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Age of Extinction
Age of Extinction Reviews

Age of Extinction's First Edition Optimus Prime gives us our first look at a fully original-engineering Transformer with the goal of being child friendly, durable, and good for play with a transformation that can be completed in just 15 steps. As the example for what's to come for main line toys in the foreseeable future, this Optimus has a lot of questions to answer. Read the full review

Octopunch could have been a regular Botcon set toy for as lukewarm as its reception was when images of it leaked to the internet a couple months before the convention. Were it not for a fantastic 1988 colorscheme toy to come with it, I bet nobody would have bought a poor Octopunch at all. Funny thing is, if you actually see it in person, and stop to realize that the mold it's using is pretty solid, a level of appeal can develop that just won't convey itself so well in photographs. Continue to full review...

Tailpipe is the figure that finally made me get up and start paying attention to the Human Alliance toys, because it's one of the more interesting concepts in DOTM's Basic Human Alliance range. Like a few of the larger counterparts it includes not just the human partner figure, but also an additional transforming robot buddy. Getting two Transformers and a human partner in one $10 package is quite a value any way you look at it! Continue to full review.

While I didn't buy as many of these as I should have, Basic Human Alliance figures were sometimes a nice substitute for the then-recently defunct Power Core Combiners two packs. Somehow it never seemed to hurt quite so much to buy a Scout size figure for $10 when it came with a Mini-Con, despite that I could never bring myself to just buy a Scout on its own for $9. The little humans might not have the same degree of interactivity, but sometimes the Transformers seemed to make up for it in how much they could do instead. Continue to full review.

Funny story, but I have no concept of Guzzle as a character. Any Guzzle. G1 Guzzle was only an entity in the Marvel UK stories, aside from being one of the last survivors in Rhythms of Darkness - although not for very long. Movie-continuity Guzzle is even more of a nobody, with just a brief bio note that says little about the actual individual. So, why did I ever get this toy? Last Stand of The Wreckers. Despite that I have still not actually read the story to date, it was enough to know it made (G1) Guzzle a member of that typically ill-fated group. Continue to full review.

With this bio establishing itself in Transformers: The Movie events, let's just assume that by "encouraged to spend extended leave," it really means Magnus sent a box of Ratchet's wreckage to Junk and said "Hey, see if you guys can fix this." Counting Wreck-Gar and Scrapheap from my main work over at figurereviews.com, this is my third pass with this mold, and it's pleasantly surprising just how distinct each one has been owing simply to deco changes and unique heads each time around. CONTINUE TO FULL REVIEW

It's not too often that a Deluxe class flight mode Autobot comes around in the Bayverse. Of course, when they do come out all the G1 fans expect some sort of Aerialbots tribute. Until now, that really hasn't happened. Although a tribute in name only, Air Raid now makes the scene via DOTM gussied up as a recon jet. To see how he fares in the review, click here.

It seems like when a Beast War tribute is announced for a TF line, it creates all kinds of hype. DOTM gives us it's first Beast Wars tribute with Darksteel, which is said to be a tribute of Quickstrike. Just how good of a tribute is it? Click here to find out!

Seems like every major character needs at least one repaint per movie. Ratchet is no exception. No sooner than his deluxe mold was released did we hear that a red repaint was on the horizon. That red repaint is Specialist Ratchet. Click here to read the rest of the review.

Store exclusives seem to be coming regularly for the Dark of the Moon lineup. Walmart got a few figures as exclusives, including first grab at a new DLX Prime mold. In return, Target has gotten a few exclusives of their own. Fittingly, one of these exclusives is a Human Alliance Wrecker who sports the Target logo. And he packs friends. See the rest of the review here!

Target has been offering their own 4 pack of Deluxe class exclusives with the Dark of the Moon trilogy. Although all of them are repaints, one stands out from the pack. Space Case, who borrows his mold from Terradive, is a tribute to the G2 seeker mold from the 90s. Can a Bayverse repaint capture the essence of a bygone series? This review has the answer!

Unless you're a master of origami, you likely were frustrated when you first transformed the Transformers Dark of the Moon Leader class mold of Sentinel Prime. With all it's individual panels to line up, it was an art form in itself. We're now presented with a smaller Voyager mold that offers a less hectic transform process. Has anything else changed in the downsizing? The answers can be found here.

Many fans have asked for an Autobot or Decepticon ship to come out with a series line. After all, there are some pretty wicked designs out there. After 27yrs, a ship has finally been released that lets fans interact their figures with. The Cyberverse Autobot Ark in the Transformers Dark of the Moon line is the ship that crash-landed on the moon, and it features it's pilot Roller as a bonus. Click here to read the full review.

How fair would it be if Megatron got a Cyberverse figure but Optimus did not? Well, that just can't happen. What's more, Optimus Prime comes with his trailer, just like Megatron does. It's the first Movieverse Prime with a trailer, which is sure to please fans. just how well does the trailer and it's multiple modes work? Find out in this review!

We've had the chance to review 2 Cyberverse playsets so far, and the record stands at mixed. While Starscream's orbital carrier was lacking, Bumblebee's bunker definitely had things going for it. Now that the second wave is coming around, we take a look at Megatron's appearance with his Blastwave Weapons Base. To check out the full review, click here.

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