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The collage of character art seen prior to the UK Toy Fair tipped us off to the existence of a Legends Rodimus from the Blackjack mold, and today we have confirmation and pictures! Autobase Aichi has dug up listings from Hasbro's German website showing us Legends Rodimus, and Legends Skywarp, the anticipated fourth use of the Starscream mold. Rodimus features new sculpting for the face, and while the package shot confirms him as part of a combiner group, unfortunately which one is still unknown apart from the team being identified with a silver stripe. Click through to check out the pictures!

As you may have gathered from the reveal of Hot Spot and Groove, the official Transformers brand app has finally received its update, which means voting for the Fan Built Combiner has begun! So far the available polling choices include torso + weapon, limb slots, and faction. Once the physical choices are settled on, we expect more options like colors, names, and other character concepts to become available for selection. Click through to see more!

After Defensor was revealed on the two covers of Windblade #2 this past week, we now have our very first look at Legends Class Groove, and Hot Spot himself. Taking the form of computer design models, these appear as representative examples of the style of toys that could contribute to the Fan Built Combiner in the new Transformers app. It's notable that Hot Spot's base design is vague enough to credibly be redressed as an Onslaught at a later point, as we speculated recently. Click through to check it out!

TFW member Icespark who has been a recent source of computer listing information has dropped a new piece of info from the Toys R Us inventory system. We may be seeing releases of the "missing" combiner team members Wildrider and Slingshot. Slingshot has been considered as skipped due to being a common-word name, but it may be released with a prefix as has happened with Jazz, Hound, or others with similar circumnstances. Click through to see the information originally presented by Icespark.

We have in our first scans from Japanese hobby magazines showing us our first look at TakaraTomy's Superion, teased in silhouette form by TFYuki earlier this month. As expected Alpha Bravo has been omitted for a second copy of the Firefly mold decoed as Slingshot. Other deco changes have been made as is the case with TakaraTomy releases in general, so the figures are still very distinct from the Hasbro versions. Click through and check out the full size scans from Twitter user @portarmy.

Very early this morning we brought you the latest IDW solicitations, and we received an unexpected bonus in the process. The two covers for issue two of Windblade's new series give us our first look at Defensor up close and in some detail. After a series of smaller information leaks gave us clues to their existence, we finally have our proof of the Protectobots, and we know what toys some of them are. Keep reading to find out!

A Hasbro (and apparently Takara) product meeting took place, and a member of the ACToys community was on hand to take notes. Subsequently, other fans have translated this quick report in to English, and we've got the highlights on upcoming G1 reissues, Generations Devastator and Defensor, and the next Masterpiece figure! Keep reading!

As we reported recently, Combiner Wars wave 2 will see a packaging revision bringing pack-in comics back to Generations figures. Today we've learned that the first wave may be offered once again with its own comic pack-ins! Retailer Entertainment Earth has updated its listing with new product images featuring clearly visible redesigned packaging with comic books. They have an estimated arrival in June, but we don't know if that will be the first time these will reship with their comics. Click through to check out the images!

From an anonymous source we have a collection of character art samples consistent with Combiner Wars packaging that's giving us a first look at some of what the line has in store for us this year. One surprise is new art of Classics Bumblebee, whose presence with Combiner Wars branding is confusing to say the least! We also see an additional Autobot combiner with a white Optimus recolor at its core, and what may hint at the 1984 Autobot Car team from earlier store listings. Keep reading for more!

Japanese site Hobby Collection has posted a list of upcoming releases from TakaraTomy from the end of April through June of 2015. The Transformers Adventure heading continues to play host to both RID 2015 and a mix of other items including Generations figures not falling under the Legends Series in Japan. There are no pictures so far, but some interesting things in the text. Keep reading!

The Transformers Facebook page has posted a graphic to promote the Fan Built Combiner initiative we reported on earlier today. While the accompanying post has no new information, what's noteworthy is the image itself. In silhouette you have a representative team of combiners, which are color-blocked toy images. ...but who's that torso? It appears they may have let slip an upcoming item in the release of this image. Keep reading for more!

Retailer Toywiz has posted additional stock images for the second wave of Deluxe Combiner Wars figures featuring the remaining three Stunticons and Air Raid, and for the first time we're getting a look at the packaging for the figures. From this we've learned that there will be a small redesign with wave 2 and the bonus IDW comics enjoyed since mid-2013 will be reappearing! Does this explain the pixelated art from wave 1, and why weren't the comics included before? Keep reading...

Transformers fans around the world are invited to help create a new character for the popularTransformers brand but not just any character. Following on the heels of the 30th anniversary “Fan Built Bot” poll, which led to the fan-assisted creation of the popular new Autobot character, Windblade, Hasbro, Inc. is launching the new “Fan Built Combiner” poll. This crowdsourcing project seeks fan input to create a new team of Transformers robots that combine into one giant new character in celebration of the theme of the 2015 Transformers Generations line, Combiner Wars!

We've got some new information on upcoming assortments from this year's Transformers lines. Several items are non-robot items like roleplay and mask toys, but we have a new tidbits about more mainstream Transformers toys in the RID line and Generations with Devastator, including case quantities. Keep reading to check out the list and find out more about what to expect!

An employee of a Canadian Toys R Us store has posted images of the text-based inventory screens containing information for the heavily rumored Combiner Wars Devastator. This is our first real verification of what has so far been the subject of second and third hand information with nothing to substantiate it. While its exact nature is still up for speculation, we can now be well assured this is a product Hasbro is soliciting to retailers, which means we should get a great big look at it come Toy Fair about one month from now. Keep reading for more information!

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