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Generation 1
Generation 1 Shop News

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TRANSFORMERS MOVIE BUSTS - Prime 1 Studio is producing busts based on Optimus Prime's appearance in "Revenge of the Fallen" and Megatron's appearance in "Dark of the Moon". The Optimus busts stand 7" tall with LED lit eyes and are priced at $174.99 for regular or Final Battle versions, while Megatron's busts stand almost 8" tall and are priced at $164.99 for regular or Final Battle versions.

KIDS LOGIC MECHA NATIONS STARSCREAM - Kids Logic is continuing their line of 6" Transformers figures with Starscream. He has lighting effects, stands about 7" tall, comes with gun mode Megatron with light and sound, and is listed at $129.99, $10 off the MSRP.

TF-02 GODARMOR - This new figure changes from robot to trailer vehicle, and from there can merge with other robots to increase their firepower and offer other options. This item is listed at $199.99.

MASTERPIECE OPTIMUS PRIME WITH TRAILER REISSUE - This Transformers Asia reissue of the Masterpiece Optimus Prime Set with Trailer comes with roller, Spike Witwicky, Prime's Axe and more, as well as a special bonus premium about which we are waiting for information. This new Set is listed at $159.99.

TRANSFORMERS: LOST AGE - NEW FIGURE LISTINGS - New announcements this month include LA14 Battle Command Optimus Prime and Bumblebee Powerhouse Set at $79.99 as well as LA15 Battle Attack Grimlock, LA16 Battle Attack Slag, LA17 Battle Attack Snarl and LA18 Battle Attack Galvatron, each at $19.99. Finally, there is also a new LA-SP Transformers The Lost Age Four Pack of what appear to be PVC figures, and that set is listed at $49.99.

TRANSFORMERS GIGANTIC MEGAZARAK FIGURE - The first of two 22.8" tall non-transforming figures is Megazarak, also known as Scorponok. He is done in green, purple and orange and comes with a gun and a shield. He is listed at $569.99, $20 off the MSRP.

EAVI METAL PHASE THREE - DAI STACK This version of Citizen Stack is done in a dark blue, red and black color scheme. He comes with alternate faces and multiple weapons, and is priced at $159.99.

CT-02 TEMPEST - Keith's Fantasy Club has released this purple futuristic jet plane that can change into a robot. It comes with a smaller robot that becomes a gun, and the set is listed at $75.99. ARES TFC-04 AETHON - This figure changes from robot to bull and forms a leg of the mighty Ares gestalt. it is priced at $99.99.

DX9 D02S SPLINTER MOTORCYCLE - This new figure from Unique Toys stands at voyager class height and is now up for preorder at $89.99. A great addition to your third party collection. KM-01X KNIGHT MORPHER COMMANDER-X, COMMANDER-X WITH GREEN AXE - We have restocked this purple and translucent purple version of Knight Morpher Commander, who transforms from locomotive to robot and battle base. The regular version is limited to 500 pieces and is priced at $69.99; we also have the Cherry Bomb's Exclusive version that comes with a clear green axe and is limited to 200 pieces within the original 500 piece run, and this version is priced at $89.99.

Clearance Sale - Prices Reduced on 5000+ Items! - NEW PRE-ORDERS - TRANSFORMERS GENERATIONS 30TH ANNIVERSARY LEADER CLASS JETFIRE This Leader class figure comes with a removable helmet so he can be displayed as he appeared in the G1 cartoon or his look from the Stormbringer comic miniseries. We have him listed at $46.99.

Clearance Sale - Prices Reduced on 5000+ Items! TRANSFORMERS CLOUD VOLUME 03 FIGURE - HOT RODIMUS - This new import exclusive is a redeco of Voyager Springer and changes from sports car to helicopter to robot, all in Rodimus' signature red, yellow and orange color scheme. He is listed at $89.99. TRANSFORMERS CLOUD VOLUME 03 FIGURE - SHOCKWAVE - Shockwave is a redeco of Voyager Whirl, and his weapons are made of clear purple plastic instead of the original black. He is listed at $89.99.

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Clearance Sale - Prices Reduced on 5000+ Items! TRANSFORMERS MASTERPIECE MP-08X KING GRIMLOCK WITH BONUS ACCESSORY - This new run of King Grimlock will include his crown, sword and gun as well as a mystery accessory which has not yet been revealed, but will be in packaging reported to be approximately 4" x 4" x 3"; final confirmation is still forthcoming. This Masterpiece figure is listed at $279.99.

TRANSFORMERS GENERATIONS LEGENDS 2014 SERIES 04 - SET, SINGLES This wave includes Cliffjumper and Nemesis Prime (redecoes of Bumblebee and Optimus Prime) along with their transforming helpers. They are available singly at $11.99 each, or as a Set of 2 for $21.99.

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