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Generations Images

Amazon has posted extensive images of Gigantic Action MegaZarak and Black Zarak on their preorder pages for each item. No preorder info is available yet, but previously we'd heard 48,600 Yen and October for Scorponok, and Black Zarak is rumored to be set for November. Keep reading for a gallery of mirrored images, including height comparisons with G1 Fortress Maximus!

Livio Ramondelli recently, uh... Tweeted his cover art for an issue of the upcoming Angry Birds Transformers comic book from IDW. It's a fun image in a lighter version of his painterly style, a fun change for Livio and for us! Keep reading to see the image!

We were told combiners were coming for Generations 2015, and here they are! Menasor and Superion are on display at SDCC 2014, and we'll be uploading pictures here as we get them!

Figure-Oh (Figure King) magazine has revealed that 3,000 Yen (About $30) worth of Age of Extinction toys will net you a special Astrotrain-themed Micron at Japanese ToysRUs stores this August. The clear purple plastic Mini-Con uses the same mold as Payload, the space shuttle partner of Generations Legends Cosmos. Keep reading to see the scan!

Autobase Aichi has linked to a Facebook page crammed full of out-of-package images of Generations Leader Jetfire, showing off his impressive height, his combining weaponry, a makeshift Gerwalk/Guardian mode, and a reasonably tasteful and impressive use of chrome. Keep reading for a mirrored gallery of images!

The e-HOBBY SHOP twitter account have posted some new looks at the Tranformers Cloud Rodimus and Shockwave action figures. The images show the alternate modes with a bit of bit battle action with full robot modes. Get a look at these remakes of TakaraTomy Mall exclusive Rodimus, from the Generations Springer mold. And the eHobby exclusive Shockwave, made from the Whirl toy. Read on to see all the images below.

The HK-TF message boards have posted images of the upcoming Generations Voyager Slog - the Age of Extinction equivalent of G1 Dinobot Sludge. He's a big, bulky dino with massive swords that double as cannons- and he's the dumbest of the dumb (as his package bio tells us). He's also the closest to G1 colors of the mass-market movie toys, being primarily silver and black with some red. Keep reading for a link and for mirrored images of the figure!

Scans have surfaced of the booklet for the controversial SDCC 2014 "Knights of Unicron" boxset. Beating the joke to death on epic levels, you can read the alternate history of Cybertron's most famous hair-metal band, their decline, individual careers, and reunion tour. You have never seen so many words replaced with "Bot" in one place in your life. Keep reading to see the scans!

Ever-alert Singaport fangroup Planet Iacon has posted images of TakaraTomy's upcoming Lost Age versions of Age of Extinction Generations new-body Bumblebee and Dinobot Snarl. Far as we can tell there's not a ton of difference, though the more dynamic poses don't hurt anything. Click through to see the photos!

Autobase Aichi has posted an image of a new 2014 Generations Legends assortment with a few changes. Beyond the same four you've seen at Big Lots for years - Optimus Prime, Megatron, Starscream, Bumblebee - we also have Strafe (who is a Swoop halfway between Age of Extinction and G1) and Grimlock in movie colors. The new figures are recolors of Beast Hunters Cyberverse Legion Terrorcons Windrazor and Rippersnapper, respectively. Click to see the image!

Ebay seller lena81822 has posted an auction with the new SDCC 2014 in-hand Images Knights of Unicron Optimus Prime, Jazz, and Soundwave Transformers exclusive figures out of the package. Following the reveal at BotCon last month, we have some looks of these figure out the package shown in robot and alternate modes as well as lots of HAIR! Read on to see all three, sorry no Megatron, Transformers SDCC 2014 Knights of Unicron exclusives.

Thanks to Ebay seller lena81822 we have some new images of the Fan-Built Windblade Transformers Generations figure in-hand. Following he reveal at BotCon last month, we have some images of the figure out the package shown in her robot mode, jet mode, and with accessories. Read on to see all the Windblade images now.

Thanks to Pax Cybertron on facebook who have posted a handful of out of package images of the Transformers Generations Sky Byte figure that is just making its way to stores along with the much Roadbuster figure. Get a look at this homage to the Robots In Disguise character figure that is an all new remake of the Beast Wars / RID figure mold. Read on to see this figure out of the box in robot and his alternate beast modes now.

Thanks to Pax Cybertron on facebook who have posted a handful of out of package images of the Transformers Generations Roadbuster figure that is just making its way to stores along with the much anticipated Sky Byte figure. Get a look at this homage to the Mugen / G1 figure that is a remake of the Springer figure. Read on to see this figure out of the box in robot and his alternate modes now.

John DeLuna of Radio Free Cybertron has gotten a snapshot of Voyager Brainstorm's package bio! No big surprises, but it definitely fits with the IDW version of the character. But interestingly, the bio itself doesn't refer to his status as a Headmaster at all. Click the title to see the photo and read for yourself! UPDATED with Arcee and Chromia Bios!

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