart for the Titan Class Devastator box set, we're fortunate enough to have another piece of Marcelo Matere art to share tonight. On his Facebook page he's released a copy of his linework for the art of Superion featured at least in part on all the Aerialbot packaging at the various price points, now to be seen in it entirety as completely clean lines. We hope he'll be able to release more of this art in the near future, and in the meantime click through for a link back to his Facebook post of the original lineart!
TFND member GENETIC has wasted no time and after putting together a gallery of Off Road shots followed by Motormaster, he's now provided over 30 photos featuring their combination in to Menasor. Short Legends Blackjack, this is our first detailed look at Generations Menasor, and while it's only in the "standard" arrangement of limbs it's looking pretty nice. And we bet it can be even made better by shuffling the arms and legs around! Click through to check out the photos.
After a good bit of speculation and rumor, we finally can say with certainty that Tracks will be joining the ranks of Masterpiece Autobot cars. A scan from a newly released hobby magazine in Japan shows the grey prototype depicting both primary modes of Tracks. Given the robot's wings the third flying-car mode is sure to be in there as well. This mold has at least a second use ahead of it as Road Rage, based on the red Diaclone incarnation of the original Tracks toy, and perhaps even more. We're sure to see a lot more of this soon, but for now check out the scan by clicking through.
We've had word today that the second assortment of Leader Class Generations figures have reached physical stores in the United States. Starscream-99 purchased the G1 style Megatron at a Toys R Us in Lancaster, California today, providing photos of both the toy and receipt. We've also heard that the Armada variant was sighted in a Toys R Us in New Orleans. These are hopefully the first of many sightings to come in the near future, so keep an eye out and good hunting!
The official Transformers mobile app has been updated today and it's revealed the winner of at least one of the options from the second round of Fan Built Combiner voting. The new Autobot Combiner's point of origin has been set thanks to majority decision. We're happy to report that interesting new ideas have won the day in this regard and the combiner and/or its team members will be from The Sea of Rust. Bear in mind, Windblade also had a home region option before the fiction chose to go a different direction, so this could still be overturned at a later time.
Collectors Club
TFCC has posted a pair of new photos that seem to show a representative of the final production of their membership exclusive Lio Convoy figure. The character in this form was the star of their Beast Wars: Uprising timeline story "Broken Windshields" released earlier today. The recolor of Orion pax features a new head sculpt, though ultimately it seems the decorative flaring on either side of the helmet was indeed lost at some point during production. Click through to check out the new pictures, and remember you need a valid, active membership as of March 16th to receive this figure!
User GENETIC at tfnd.net has gotten hands on the second wave of Combiner Wars and has posted a set of photos showing off Air Raid, the last remaining piece of the Aerialbot team - at least until Slingshot becomes available by one means or another. Besides giving a good rundown of the figure, Air Raid is also seen in group with his team mates and formed in to a complete Superion. We've got the mirrored photos, read on to have a look and check out the original thread!
It's a night for both Starscream and Toys R Us. A discovery on Australia's Toys R Us website has led to an interesting reveal. On the page for the Leader Class assortment, alongside pictures of the Megatrons is a bio that is distinctly written for Starscream. This seems to back up our speculation of the upcoming comic cover depicting a new toy. Further, specific reference to being "king of the Seekers" in the bio may support the notion it will have a crown accessory by providing a small context for its inclusion with the figure. Keep reading and check out the full text!
Icespark who has brought us many listings from the Toys R Us computer systems in recent months has come back with a new discovery. This latest listing is for a Masterpiece Starscream, a notable absence from the recent restyled Masterpiece lineup Hasbro has been bringing us over the past few years. Odds are good this is the reworked Masterpiece seeker body and may come with the "Coronation" gear, but either way a new shot at adding Starscream to the collection should be welcomed by many. Click through to see the original entry text.
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