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Last of the wave, but certainly not least! Completing a trio of Seeker figures all released at regular retail within the space of a year, War For Cybertron Skywarp may only merit a cameo in his own pack-in comic, but he's an Excellent toy regardless. Continue to full review

It's the figure nobody expected! A reasonably obscure Double Targetmaster from 1988, Scoop returns to the modern Transformers toyline with his signature gimmick completely intact. Plus, he's amazingly, vividly orange. Continue to full review

A Mini-Con combiner that isn't a fragile, fragile statue? A combiner team whose robot modes aren't uniformly bad? An Armada-style Mini-Con Team with six out of seven good modes? The Mini-Con Assault Team AKA Centuritron is all of these things and more. Continue to full review

As we enter the 30th anniversary of the Transformers, Generations is once again featuring figures inspired by all corners of the Transformers universe(s). Whether you want him as Armada Starscream or Dark Cybertron Starscream (or both), this is a figure with decent articulation, an interesting mix of fidelity and deviation from the source material, and a lack of paint that hurts the homage factor. Continue to full review

Waspinator was such a favorite with fans during Beast Wars that plans to kill him off at the start of the second season were changed. Considering that, it's not really surprising Waspinator ended up as one of the few Beast Wars characters to be included in generations as it observes the brand's 30th anniversary. And between Universe in 2008 and the upcoming Rattrap, we have updated toys for all of Scott McNeil's first season characters. That may very well say something about how memorable his performance made them as much as anything else. Read the full review.

I do love when we get new toys based on G2 stuff. I don't have everything within that theme, but I try to get whatever I can because G2 was the start of Transformers for me. Beast Wars may be the general standard I hold other things up to, but G2 resides in a special place with me. So even while Megatron did little to wow me, I was looking forward to the Dreadwing remold that would give this mold a purpose in my collection. Read the full review

When released as Bumblebee, this mold had no particular design problems. It's a bit on the basic side, but it's pretty solid. Where Bumblebee fell hard was the deco. I don't just mean the paint, even though some of that was utterly atrocious, but also in the kind of plastic used for a lot of the parts. It had a terrible visual quality that ruined the entire thing. Goldfire comes back with a whole new set of plastic colors, and to the great benefit of the toy, none of them look like they have a second job as candle wax. Read the full review

Skids has had more than a little bit of an image facelift since he was adopted in to the main cast of More Than Meets The Eye. Before this, his most notable trait could either be considered as having fought and defeated Ravage in Marvel G1 before disappearing in to limbo for a few years according to the UK continuity, or just largely vanishing without a word in the US issues. Plus his utter unimportance in the cartoon, it's no surprise that the old days of the online fandom made a joke of his functional non-existence. Read the full review!

Rhinox was the only one of the original Maximals not to get a new body- and sadly, he also never got a new figure. Until now! Generations Rhinox is a great-looking and bulky figure that fits in well with your other Beast Wars figures, but he could stand better leg joints to stand better. Read on for a complete rundown! Continue to full review

Hoist is the foregone conclusion. From the moment you find out there will be a Generations Trailbreaker (or cutter, whichever) you know that it's only a matter of time before it gets Hoisted. But I can hardly complain about that. While Trailmix might finish out the 1984 Diaclone car updates, Hoist is another part of piecing together the 1985 lineup, making him no less important. Read the full review!

Back in December when I reviewed Starscream, I was very much in support of the idea of a new set of seekers drawn off of that mold. Less than a year later, I've been rewarded with my next installment on that plan, and Skywarp is already on the books to hit sometime earlyish next year. The promise of the core three seekers in a total stretch of a little more than a year must be a relief to many given it took nearly five years to do the same thing using the Classics mold at US retail. Read the full review!

We saved the best of the wave for last! Trailcutter is a long-awaited character finally getting the Deluxe treatment- and a solid Generations figure to boot. Forcefield Face sadly not included, but go get him and pass his comic around! Continue to full review

Megatron was to be a black tactical bomber once before, you know. In G2 a recolor of Dreadwing and Smokescreen was intended to be Megatron and Starscream before it was canceled. I guess better almost twenty years later than never? The really funny part about getting the stealth bomber figure now? Megatron dumped this body in the ongoing right around the same time the Spotlight issue was published. Read The Full Review

IDW has been using the Orion Pax concept for a little while already, and that fits in with the direction the main Transformers books have gone of late. Hasbro's entry in to the Orion fan club is very unexpected, especially going so far as having IDW produce them a brand new story to sell with their toy. I guess Orion got important enough to prompt a legal claim on the name. But really, an Optimus by any other name, right? Read The Full Review

We've been pretty overdue for a new Classics Bumblebee mold. Even counting War For Cybertron (I prefer to pretend that one doesn't even exist, mind you) it's been about four years since the last new G1 type Bumblebee mold. Leading off a series of IDW design inspired toys, this toy has quite a bit to live up to, especially since the original Classics Bumblebee in 2006 was a very nice toy even in its 2010 rerelease. Continue reading to find out how this one stands up!

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