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Generation 1
Generation 1 Images

Transformers Asia is showing off a special coin that will be included with MP-20 Wheeljack in non-Japanese Asian countries. It's a nice-looking little coin in a nifty case. Keep reading to see the photo!

SD Figures are coming to recreate the famous Double Convoy episode of Transformers Headmasters. TAGHobby reports that Artstorm's ES Gokin line (Which we presume to be smaller than their EX Gokin line) will be releasing figures of Optimus Prime and Rodimus Prime in February and April of 2015, respectively, for the price of 4800 Yen (about $50 US) apiece. Each figure is roughly 4" tall, made of diecast plus PVC and ABS plastics, features multiple points of articulation and accessories. Keep reading to see the photos!

Robot Kingdom has released images of their upcoming TSD-002 figure, SDMeister! A super-deformed version of Jazz, this figure is unique among SD figures in that it can apparently transform. It wouldn't be surprising if the head had to be removed for that to happen, but it's still very unusual. Keep reading for the photos!

Transformers@TheMoon has posted more new images of Fans Project's upcoming Quickswitch homage covering more of the alternate modes that weren't photographed last time. It does a reasonably credible job of every one of them, which is a bit more than you can say for the original toy. Keep reading to see the photos!

GCreation has posted images of their upcoming SRK-01 to Weibo. It's a third-party copy of Dinobot Sludge at a scale slightly larger than current Generations Voyager Evasion Mode Optimus Prime, and becomes the leg for a projected Dinobot Combiner. Keep reading to see the grayscale figure!

Robot Kingdom has posted more images to their Facebook page, among which are better images of the die for G1 Optimus Prime that give a better idea of what exactly is on this sprue. The blue and vac-metal parts are gang-molded - no surprise to anyone who's ever scraped the chrome on their figure - and it seems as though there may be removable stops to allow the shortening of smokestacks for US rereleases. Keep reading to see the details!

Via Masabon's 2005 thread, we also have images of an interesting display from Transformers Expo 2014: An original mold for G1 Optimus Prime! Repaired repeatedly for reuse over the course of 30 years, the huge metal die in question seems to be for the chromed parts of the figure- you can make out what appear to be the grille and front bumper, wheel hubs and gas tanks. Keep reading to get a closer look!

The prolific MASABON1980 has posted extensive images to his Photobucket of Transformers Expo exclusives G1 Slug and Voyager Nemesis Prime, an inevitable but attractive recolor of Lost Age Advanced Series/Age of Extinction Generations Voyager Evasion Mode Optimus Prime. Slug looks pretty good as well and is similar, but not matching, to the SDCC Exclusive from this year's Dinobots set. Keep reading for the photos!

Artstorm has posted a page for their upcoming Unicron Head... sculpture? Statue? I'd go with bust, but there's no shoulders. A bust usually has shoulders. The, uh, head is made of ABS, is nearly 2 feet tall, will cost 29,800 (around $300 USD) and is due out in Japan in December 2014. Keep reading for the photos!

The iTunes preview for IDW's upcoming Robots In Disguise #32 is up now, picking up the Dawn of the Autobots storyline from where we left off last month and focusing on Prowl. The release date is given as August 20th. Keep reading for the preview text and images!

Full Metal Hero has also posted images of Fans Toys' FT-06 Sever. The third in their "Iron Dibots" line of Totally Not Dinobots is a Masterpiece scaled version of DInobot Snarl. It's pretty beefy looking next to MP-10 and looks pretty good overall! Keep reading for all the photos! You can order this now on Early Bird Save $20 from TFSource.com

A member of the 2005 forums has posted a new photo of Brawny, a Masterpiece scaled/styled Brawn figure coming from Badcube (formerly Cubex). This is the first full-body color photo of the figure, and features the little guy next to Masterpiece Red Alert for scale. Keep reading for the full-size image!

Cybergeeks Alliance also posted new images of the Toyworld Dinobots, who are based on Sludge and Snarl. He-Who-Is-Not-To-Be-Named-Snarl is molded in color already, and we can see some clever storage of his sword in Dino Mode. And both the Dinobots are noticeably taller than modern Generations Voyagers! Keep reading for the photos!

Facebook page Cybergeeks Alliance has posted a variety of scans and photos from the Transformers Masterpiece Official Guide. Highlights include MP-22 Ultra Magnus' FOUR option faces, giving you the ability to choose between inset eyes or "goggles," depending on your preference for various renditions of the character. Keep reading for some sample mirror images and a link to the page!

New Images have been posted to the Facebook page Kuma Style showing off Maketoys' upcoming Quantron combiner. Scattershot analog Metal Storm is featured prominently, including a height comparison with Warbot Assaulter (Broadside). We also get a look at Quantron's nifty longbow weapon. Keep reading for all the photos!

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