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Prime Beast Hunters Interviews

Jeff Kline has been making the rounds promoting this new comic book called “Indestructible,” that will be released by Darby Pop Publishing. In an recent interview with Current Publishing, he mentions that he's still working with Hasbro and that new Transformers cartoon we keep hearing about is now in full production. The series is said to be some kind of Transformers: Prime crossover with a younger audience in mind. Considering how dark the Prime series was, there is a lot of room to move. We have to see what that really means.

Worldscreen have posted an itnerview with Hasbro Studios' Stephen Davis in which he reveals some news about the next Transformers TV show. What a lot of us were worried about is looking to be the case that Hasbro will launch another Rescue Bots type show aimed at a much younger audience. That means we're less likely to see the Transformers back in a biggger bolder way, but more of a candy coated good feeling mode that is less than meets the eye. Read the details below.

Thanks to Comicbook.com who have posted an interview with Will Friedle who is the voice behind the Transformers Prime Beast Hunters Bumblebee. Not to be confused with the buzzing beeping bee, this is THE VOICE that was to the show in the final episode and the Predacons Rising DVD that is out today. Get the scoop on what is was like to play Bumblebee and be in voice actor on a show like Transformers.

It is official! Transformers Prime is "sort of" not going away. According to an interview with Roberto Orci who talks with IGN about the Next Transformers cartoon series and how the Transformer Prime's story will factor into it. The good news is the old Prime series will continue as the new Transformers series with a more kid friendly tone that should include Optimus Prime and Megatron who will be carried on by Peter Cullen and Frank Welker. Read the details below.

Colliger have published an interview with Mike Vogel, head of development for Hasbro Studios, based in Los Angeles. Mike is the go between the cartoon is produced for The Hub and the Hasbro toy brand team. He talks about managing the day to day production for the entire Hub Network where he addresses a couple of questions about the Beast Hunters Prime series and sets some expectations for big news that will be revealed to the fans at Comic-Con.

In a recent interview with the LA Times Jeff Kline, the Transformers Prime Producer, says the show will have some new surprises and a good ending fans will appreciate: “I believe that at the end of episode 313, you will feel like this particular tale in the ‘Transformers’ mythology has been told,” Kline said. “Hopefully there will be some surprises, but you will be satisfied.” Kline also lets it lose that he is the one working on the new Transformers cartoon that will follow prime but didn't give any details. We expect to see a first preview in time for BotCon and SDCC this summer.

Just in are details from the Hasbro New York Toy Fair 2013 Investor Event podcast posted on the corporate site. The annual event covers details of the newest products the company has planned for the coming year. This year they are sharing news with investors about a new Transformers TV Series for Chinese Fans, Transformers Construct-Bots, Relaunch of Transformers: Beast Hunters and the many new products they will be offering to support the new series. Read more below for details and highlights form the event.

Thanks to the Transformers facebook page who have posted an interview with Transformers Prime: Rage of the Dinobots artist Agustin Padilla. Get the artists insights on working the Transformers comics and what Agustin has to say about working with the Transformers and the Dinobots. Read the full interview below.

Collider have posted an interview with Frank Welker the voice of Megatron in the classic G1 cartoon series as well as the latest Transformers Prime cartoon. He discusses his career as an voice actor and working with Peter Cullen who plays the voice of Optimus Prime and a whole lot more that you can read now at collider.com.

The all-new Transformers Prime: Rage of the Dinobots comic book series from IDW Publishing and Hasbro won’t be in stores until next month, but the official Transformers page we couldn’t wait! They sat down with writers Mairghread Scott and Mike Johnson (both writers of the Transformers Prime television show) to hear about this four-issue limited series bridging the gap following Fall of Cybertron and tying in to the new season of Prime! Plus, we o get an exclusive first look at Nick Roche’s retailer incentive cover!

Geek Cast Radio podcast recently interviewed Steven Melching who has penned a number of shows for the Transformers universe including work on Beast Machines and most recently on the Transformers Prime series with work on upcoming episodes "Inside Job”, “Darkest Hour” season finale and five of the shows in season 3. In the interview, Melching reveals a quite a few spoilers from Season 3 that more or less reveal what happens in season 2. Many spoilers here about what going to meet the eye's on the some after the jump.

In a recent interview, Brian Tyler, the composer of the Transformers Prime soundtrack, has revealed how he approached the scoring the music for the show. The showrunners told him that they wanted something thematic (check) and epic (double-check). To be sure he hit that tone correctly, Mr. Tyler avoided the use of anything that sounded electronic and went with orchestral music. His work on the show led to a Daytime Emmy nomination last year in "Outstanding Achievement in Music Direction and Composition," although he did not win. The soundtrack is currently available for digital and physical consumption. The full video interview is available in the full article.

Frank Welker obviously needs no introduction to Transformers fans, but yeah, we will do it anyway. The iconic voice actor who brought a voice to the Generation 1 Megatron character has returned as the voice of bucket head in Transformers Prime. Lending his voice to the Megatron character in the video games based on the live action Transformers films, Mr. Welker has warmed his returned to the Transformers universe and in this question and answer session conducted by The Hub, Mr. Welker answers some questions from fans.

We encouraged you to submit questions for Peter Cullen's consideration for his question and answer session, and now, those questions are bearing fruit! Peter Cullen picked five lucky fans to answer their questions, ranging from his approach to Optimus Prime and how to get into voice acting. Read it all after the jump!

Each week, the official Transformers page have been taking questions for the cast and crew of the hit animated series “Transformers Prime” from fans of the official Transformers Facebook page. Check out this week’s Fan Q&A with the composer for Transformers Prime, Brian Tyler after the jump.

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