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I'm actually surprised this figured wasn't originally named Huffer back in the Cybertron series, it fits so well. Anyways, he shares Armorhide's COE semi mode. He is mainly yellow with blue accents and some orange showing on the front bumper. There is also a splash of green below the passenger windshield. Scripted on his doors is "Cybertron Wrecker Service". Read Review

Springer lost a mode, settling to be an armored transport. He shares his mold with Cybertron Defense Hot Shot. Primarily a light gray in color, there is plenty of fluorescent green thrown in along with some blue and yellow. While the green harkens back to his G1 color scheme, it looks slightly out of place on an armored vehicle. Yet, strangely, it looks halfway decent as well. Read Review

Weirdwolf borrows his mold from Cybertron Snarl, which was also a wolf. The color scheme is similar to his G1 counterpart, that is to say kinda gaudy. He is primarily yellow with forest green, white and orange accents. Not the kind of colors you see paired up often. Read Review

Alpha Trion was to be one of last year's exclusives, but for reasons unknown he wasn't released until this year. He shares Cybertron Vector Prime's alt mode of an interstellar craft. The colors are mistakenly A3's. However, the combination looks odd on this figure. He is primarily a lavender color with crimson red and white accents. Read Review

When BotCon announced a 6th mystery figure that was exclusive only to Primus package buyers who attended the show, they made it sound like it was another Decepticon. However, that was not the case. Turns out the figure was Mirage, which is featured in the exclusive comic. Mirage is the Classics version. However, this figure is done entirely of clear blue PVC. No paint apps or stickers of any type appear on him besides the rub sign towards the rear. This is a representation of his cloaking ability. He retains his F1 race car alt mode. Read Review

Dirge is an exact repaint of Ramjet. He retains his G1 paint scheme of blue with gold and gold accents. Unfortunately, his wing makeup is also exact to Ramjet's. It's a shame they couldn't give the fuselage tailfins to him that he had in G1, but nothing's perfect. Dirge also suffers the same fate as Thrust and Ramjet... the visible head in alt mode. With the head pointing on the floor, it's not a big issue. His transformation is identical to Ramjet's. Read Review

Bugbite is a repaint of the Classics Bumblebee figure. He is white with purple graphics. The headlights are also shaded in purple. Some people have called this gothic looking. I can see where that impression is thrown off. I had a QC issue (go fig) with the roof not lining up to the hatch leaving a big gap. Besides that issue, it's every bit as good as Bumblebee. Bugbite is also equipped with the Waverider accessory. Read Review

Dreadwind takes his mold from Jetfire and is a jet in alt mode. He is primarily white in color with some purple, gray and turquoise accents on the wings and belly. He has double barreled laser rifles on either side of his cockpit. Besides the fists sticking out towards the back, this mode is relatively clean. You can see where the armor snaps on. That's a sacrifice versus using pegs which would look worse when not in use. Read Review

Thrust's alt mode is molded after Classics Starscream. His paint scheme is mostly maroon red with black detailing. The biggest difference between him and Starscream is in the wings. The wings have been remolded to match G1 Thrust. That is, they incorporate VTOL (Vertical Take Off/Landing) fins on each wing. These are actually molded into the wings! The tailfins also differ and are accurate to G1 Thrust. Read Review

The Transformers Club magazine is out and shipping to members. Read the mini-review of this issue that includes the Classics line now making an appearance in an exclusive comic in the Transformers Club Magazine. The magazine also includes promo shots of the Club Exclusive figures Airazor and AstroTrain. An interview with Peter Cullen and an Interview with the Titanium Team. Two profiles on Classics characters, and 3 mini profiles on 3 new custom CGI characters. Read More

Our star reviewer Richard has posted a whole bunch of new Transformers reviews. Check out his write-ups on Armada including: Optimus Prime Key/Light, Powerlinx Hot Shot & Jolt and Predacon, Sideburn & Skid-Z. Reviews of Takara: Micromaters SixLiner and eHobby Road Rage. Then read up on OTFCC Sunstorm and the TF Universe Snarl.

Transfandom.com has posted the following articles/galleries from Wizard World Chicago, a review of Universe #1 and an OTFCC/Hasbro Gallery. Also, an interview with Dreamwave's own Pat Lee has been posted here.

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