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Generation 1 Rumors

Thanks to @GeneralTekno on Twitter for this one! The story is that artist Livio Ramondelli, responsible for the The Transformers side of the Combiner Wars crossover, has confirmed that Cyclonus will not be appearing, thus there will be no impetus to redesign or move the character from his More Than Meets The Eye appearance in order to have him conform to the Combiner Wars crossover. And frankly, that's a relief. We'll update this story if we get a more direct confirmation of this but for now, keep reading to see the tweet!

Ozformers member Bidoofdude put 2 and 2 together concerning two previously-rumored Generations Legends, and got a promising response from Hasbro! The known Combiner Wars Legends-class figures skip numbers 11-17, and so an email was sent to Hasbro asking if the previous Walmart leaks Gnaw with Gnash and Brawn with Mudslinger might be among their numbers. The answer is less than concrete, but more than maybe - keep reading to see!

A member of the 2005 forums has posted a rumor about the eagerly anticipated Combiner Wars Devastator, one which dovetails neatly with the idea of it being a Titan Class figure. The rumor suggests that the body will be a Leader and the limbs will be Voyagers, which would indeed suggest a massive figure that requires a Metroplex-sized box. The rumor also suggests we'll see a yellow G2 version at SDCC this year. Keep reading to see all the rumored details!

Thanks to a post on the Allspark, we have news of solicitations going around Malaysia that lists many Takara Tomy Transformers items under series names that we have not seen for a long time. Could these be repacks of Transformers Prime Beast Hunters toys or new releases with different decos under the Platinum Edition heading? Its hard to tell right now, but the listing includes exciting names like Ultra Magnus, Classic Predaking, Grimlock Vs Bruticus and more of what appear to be Asia exlusive releases that you can see below.

Before Takara Tomy's Masterpiece MP-11 Starscream even hits retailers next month, the company has announced that they will repaint the mold as MP-11S Sunstorm. According to Malaysian retailer Toy Wizard, the company will release the figure towards the end of May 2012. In addition to this bit of news, Toy Wizard also reports that Takara Tomy has separately announced that Encore #23 as Sixshot. Keep reading for more.

Ebay seller EToysHunter has posted an auction for a very interesting new item that the seller claims is not a KO: "THIS IS NOT KO VER" We can only speculate on what this is: One off custom, a lunchtime special or maybe even a future reissue or exclusive? Whatever, this thing looks super sweet. A mass release of something like this would be way cool IMO. Till we know more, you may view the images in the image gallery.

We posted a rumor yesterday that Wal-Mart may be carrying a U.S. version of Masterpiece Ultra Magnus based on the weight listed on the product listing. Well, this rumor has been debunked. It seems like many people's initial reaction of it being a boosted-up price for the Toys 'R' Us-exclusive Generation 1 re-issue of Ultra Magnus (which the image in the listing depicts) has prevailed. "Tryphonus" of the Allspark did some legwork...Click through for more.

A couple of images of what looks to be a U.S.-bound version of Masterpiece MP-03 Starscream have popped up over at ACToys. At first, members of the TFans community called is a really nice looking custom. However, it seems the constantly-reliable source "S250" has gone ahead and confirmed that this is indeed ready to hit the U.S. market, according to our "Heat Guy" of TFans. Is this really the first look that we are getting of the second Masterpiece figure to grace our shores? Only time will tell. Until then, feast your eyes on either a really great looking custom, or the real deal.

Thanks to Monzo of the Allspark for the heads up that the US Patent Office has posted two filings from Hasbro Inc. for names that would lead us to believe there may be a future victim, er uh, figure in the Mr. Potato Head line named "OPTIMASH PRIME." We kid not when we report Hasbro even registered the slogan "MORE THAN MEETS THE FRY." Discuss it over at Tfans.com.

Thanks to Sage2764 or talk.transformers, we have an unknown drawing of Megatron. The drawing says that Megatron's alternate mode is a M1A2 Abrams MBT. This drawing could hint to possibly what Megatron may look like in the upcoming Transformers movie. However, Sage2764's message on the post says, ""AT 1/24 IT'S ABOUT 40 CM TALL," which is the same scale as the BinalTech and Alternators line although that line has been automobiles only. Check out the picture in the full article.

Question MarkRazerwire of the 2005 Boards reports that the website JustIToys has received some information on the next upcoming World's Smallest Transformer Dinobot. They report that other than the next WST Dinobot being Slag, there will be another Dinobot coming along with him. "NEWS on the next WST DINOBOT, our next WST dinobot WILL be SLAG and another WST DINOBOT! Yes, there'd be 2 dinos at a time! Make a good guess on that one!" Who could it be?

The SWTF annonymous tipster writes in again - Hey, just a follow-up to my earlier post. There were also packages that just read "Star Wars" on the top and "Transformers" on the bottom. They are pegable, with just a space background and a clear bubble, so I have no idea what's going to be in them, but it sure sounds cool! Once again, more on this as it develops, and as we get to the bottom of it during our upcoming SDCC coverage.

The annonymous SWTF tipster rings in again with a few more tidbits regarding the Star Wars/Transformer line packaging. Read on for more.

A post just appeared on BWTF.com that says: "A rumor has surfaced from a source that Dreamwave Productions, publisher of the current Transformers comic books, has gone out of business. This is only rumor now pending official announcement." No official comfirmation, rumor so far. See the original post here.

We got a note from Paul Hitchens about the news TRU Reissue "Hey, Heres the next TRU reissue! Enjoy! Cheers Paul The Spacebridge" Note we are not sure of this release so we are listing it as a "rumor" for now as this could be a doctored image, but it was too hard to let slide just in case it is for real. You be the judge. You be the judge HERE.

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