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Age of Extinction
Age of Extinction Rumors

Cinematic Universes are a Thing right now, with Marvel and Star Wars leading the way. Now, according to Deadline, Paramount is looking at their biggest movie property with an eye towards more varied (and frequent) releases. To that end they're enlisting writer Akiva Goldsman, whose credits range from the drama A Beautiful Mind to the well-received TV series Fringe ...to Batman Forever and Batman and Robin. This should be interesting. The story also hints that Michael Bay may unsurprisingly be returning for Transformers 5 after his current movie project - or at least that TF5 won't go ahead until that project is complete. Keep reading for more details!

We've been here before, back after Dark of the Moon wrapped - but Michael Bay has again said that he wants to move on to different kinds of movies and possibly not direct Transformers 5. He recently renewed his contract with Paramount so presumably there will be great pressure for him to continue- but it's very likely that both Bay and Transformers could benefit from a fresh perspective on the property. Keep reading for a link to the article and details.

Time reports that there is some doubt as to whether Age of Extinction really cracked the hundred million dollar barrier this weekend. The more conservative estimate is $97.5 million, still ever so slightly more than Captain America: The Winter Soldier but a significantly lower amount than Dark of the Moon. What does this mean for the film, the franchise, and Hollywood's disappointing year in general? Click for a quote and a link to the full artlicle!

Korean pop entertainment news site, Kopstarz, is reporting on the Transformers 4: Age of Extinction movie trailer that will Premier on Feburary 2 at the Super Bowl XLVIII. According to the article the trailer is rumored to feature the Dinobots leader Grimlock along with the Autobot leader Optimus Prime and Bumblebee. As always, these claims are not confirmed so take them with a grain of salt as anything can happen between now and then.

Following the concept cars sighting by kingmyreee, we find there is a mention in the comments by the instragram membter that Mark Wahlberg and Tryrese Gibson were spotted on the set. The comment follows from kingmyreee: "Shooting some scene. They don't got the cars out yet but Mark Walhberg and Tyrese is here" Gibson has mentioned he may be back for Transformers 4, but this could be a confirmation he is. Surely, more sightings will be made soon if that IS him. Watch the second June 26th video clip for the comments on the sighting.

The Irish Film & Television Network are reporting that Irish actor Jack Reynor is the has been give the lead role with Mark Wahlberg in the next Transformers 4 film. According to the site, Bay has offered the role himself to Reynor after three screen tests. According to the article, Bay was extremely impressed with the actor who beat out five other contenders for the part. While there has been a lot of bogus news around lately, this story feels like it is legit considering the source is an industry level film publication. That said, we will take the news as a rumor for now. Read more about Transformers 4 and Reynor below.

Has the hunt for new cast leads begun for Transformers 4? It seems a bit strange that another Web site would make a post for lead actors, but that's what's happened at SpoilerTV. This could very well be bunk, but worth noting they have posted a description about Transformers 4 that appears to be looking for a new female lead to play a high school senior. Read the full details below for the full reveal. Keep in mind there is a lot of speculation in the movies, so take as a rumor till it is confirmed officially.

Hasbro, Inc. may be looking to release additional waves of Transformers Prime First Edition Arcee, Cliffjumper, and Vehicons as well as Transformers Dark of the Moon Que (Mercedes Benz E550) in Asia, according to multiple sources. The case breakdown for the Prime figures including two (2x) of Arcee and three (3x) each of Cliffjumper and Vehicon. The information also specifies that each case of Transformers Dark of the Moon waves will include only Que figures, meaning that all eight (8) in the case will be one figure. Continue...

Looks like there is another Transformers: Dark of the Moon teaser poster floating around. This one features a big Decepticon symbol in the black and white chromed look of the first official DOTM logo. This looks like the faction symbol posters we have seen for the previous films. So this could be something old or an unofficial fan made poster. We'll find out in a few days when Bay calls BS, or not, via his blog. In the mean time take a look after the jump.

A screenshot of what is purpotedly from Transformers: Dark of the Moon has surfaced on the Transformers Live Action Movie Blog and the the blog speculates that it is Blitzwing. The image is attributed to "oni." The screenshot is a view of a Transformer from behind, showing tank tracks as well as wings, leading to believe that the robot is a triple changer. What do you think of the possibility of a triple changer? Let us know in the comments!

According to "Insiders" who have reported to IESB there is some trouble with the 3D production on the film. Reported by their sources, it is the filming that was done with the 3D cameras that has turned out to be of low quality and may not be used at all. The Insiders's quote is pretty blunt: "The 3-D looks like shit and we don't know if we will be able to use all of it the way it is" Take this news as a rumor that Bay will probably be responding to real soon.

Thanks to Big Hank, we have an image of an advertisement that seems to reveal that the Transformers: Dark of the Moon toyline will be released on May 16, 2011. The date was found on the same advertisement sheet for the Reveal the Shield line, which also revealed that Deep Dive is a repaint of Sea Spray. The image is a new image of the advertisement. This date shouldn't be surprising if it is true, since it is in-line with the previous film's toy release. Read more

While it is not rare for a Transformer to die in the Transformers franchise (e.g., The Fallen, Megatron [even though he came back]) a recent rumor indicates that another will join that list in Transformers 3: Starscream. This heard-through-the-grapevine rumor was posted on the website Strictly Fitted, where a member of their website met Lester Speight (Gears of War 2) who plays Hardcore Eddie in the film, who is rumored to kill the giant robot. Due to the status of the rumor, take this one with salt for now until we can have something more substantial.

Images are flowing from the Transformers 3 set in Chicago this week. Get a look at what AintItCoolNews has posted from one of thier readers. They are walking the line on this one. Citing it could just a filming prop or some Russian Transformer? This would the USA versus Russia plot line that Bay recently hinted at in the news. It looks goofy as all heck, almost like Optimus Primal? You'll have to look at this one and decide for yourself.

As the world turns, so do the rumors of who will replace Megan Fox in Transformers 3 as Shia LaBeouf's main love interest. Show Biz Spy has dropped the name of Katie Cassidy onto the table of revolving attractive women. Ms. Cassidy recently worked with Director Michael on Nightmare on Elm Street. Meanwhile Geek Week points Victoria's Secret model Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, citing movie insiders. Ms. Whiteley were previously tossed around when the news of Ms. Fox's departure first arose. Next, there has been a rumor floating around why she left the film in the first place. Read more.

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