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There was a lot of information delivered from Toy Fair. Some of it came as reports from those who attended, but most of it was in the form of photos. With so much out there, it can be a little hard to keep up with what's what, so we're going to bring you the highlights of the coverage and break things down for you. Is Constructicon articulation really that limited? And why are they so big? How small is Minimus Ambus? Why is Defensor sad? Click through for the answers to these questions and more!

Our sponsor TFSource has just let us know that they've received a supply of the Sega Genesis edition of Mega Drive Megatron and a limited supply remains after filling standing preorders. This figure modifies the Mega Drive figure with Sega Genesis emblems more familiar to people in the United States and replaces the red on the robot deco with Decepticon purple, among other cosmetic changes. This run was limited to 1000 over all, so there won't be many available from US seller, so act fast!

The Spacebridge on Facebook has posted another fun rarity for everyone to see. This time they have pieces of Action Master concept art for figures that never got produced. Though most like Superion or Predaking have been seen a number of times over the years, art featuring Ultra Magnus and his large vehicle is something even I'm not very familiar with. If Optimus Prime had the Armored Convoy, might we call Magnus's vehicle the Powered Convoy? Click through to check out the photos!

Hasbro ended its agreements with Netflix recently, resulting in multiple series no longer being available for legal on-demand viewing. We have good news this weekend as some of the affected Transformers shows have found a new home. TubiTV now houses the G1 cartoon, the Unicron Trilogy series of Armada, Energon, Cybertron, as well as Transformers Animated. This streaming site is ad-supported, and shows no sign of the other series lost with the Hasbro removal from Netflix, but this is a promising start. Keep reading for a link to the available shows!

So far there's been little turning up to do with Transformers at WonderFest this season. However, TAG Hobby has brought back some shots from Kotobukiya's exhibit, featuring a recolor of their D-Style Optimus in Black Convoy/Nemesis Prime deco, and a display with artwork for an upcoming Starscream. For fans of the super deformed style merchandise, the promise of Starscream in the future should be appealing even if Black Convoy isn't holding your interest. Click through for both photos!

Wonder Festival 2015 is getting ready to kick off in Japan this weekend, and it looks like Cybergundam has some early photos from inside the event giving us our first look at an Ultra Magnus which is coming to the Ultimetal lineup. Seen on display as just the white Optimus Prime recolor portion, the art behind shows full Magnus armor that builds around the cab-robot body. If the figure is to be released all in one package with that, it could very likely have a significantly higher pricetag than the Optimus Prime that preceded it! Click through for the full photo.

While security has reportedly increased around the Hasbro exhibit at the Toy Fair event taking place in Germany this week following the leaked partial images of Devastator, we've been fortunate enough to receive first-hand reports from a person who attended the show. The information was spread over multiple posts and pages of a TFW thread, so we've collected and condensed it for quick reading. Click through and check it out!

A Hasbro (and apparently Takara) product meeting took place, and a member of the ACToys community was on hand to take notes. Subsequently, other fans have translated this quick report in to English, and we've got the highlights on upcoming G1 reissues, Generations Devastator and Defensor, and the next Masterpiece figure! Keep reading!

While we'd previously heard a cutoff date of January 1st for G1 and other Hasbro shows, The Wrap reports that Hasbro and Netflix have been unable to come to terms - a situation more or less confirmed by a Tweet from @HasbroNews. So if you really want to catch up on Transformers Prime, Pound Puppies, or My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, you'd best get to watching now. Keep reading for more details!

Japanese site Hobby Collection has posted a list of upcoming releases from TakaraTomy from the end of April through June of 2015. The Transformers Adventure heading continues to play host to both RID 2015 and a mix of other items including Generations figures not falling under the Legends Series in Japan. There are no pictures so far, but some interesting things in the text. Keep reading!

Blacklai who we know well for bringing us out first in hand looks at Combiner Wars wave 1 has given us a new gallery featuring Year of The Goat Optimus Prime. The ...unique... clear and gold redeco of Laser Optimus Prime also finds itself with pink parts in various places, as well as working lights. The downside is the lack of factory stickers means the screws on the chest and shoulder parts are fully visible, a distinct downgrade from the original and 2002 Robots in Disguise releases. Keep reading to check out the photos!

Shajaki of the Seibertron Forums has posted a guide to distinguishing the knockoff MP-10 Bape Convoy from the real deal. An exclusive to the Japanese fashion store A Bathing Ape, Bape Convoy is a green Optimus Prime- and if you have the real one, he will not have an Autobot symbol on his shoulder, and there will be a batch number stamped into the bottom of the box. Keep reading for more details and a link to the full guide!

Having just yesterday learned of the projected price of this set for Toys R Us in Canada, we have a report of a US sighting of the Platinum Series three pack of the G1 Insecticons. The attractively packaged set was found at a K-Mart in California, and while it's not the $99.99 Toys R Us Canada indicated, it is selling for $79.99. Whether a set of fresh made Insecticons is worth considerably more than the cost of complete vintage toys will have to be up to you. Click through for a photo of the in-store find.

The Transformers Facebook page has updated tonight with a post about Year of The Goat Optimus Prime. Along with declaring it means he's the Greatest Of All Time (GOAT, you see), they also announced that the toy would be coming to "specialty retailers" this Spring. While the deco is rather unusual, the underlying Laser Optimus Prime toy is excellent. The only worry is that with the Insecticon three pack leading the way, it may be quite expensive by the time it gets here!

IDW is delivering some of the best written and engaging Transformers fiction in years, some may even argue it's the best we've ever had. Accompanied by a very stable group of artists bringing the stores to life, and it's hard not to become a fan of Transformers comics today. RAC and ExVee take a look back at the highs of IDW's comics in 2014 ...and some lows. Keep reading!

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