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On the TFormers Forums, Scaleface has assembled the week's worth of Play With This Too news- and it's been a busy week! Color guides have been posted for previously-known characters Bite Mark and D-Kay, as well as a new character, R-Buke, who is a Tech Drone jet in G1 Dreadwind colors! Also present are full renders of Desolataur, headshots of more new characters by artist Candice Santora, and an intriguing set of 5mm-compatible accessory staves by newcomer Albie Lim, whose picture you'll find in the gallery. Keep reading to see it all!

Site Sponsor TFSource has posted images and a preorder page for the Sega Genesis version of the Mega Drive Megatron mold! Due in February at a price of $119, Genesis Megatron sports the changes related to the US release of the Mega Drive console: a Sega Genesis logo on both the console and controller, a color change (the purple is now on Megatron and the red is now on the Genesis), and a different molded font for the "16-Bit" mark on the torso. Oh, and of course the US label for the included Sonic The Hedgehog cart. Keep reading to see!

DX9 has updated their Weibo page with images of their Micro Worlds X05 figure, a Legends-scaled version of G1 Cyclonus! It's decent looking for the scale, with a slightly squashed jet more that wouldn't look out of place with your QTransformers. It even seems to come with a weapon patterned after Cyclonus' Targetmaster partner Nightstick! Keep reading to see more!

Maketoys has posted teaser images and a brief description for a new line of figures titled Re:Master. The name and text seem to imply a "new scale," and puts heavy emphasis on the concept of scale in general. Current speculation is that the figures - interpretations of Chromedome, Hound, and Inferno shown only in silhouette- will be in the post-MP-10 Masterpiece scale, but nothing is known as of yet. Keep reading to see!

Just in from the Loyal Subjects are more details on the wave 3 Transformers G1-themed Action Vinyls product line. With 12 new figures are on the way including Rumble and Frenzy, Lazerbeak and Buzzsaw, Sunstreaker, Blitzwing, Hound, and more. The good news is they are now BIGGER and better with more details, accessories and other upgrades coming February 2015. Read on for mo about them now.

CYBERGEEKS Alliance has posted images of Unique Toys' Y-01 Provider to their Facebook page. Based on the triple-changer Octane, Unique Toys seems to be living up to their name in that they seem to have created an Octane toy that looks good in all three modes. Keep looking and see it for yourself!

Autobase Aichi is reporting three listings on the Chinese site Taobao for new Masterpiece Autobot Cars: MP-25 Tracks, MP-26 Tracks Repaint, AKA Road Rage, and MP-27 Ironhide. Placeholder images are available, but little else at the moment. Keep reading to see those, and as soon as there's new information, you'll see it here!

Facebook page The Falcon's Hangar has posted new images of Function-XV M.A.D.L.A.W.! Better known as Quickswitch, Madlaw is a six-changer just like his G1 inspiration, and is looking pretty decent in all modes. Keep reading to see the photos!

It hasn't been that long since Badcube began circulating the design illustration for their OTS-04 Wardog, but now TFSource has posted images of the test shot version! Larger than Masterpiece Autobot Cars (just as a tank should be,) Badcube's take on Warpath is looking good. Keep reading to see the images!

The sinister clone of Optimus Prime gets the Hikari treatment with this sensational, PREVIEWS Exclusive Sofubi from Funko! Dont't miss out on this exclusive! Pre-order the Hikari Transformers: Nemesis Prime Limited Edition Sofubi Figure now at your local comic shop!

Hisashi Yuki has shared an image teasing Takara's take on Combiner Wars: a silhouette of a kanji-laden Superion (Reading "Gattai Senshi," or "Combining Warrior") against a cloudy sky, with the simple caption "UNITE 2015." It'll be interesting to see how the Legends versions of the new combiners shake out, and we're sure that Yuki will be the one to watch for new info. Until then, keep reading to see the image for yourself!

Planet Iacon has also posted images of the entire first assortment of QTransformers, the Choro-Q inspired SD Transformers figures that actually transform! On the movie side we have Optimus Prime, Lockdown, Crosshairs, and Bumblebee. And on the G1 side we have Prowl, Lambor/Sideswipe, Hot Rod, and... Bumblebee! Keep reading to see them all!

Just in via BBTS is news and images of the new Transformers Kids Nation Series TF-02 Five Pack 2014 Toy Soul Exclusive. The box of 5 figures includes the characters: Ultra Magnus, Kick Back, Sound Blaster, Skywarp, and Thundercracker. Much like the first set, these will include detailed sculpture and LED eyes! Pre-orders are up now at $119.99 USD ready to ship this month. Get yours now at bigbadtoystore.com Read on to see the full details and preview image.

Hasbro's official Facebook page has shared a message confirming what we'd been told at cons before: in recognition of Megatron's faction change at the end of IDW's Dark Cybertron storyline, the upcoming Leader-class figure can be displayed with Autobot or Decepticon faction symbols! How this will be accomplished remains to be seen, since the Decepticon symbol in the promo shot is tampographed on. More details as they become available, but for now keep reading to see Hasbro's message!

Autobase Aichi has posted new images of the two upcoming variations on Mega Drive Megatron! Sega Genesis Megatron is shown in-package (with a blank cartridge, making us wonder if labels for multiple Mega Drive games will be available) and the limited Sega Genesis Megatron is shown sitting next to someone's keyboard. Keep reading to see!

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