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...namely: What? The Facebook group Cybertron Phillipines has posted an image of the Triple Changers set showing the G1 Blitzwing and Astrotrain molds with new decos. Blitzwing's purple now skews far more magenta, and Astrotrain has grown some large patches of bright red. You'd be tempted to write these off as early test shots in random plastic colors... except there they are on the boxart in the same color schemes. It'll definitely be interesting to see more pictures of these two, but for now keep reading to see what we've got!

Thanks to artist Marcelo Matere who has posted a nice preview of the Transformerss Combiner Wars Devastator package art. Get a look at the pencil rendering of the the image in its production state before is has been colored and finalize.

The TFND Forums' Genetic has rounded out his pictorials of Combiner Wars Deluxe Wave 2 with newcomer Offroad! For a pickup truck, he looks surprisingly elegant and refined in his robot mode, and sports a four-barreled hand/foot/gun and a nasty-looking axe. Keep reading to see the photos, and check back tomorrow morning to see if Genetic follows up with Menasor!

The TFND Forums' Genetic has come through again with a gallery of Stunticon Dead End! He's looking pretty nice, with the lower leg construction resembling the Aerialbots more than Dragstrip. His weapons are an exhaust pipe and a multi-barreled gun that, of course, turns into a hand or foot. With any luck we'll see Offroad tomorrow and Menasor on Sunday if Genetic keeps up this pace. For now, keep reading to see Dead End!

Genetic of the TFND Forums has posted 22 photos of Combiner Wars Breakdown! The figure is looking good and sports both a gun/sword and a port on the back to use his hand/foot/gun as a pair of back-mounted cannons. Keep reading to see for yourself!

Ex-Hasbro Designer Erik Arana - now of Boss Fight Studios - has posted design work he did for unproduced remolds of Universe Cyclonus and Galvatron! Galvatron would've become a G2 Megatron complete with the sword that was included with Takara's G1 Megatron toy. Cyclonus was slated to become fellow Targetmaster Triggerhappy, complete with head-mounted quad cannons. Keep reading to see the images!

Just in from Toy Fair 2015 are our first looks at the Ultra Magnus Combiner Wars figures images from the show room. Get a look at the the robot and alternate vehicle with trailer mode as well as the Minimus Ambus figure will fit in Ultra Magnus Chest. It is said to convert to a small vehicle that fits on the car carrier in vehicle mode. Legends class figures will also fit on the carrier. Read on to see the previews, more images will be posted soon.

Just in from Toy Fair 2015 are our first looks at the Defensor Combiner Wars figures images from the show room. Get a look at the combined figure mode as well as the individual figures including Decepticon Viper, Warpath, Groove, Streetwise, Protectobot Rook , Protectobot Blades, Protectobot First Aid. Read on to see the previews, more images will be posted soon.

Just in from Toy Fair 2015 are our first looks at the Devastator Combiner Wars figures images from the show room. Get a look at the combined figure mode as well as the individual figures including Hook, Long Haul, Bonecrusher, Mixmaster, Scavenger and Scrapper. The Devastator set will retail for $149.99 USD. Read on to see the preview images now. More coming soon!

As reported yesterday evening, the Collector's Club magazine cover reveals Legends-class Warpath! Indeed a remold of Legends Megatron (presumably without a Mini-Con), Warpath does indeed lack his trademark gun-chest. Keep reading for a closer look!

It had to happen eventually: BigBadToyStore has posted a listing for BCS-01 Lonewolf, AKA Motormaster! What makes this particular third-party combiner notable is that it's compatible with Combiner Wars limbs! If you wanted your Motormaster more G1, this is a great option if it's worth $135 to you. Keep reading for pictures!

The HasbroNews Twitter has posted a behind-the-scenes image of Hasbro's Toy Fair 2015 booth! At this size it's a touch difficult to make out anything meaningful, but the back wall is clearly labeled "DEVASTATOR" - and you can fairly clearly make out the massive Titan below the sign! Keep reading to see the photo, and stick with us for all the Toy Fair 2015 news!

TFW2005 has posted an extensive rundown of Hasbro's Investor Event in the leadup to Toy Fair 2015! Much was revealed about Hasbro's plans for the coming year, such as the Transformers360 initiative, which is a plan for Transformers to be accessible at any time from as many platforms as possible. Also shown was the first official picture of Titan-Class Combiner Wars Devastator, being hailed as the biggest combiner ever! Keep reading to see the details and photo!

Initially posted to the closed Facebook group Transformers Prime TFP by member Tai Yun Soon, images are circulating of Combiner Wars Megatron and Armada Megatron on Asian store shelves! Like most of us intend to do, the photographer only bought G1 Megatron, but this is the first in what will surely be an extended round of in-hand photo shoots of the much-anticipated Decepticon leader. Keep reading to see! UPDATED with more photos showing tank mode, the instructions, and the sticker sheet with the long-promised Autobot emblems!

Japanese Transformers artist Hayato Sakamoto will be filling in for Alex Milne in March's issue of MTMTE! Confirmed by both writer James Roberts and Sakamoto himself, Roberts mentions that Milne is "saving himself for the Road To The (Season 2) Finale." Sakamoto is known for his Transformers doujinshi (fan comics) and is currently the artist for the Transformers Legends 4-panel webcomic. Keep reading for the Previews solicitation, cover art, and a couple samples of the webcomic!

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