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Age of Extinction
Age of Extinction News

Marking the home video release of Age of Extinction, voice actor Peter Cullen committed his hand prints and signature to a tile of concrete at TCL Chinese Theatre. A large statue of Optimus Prime was on display at the theatre, and a second concrete slab was present featuring a single tire print to represent the Autobot leader. Keep reading to see images from the event from Twitter user Levi Tinker, and a Youtube video from Mingle Media with highlights from the event where Peter Cullen credits his brother as his inspiration.

Steve Jablonsky has posted to his official Facebook page that the score for Age of Extinction will be released on Tuesday, October 7th. Jablonsky is currently hard at work preparing a number of signed copies to be sold through the publisher's website, and suggests a few may also make their way out to some retail locations. Keep reading to see Steve Jablonsky's thanks to his fans straight from his Facebook update!

In an interview with Cinema Blend, when asked his thoughts if Michael Bay should really be leaving the franchise after Age of Extinction, Peter Cullen spoke very highly of the director so well known for flashy, eye catching, attention grabbing, and explosive action scenes who has shaped what the Transformers movies have become over the last seven years. Keep reading for an excerpt from the piece and a link back to the original interview!

Just because the movie has moved on towards home video doesn't mean that marketing stops. Recently a press event was held allowing a number of people the chance to experience select vehicles whose likenesses were featured in Age of Extinction at their top performance on a race track, riding shotgun with a professional driver. Paramount has released a short highlight video from this event, closing with a few words from actor Peter Cullen. Keep reading to watch the embedded video!

Licensed merchandise has always been a rough territory, and Age of Extinction proves no different. A character watch obtained by Transformers Colombia member Edward Jonathan Elizalde proves this quite well, by presenting what would very much like to be the face of Lockdown, but more comes off as a generic robotic skull face with a buzzcut. However, if the novelty of having something vaguely like a Quintesson Death face on your watch is appealing, keep an eye out, as they'll probably find their way to Ebay for years to come! Click to see the full size photo.

Blacklai has shared an album of photos showing off the contents of the Platinum Autobots United five pack, featuring enhanced paint decos on the main Generations Series figures for the Autobot cast of Age of Extinction. Many figures have distinctly improved looks, while some like Bumblebee will leave you hard pressed to find a difference. We've mirrored a selection of photos, and included a link to the full album, so keep reading. And remember, the Platinum versions are always on the left.

The official Transformers Youtube channel has followed up their designer's desk updates with three new product demo videos. In these quick clips, you can see the action features of Stomp & Chomp Grimlock, the transformation of Mega 1-Step Bumblebee, and an accelerated build of the Construct-Bot Dinobots figures. In particular this does well to make Grimlock look like a fun action gimmick platform as well as giving a solid sense of its mass for anyone who has never seen one in person before. We've embedded all the videos for convenient viewing, so keep reading to check them out!

Transformers Colombia, ever the providers of new and upcoming product images have now shown us something of an interesting mystery. The previously known Power Battler Galvatron figure now represented with closed box packaging, a style more commonly associated with merchandise from Takara. Based on understanding that die cut and windowed packaging can be more expensive, this may point to an experiment in more cost-effective packaging. Whatever it mnay indicate, we'll be watching for more information. Keep reading to see the full image!

HOLLYWOOD, CALIF. (August 26, 2014) -- From director Michael Bay and executive producer Steven Spielberg and in association with Hasbro, Inc., Paramount Pictures' $1 billion worldwide blockbuster Transformers: Age of Extinction makes its highly-anticipated debut September 30, 2014 on Blu-ray, Blu-ray 3D, DVD and VOD. The film will be available to own two weeks earlier on Digital HD September 16, 2014.

Box Office Mojo reports that James Gunn's Guardians of the Galaxy has made a comeback and will surpass Transformers: Age of Extinction this weekend as the summer's top-grossing movie. Its estimated domestic take for the week is $17 million putting it at $251 million overall. This places it in third place just slightly behind The Lego Movie and Captain America: The Winter Soldier in the ranking of best domestic releases of the year. Keep reading for more details on GotG and TF4's totals to date!

Transformers Colombia has come through yet again and brought us official product shots for the upcoming five pack exclusive Dinobots Unleashed, featuring the movie Dinobots in more-or-less movie-accurate decos. In particular, Scorn seems to be mostly chrome plated, but nobody has much specific color anymore. If you're interested in this set coming soon via Big Bad Toy Store, keep reading and check out the images!

Fresh from Arizona, ever the land of new toy sightings we have the first reports of store sightings for Drift helicopter and Dinobot Slog ...not to be confused with Dinobot Slug. Arizona seems to have unnatural luck in early toy sightings, but these should begin finding their way out to the rest of the United States over the next few weeks, assuming your local stores aren't still sitting under units from the first two Voyager waves. These were found at Toys R Us, so get out there and happy hunting!

Robot Kingdom has posted some new information about Saikyou ("Ultimate") Optimus Prime. Referred to as Silver Knight Prime by some Japanese sources, the figure has a variety of remolds and new parts to make it the most movie-accurate transforming Optimus Prime available. One of those options is a removable facemask! Keep reading for all the new details.

Joblo.com has posted a brief outline of what we can expect of the upcoming home release of Transformers 4, scheduled for release on September 30th. Promising over 3 hours of extras, an 8-part Making Of feature is listed, reportedly with more yet to be announced. For the full list of retailer exclusive releases, keep reading!

Box Office Mojo reports that Age of Extinction has crossed the Billion-dollar mark and is now the nineteenth highest-grossing film of all time. It's a solid 12 places behind Dark of the Moon, which is seventh ahead a varied spread of more deserving films- but the difference is "only" 120 million or so, so AoE could well catch up. Down over a hundred million domestically from DotM, TF4 also derived a lot more of its income from foreign releases- especially its record-breaking run in China. Keep reading for links to more statistics!

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