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On the Transformers Facebook page, we have another image outlining the development process for Firefly, the renamed Fireflight figure from the Combiner Wars Aerialbot team. This image also carries the same very generic head sketch, making it less likely to have any significance of its own. The sketches on the right may show minor potential revisions, but for now this image is a good look at the basics of how Firefly's toy came together. Keep reading to check it out!

Pre-holiday toy distribution can be an amazing thing sometimes, as the United States has gone from zero to nearly full availability of Combiner Wars in a short few days! Pushing the cycle forward we have our first reports of Combiner Wars toys hitting store shelves, with the Legends assortment making it to Target locations, priced at $9.99. So far Austin, Texas and North Little Rock, Arkansas have been confirmed and more are sure to follow. These will be everywhere soon, so hold tight and save your money! Click through for the photo evidence.

Revealed at Botcon this past summer, there's been much curiosity and concern over the whereabouts of Leader Class Generations Megatron who's had no new press since. Robot Kingdom has come to the rescue however, offering up preorders for the first 2015 Leader assortment featuring Megatron and its retool as Armada Megatron, offering availability in early 2015. Also listed is a solid case of Leader Thundercracker coming in April. You can check out both listings after the cut!

It's taken some time, but now that complete combiner sets are getting in the hands of more fans around the world, we finally have comparison images showing the relative size of the gestalts of Combiner Wars with their earlier and third party opposites. Thanks to "prjkt", we have pictures of Superion and Ultra Prime with FOC Bruticus and Maketoys' Giant, as well as a range of other size comparisons. It's pretty impressive, so click through and check it all out!

Combiner Wars is the topic on everyone's mind right now, and the new Optimus Prime finds itself high on that list. Despite a less than warm reception when revealed at Botcon, opinions have been changing as we've seen more and more of the toy. And like it or hate it, you can't deny that this Optimus is a huge wall of robot for being a Voyager pricepoint. We've got a couple pictures to illustrate, so keep reading and check it out!

Nichloas' Figure Reviews has finished out the first wave of Combiner Wars Deluxes with a video featuring Skydive. While we're still waiting for any video producers to get together a full set of toys and complete a combiner, we can in the meantime finally have a look at the last Aerialbot of wave one and see how it stands on its own. Click through to see the video!

From zy80 we have a set of high detail photos of Combiner Wars Powerglide. The newest Aerialbot is a great likeness between the original toy and media interpretations, along with some fun extras like forearms full of missiles. Besides seeing Powerglide in weapon mode and unofficial vehicle "attack mode", you can also check out some quick thoughts on the toy from zy80. Keep reading to see it all!

Youtube user thefallen835 has uploaded his review of Combiner Wars Silverbolt, fresh in stores this week in various places around the UK. This nearly half hour long video goes over a lot of the toy, including both primary modes and the combiner torso. Unfortunately just as with the earlier video of Optimus, a full video for Superion will have to wait a bit longer. Click through and take a look at the review embedded below!

Benscollectibles has posted a lengthy video showcasing Combiner Wars Optimus. While no extra figures were available to demonstrate full combination, the video does show the transformation to Ultra Prime torso configuration, along with the robot and vehicle modes. We also get our first impression of the scale of this toy with other common Optimus molds, and this new one is huge! Click through and check out the embedded video!

While we're still anxiously awaiting stock to arrive at US retailers, our friends around the world are beginning to enjoy the first wave of Combiner Wars. Singapore has most or all of the full first wave across the pricepoints, and today the UK is getting in on the action starting with Voyagers. Multiple sightings have been reported, including one with a picture from a Smyth's location in Derby. Click through and check out the photo!

16 Deluxes were promised for the 2015 Combiner Wars series, and having learned possibilities for the first dozen, today we might have our final four. Seen in a major retail computer listing are Prowl, Sunstreaker, Mirage, and Ironhide. While not precisely the Masquerade team, the intent seems evident. This is likely a full recolor wave, so depending just how Hasbro meant "16 Deluxes" there could still be another team to reveal, but for that we'll probably have to wait for Toy Fair. Keep reading for more information!

While one sighting was reported last month, its veracity came in to question. Today there is no doubt - Arcee and Chromia are in stores in the United States! Starting as usual in Phoenix, Arizona, we have multiple reports of both figures being found and purchased at area Wal-Marts. Matt Guzy from Awesome Toy Blog, and fans Ruminus and MetalSamamon are among those who've found the toys and posted photos for proof. To all those seeking an Arcee, good hunting!

Fakebusker has put up new photos showing Combiner Wars Drag Strip. Notable as compared to previous photos of the toy, we now have comparisons with a number of common prior toys so we can get a real sense of the size of a Combiner Wars figure. This Drag Strip actually stands a bit taller than the Universe figure based on Classics Mirage! Fakebusker has also written a short review of the toy, and you can find both by clicking the title link!

Noted Shapeways designer fakebusker has gotten a copy of Bombshell from the 2015 Combiner Wars Legends line and posted a series of photos showing off the toy's details, as well as showing its size relative to other similar existing Legends toys, and Bombshell looks surprisingly big compared to Skrapnel in robot mode, but compacts down quite a bit in insect mode. Keep reading to see all the pictures and more information!

TAG Hobby has brought us a new series of pictures from the preview unveiling event of Combiner Wars that Hasbro Singapore held this past week. Many copies of each toy were available for fans and collectors to get hands on time with, and these pictures show some results of that. Besides displaying the Scramble Power of the combiners, we also get good looks at the Legends - including most of them docked with Ultra Prime - including the recolors! Keep reading to see a selection of mirrored shots from the event.

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