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Following being on display at Super Festival 66, Million Publishing's HeroXnet has tweeted two promotional images of mailaway exclusives Shouki and Go-Shooter. Showing both toys along with their partner character figures both in regular display stance and action oriented poses, they're doing a good job selling both, even if Go-Shooter is arguably the one with the greater degree of interest right now. Keep reading to check out both full size images!

At Super festival 66, the fourth wave of Transformers Cloud figures were on display. From TAGhobby we have photos of Hellwarp, a Skywarp-themed recolor of Sky-Byte based on the concept of Cyborg Beast Hellscream, and Roadbuster, based on the colors of Energon Ironhide, called Roadbuster in the Superlink version of the series. These are currently the last known pair of toys from Cloud, and should ship late this year. Keep reading to see the images.

TAGhobby has posted photos from Super Festival 66 where Million Publishing's exclusive recolors of Nightbeat as Masterforce's Go-Shooter and Astrotrain aa The Headmasters' Trainbot Shouki were on display. Mailaway figures offered through the Generations 2014 Volumes 1 and 2, Shouki with Daniel should ship later this year, and Go-Shooter with Shuta will ship early 2015. Keep reading to see both images!

Planet Iacon has shared a new photo showing a display of this year's exclusive offerings. Go-Shooter is a recolor of the Nightbeat remold of Bumblebee/Goldfire, with a recolored instance of Legends Bumblebee's Targetmaster partner as Shuta, while Shouki is the previously seen Trainbot recolor of Classics Astrotrain. This is our first look at a physical sample of Go-Shooter, and we can expect more to follow soon. Click through to see the full size image.

From the RocketPunchArmy Youtube channel we have an early look at Chromia, upcoming wavemate to Generations Arcee. A substantial retool of Transformers Prime's main line Arcee toy, Chromia has been the source of a lot of unexpected interest to see how this unusual instance of major after-the-fact remolding will play out in practice. Watch the embedded video to get a good look at this figure in-hand!

Thanks to Tag Hobby we have new images of the Transformers PlayStation Optimus Prime figure from the Japan Model Hobby Show going on September 26-28 in Japan. On hand were Takara Tomy showing off a number of items. Get a look at the Transformers Play Station Optimus Prime figure in robot mode and game console modes now for the full details on this release.

Thanks to UK fansite Transbridge Omegalock, we have some images of the TakaraTomy Legends version of Generations Voyager Brainstorm. It's confirmed that, while the power-readout tumblers gimmick isn't fully replicated, there is a readout display in his chest! Brainstorm is shaping up to be another of this year's must-have figures - keep reading to see what the Takara deco will look like!

Black Shadow - or rather, Sky Shadow was an obscure entity to appear in Generations, having a fiction appearance in Victory for one or two episodes, limited to Japanese audiences. Crosscut goes a step farther. Crosscut is a Transformers character created by eHobby over a decade ago to facilitate using Diaclone colors for reissued G1 Transformers molds. Where can they go from here to find a new level of obscurity to bring to toy store shelves? Read the full review!

Nightbeat was almost Jazz. We had at least mockup images of a Jazz in Nightbeat colors with a new head and the speaker clip-on accessories replaced with search lights. And indeed, art of that very thing is on the copy of Dark Cybertron Chapter 9 shipped with the toy. But of course, Jazz-beat never happened, so we ended up with Goldfire given a Nightbeat head and colors, and sold with package art depicting Jazz. Um, oops? It's not like it matters, since at no point so far has Nightbeat been depicted in interior art with either body style, so... Read the full review!

Just in is a new video review and images from Shartimus Prime who's managed to hunt down a Transformers Generations Roadbuster Voyager Class Wrecker figure. Get his take on this reduxed figure brings this mold back for another round of G1 goodness. Watch the video that breaks this toy down into his usual package, robot and vehicle components. And for the visually inspired peeps in the audience, we've got pictures! Read on for all that as fast as you can hit PLAY.

The @TF_pr Twitter account has posted a silhouette of three upcoming Transformers with a message that reads, in part, "Finally, the warrior women are here!" Even without that message, the silhouettes are clearly those of Arcee, Chromia and Windblade. The Legends assortment is the latest successor to the Henkei! Henkei! Transformers/Transformers United/Transformers Generations lines that have run parallel to Classics/Universe 2/Generations in Japan. Keep reading to see the Tweet!

This week on Radio Free Cybertron: Lots of new toys! We have MP Wheeljack, the new Generations Deluxes (Crosscut, Jhiaxus, Windblade and Nightbeat) and D.A.I. Commander Stack to talk about! We also have comics news, third party toys of high demand characters, third party regrets and way more!

Using input gained over a one month period starting April 18th, 2013, Windblade is the first Transformer designed by allowing the fandom to vote on basic character and design elements. Having been greatly anticipated since being revealed at San Diego Comic Con in 2013, and even more anticipated thanks to the popular self-titled four part mini series earlier this year, it's time to finally see the result of this amazing experiment! Continue to the full review!

While quality control issues have become sadly more common recently in Transformers toylines, it is generally a gamble to whether you will personally be affected. However, it should be known that the subject of today's new review, Jhiaxus from the current Generations Deluxe wave suffers a QC issue that affects 100% of figures causing them to be orange. No one has identified how this problem may have originated, but it is important to be aware of this fact before you continue to the review.

Planet Iacon has shared several images of the upcoming Roadbuster recolor from the next wave of Transformers Cloud. Based on Energon Ironhide (called Roadbuster in the Superlink version), this very bright recolor will be accompanied by Hellwarp, a Skywarp-themed recolor of Generations Sky-Byte. Keep reading to see all the pictures!

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