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Previously we reported on a poll being held by Million Publishing for inclusion with the next volume in their Transformers Generations series of guidebooks. When we checked in last Alpha Trion (repainted from generations Scourge) was holding the lead, but things change... keep reading to find out the winner of the poll!

Transformers Colombia has brought us new catalog style photos for the upcoming Voyager Brainstorm. The photos omit any direct indication of the toy's Headmaster design, but otherwise offer a couple more detailed looks at the figure beyond what was seen from the press and display case photos from Botcon last month. Keep reading to see all the images!

A new assortment of product photos has surfaced showing toys from two upcoming assortments of Transformers generations Deluxes in what should be final production plastic and paint colors. Windblade, Nightbeat and Jhiaxus from the next new product assortment, and Arcee and Chromia for the wave following can all be seen packaged, with their comic covers, and alternate modes. Keep reading to see all of the photos of these toys which should start becoming available soon!

Thanks as always to Singapore superfans Planet Iacon! Takara put up a slew of new product announcements last night, and we've got details on all of them! Robot Masters are being reissued, including the somewhat scarce LioConvoy, we're getting Nemesis versions of Evasion Mode Optimus Prime AND Voyager Grimlock, and there are some extra-adorable mini-Transformers headed your way as well. Keep reading for details and pricing! UPDATED: These toys will be available at the Transformers Expo in Japan, which takes place August 9th and 17th. If you want your Voyagers in Nemesis format, contact your favorite middleman service now!

The e-Hobby site has been updating with a lengthy illustrated story for the Transformers Cloud line, and have just posted part 4 of 6 for the story that accompanies the upcoming Hot Rodimus and Shockwave. While the story's too complex for automated translation to make heads or tails of, head and tails are involved as this week's illustration shows Hot Rod and Shockwave doing battle as the Beast Wars Maximals and Predacons look on. Keep reading for all four illustrations and a link to the latest story page!

Singapore Fangroup Planet Iacon has posted an image of a prototype Optimus Prime figure (or possibly statue) in grayscale with the Thrilling 30 logo superimposed on it. It looks to be a stylized, nontransforming figure, but at this point it's difficult to say. Plus the gas tanks are on the front of his thighs instead of the sides of his legs - what's up with that? Click through to see the photo, and rest assured we will tell you more as soon as we know exactly what this thing is.

ToysRUs has posted their preorder listing for Generations Leader class Jetfire, who is priced at $46.99 and given a release date of early September. The first non-movie Leader-class figure since Transformers Animated, Jetfire sports red chrome boosters and weapons plus a slick facemask to transform him from Animation Accurate Mode to Harmony Gold Lawsuit Mode. Click through for a link to the preorder page!

Hisashi Yuki of TakaraTomy has tweeted a few photos of the upcoming Beast Wars figures in the Legends series, the latest rebranding of the Japanese Generations line. Focusing mostly on Rattrap, but with one shot of Primal as well, we get a look at how Rattrap's deco will differ for his Japanese release, such as red rat eyes to match the show's robot mode model. Keep reading to see all three photos!

Though Transformers Colombia has become a private Facebook group, they're still sharing new stock photo finds with the fandom. Today they released a set of "lifestyle" images of the upcoming Leader Jetfire, showing the removable mask gimmick, as well as an opening cockpit canopy in jet mode. Keep reading to check out the gallery of images!

New solicitation photos have surfaced showing the upcoming Japanese releases for Generations Roadbuster, Whirl, and Tankor. All three figures are reportedly due to be released at the end of November. None are drastically different from the Hasbro versions, with Whirl being the most easily distinctive. Keep reading to see the images!

Transformers Colombia has found images of Cliffjumper with Suppressor and Nemesis Prime and Spinister in-package. Recolors of the still-readily available Optimus Prime and Bumblebee, the pair have swapped Mini-Con molds for this round. Keep reading for the mirrored images!

The HK-TF Forums have posted new images of Generations Roadbuster, who is looking good and heavily armed in that wonderful 1980s Mecha Anime Boom kind of way. Click through to see the mirrored images, and don't forget to check out the original thread for a nifty 360 turnaround GIF of the figure!

Finally on the press kit parade we've got G1 style Leader Megatron, who's reported to include a sticker sheet so you can optionally make him an Autobot if you'd like to follow the IDW continuity. But most surprising is the toy's retool, as Armada Megatron with a new head and modified transformation! Keep reading to see for yourself.

Next we have looks at the last unrevealed Voyager for this year, an IDW design inspired Brainstorm with Headmaster Arcana who can ride in the jet mode's cockpit. Then we have a look in to 2015 with a new Voyager Optimus Prime, the first since the original Classics toy in 2006! Keep reading to see images of both toys!

Possibly the most anticipated reveals from Botcon 2014 are Arcee and Chromia. Arcee is an incredibly pink and classic design inspired figure, while Chromia takes some design cues from Prime Arcee but is not likely a retool contrary to the current popular speculation. Check them out and keep watching for more official product photos coming up!

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