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Generations Images

PaxCybertron has posted images of Legends Windcharger to Twitter! A remold of Generations Tailgate, Windcharger is looking good and lacks the hood-chest inaccuracy of the otherwise-great Reveal The Shield Scout-class toy. Keep reading to see the new Windcharger for yourself!

HK-TF user Sam Chan has posted an image of Combiner Wars Superion standing next to MasterMind Creations' FeralRex, their take on G1 Predaking. While FeralRex does have some height on Superion, it's not very much. So far, Combiner Wars Superion is stacking up to third-party combiners pretty well in terms of size and looks. Keep reading to see the photos and judge for yourselves!

ToysRUs Japan has a new promo item available to the first 6,000 people to spend 3,000 Yen or more on Transformers products in their stores: the Temenos Sword! A fancied up red and silver chrome version of Optimus Prime's sword from Age of Extinction, it's named for the formal name of Lockdown's "trophy case" as seen in the film: the Knight's Temenos. (And "Temenos" is a Greek word generally used in English to mean "sanctuary" or "sacred place." Now that we've got all the explanations out of the way, keep reading to see the photo!

Blacklai has come through again, giving us a nice, meaty gallery of Superion images. Superion looks much better than Fall of Cybertron Bruticus by basically every metric: articulation, proportion, heft. He's also using Powerglide in Gun Mode for the complete package- keep reading to see the gallery!

While we wait for Blacklai to post his own shots of Superion, here's a handful of photos from a Singapore event, by way of the Transformers Addict Facebook group. Superion is on display and looking pretty decent! Also present are Powerglide and Bombshell, two of the upcoming Combiner Wars Legends class figures. Keep reading to see!

Blacklai of TFND is continuing his Combiner Wars photo spree with Superion's core, Silverbolt! Looking somehow both more modern than the Universe figure but also equally G1, Silverbolt transforms into a jumbo jet with a big block of robot folded up underneath. Tradition! But this isn't the end- Blacklai signs off with "to be continued," so hopefully Superion photos are forthcoming soon. Keep reading to see the photos!

Just in via Amazon product listings are updates for the Transformers Combiner Wars Alpha Bravo, Dragstrip, Firefly, and Skydive figures. Along with the official images that have been circulating already, we have some extra details on these figures with the product descriptions that have been included in the listings. Read on to see them all now.

iTunes has posted the 3-page preview for this month's issue of More Than Meets The Eye. It's difficult to say too much about this issue without spoiling issue #35 for those who haven't read it, so let's stick with saying it features Orion Pax in the pre-war era. Keep reading for the official version of that blurb along with the three-page preview!

Hisashi Yuki of TakaraTomy has now provided us with a new photo of each of February's Legends releases with an image of LG10 Arcee next to the Spike in Exo-Suit figure that came with MP-21 Bumblebee. Possibly it's meant to be standing in for Daniel here, but at the level of detail on Spike's face, you can go either way with it. Like her wavemates Chromia and Windblade, Arcee is due for release in Japan on Valentine's Day 2015. Keep reading for the photo!

Something seems to be wrong with TakaraTomy toy designer Hisashi Yuki - he hasn't posted a new image of Masterpiece Star Saber in at least a week. But the good news is that this means he's turning his attention to some other upcoming toys- case in point, we've got a new photo of the Legends version of Chromia! An extensive retooling of Prime Robots In Disguise Arcee, Chromia sports a lot of new parts and accessories- and unlike the Generations Deluxe version due out any day now, the Legends version has a more G1-accurate and lavender-intensive deco. Keep reading to see!

Blacklai continues his Combiner Wars photosets, posting 22 new images of Aerialbot Firefly to TFND! We've mirrored them here, and he looks pretty good! Firefly is shown in Robot, Vehicle, and Leg modes, and looks pretty good in all three- particularly in his very G1ish jet mode. Keep reading to see the photos!

Wow, that was quick! Iron Factory is the Sixth Fanscon SGC, and has shown off images of another new Legends-scale figure in their IF-EX line. IF-EX05 is "Iron Giant's Maiden," better known as the Fan Built Bot, Windblade! Given Windblade's role of Cityspeaker - an interpreter of sorts - for Metroplex, it's great that a figure closer to being in scale with the Titan-class Metroplex figure from last year will be available. Most impressively, the figure retains the Deluxe-class figure's adjustable VTOL jets- and seems to have added 5mm sockets to the back of them! Keep reading to see the photos!

Blacklai1979 has posted images of Stunticon (and stand-in Superion limb until Combiner Wars Wave 2 hits) Dragstrip! He's looking pretty good, and comes with a swordgun to complement the HandFootGun that all Combiner Wars Generations Deluxes will include. While you wait for the Star Wars Episode VII trailer to load, keep reading to see Dragstrip in Robot, Vehicle, and Arm modes! UPDATED! to reflect the original source of the photos and to include all 27 photos of the figure!

Singapore fangroup Planet Iacon has posted images of diagrams showing Superion and "Ultra Prime," Combiner Wars Optimus Prime's super robot mode. These use only the Wave 1 limb-bots, so each of the Autobot combiners is making use of Stunticon Dragstrip in some form or another. Since they seem to be emphasizing the Scramble City mix-and-match aspect for Combiner Wars it works but still... weird. Keep reading to see!

Haven't decided which version of Brainstorm you'll get? TakaraTomy's Hisashi Yuki has graciously taken a break from posting images of MP-24 Star Saber to give us a look at Legends LG09 Brainstorm side-by-side with his Generations Voyager counterpart! As is common these days, Legends Brainstorm sports a good bit more paint. Keep reading to see for yourself.

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