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Shockwave14 has posted to let everyone know that he's found Voyager Brainstorm at a Wal-Mart in National City, California. Posting an image of his receipt for proof, it looks like Brainstorm's case revision is hitting just in time for what we can hope will be quick distribution around the US for the major holiday shopping weeks. Hopefully this will also mean online retailers receive their stock very soon as well. Good hunting!

Hasbro has sent out the first round of official product shots for Combiner Wars. Wave 1 of this greatly anticipated iteration of the Generations Classics line features Voyagers Silverbolt and Optimus Prime, and Deluxes Drag Strip, Skydive, Firefly (Fireflight), and Alpha Bravo who can become the limbs for any combiner Voyager figure. These photos are our first chance to see these toys in production plastic colors, and they're looking pretty great! Keep reading for more, plus a bonus new Superion image from the Transformers Facebook!

Take as rumor for the time being, but jru42287 who has previously provided reliable information now reports finding Devastator listed in the inventory system at Toys R Us. While he could not share pricing at this time, it can reasonably be expected to be at least $100, and potentially a bit more besides with the Toys R Us "bump-up" practice. Our personal speculation puts this as the Metroplex-style big ticket item for 2015. If that turns out to be the case expect to see Devastator front and center at Toy Fair in February! Stick with us for more updates on this as they become available!

Youtube user felzbug has posted a video illustrating an issue that has emerged very recently. Generations Arcees have been seen with closed "loop" style fists, but now a variation has been identified where the thumb is no longer attached to the fingers and a ridge of plastic is added at the bottom of the hand. This has the side effect of preventing the weapons from fully sliding down in the hand, but may be a measure to prevent potential breakages. Click through to check out the embedded video.

Atto Kempler, aka Attobot Prime on Facebook has gotten Generations Brainstorm a bit early and posted a comprehensive photo gallery showing off the figure in its full robot mode, vehicle mode and close up details of the Headmaster pilot figure based on Arcana. Atto also posted some quick thoughts in text on the album, which we've got included below. So click through and keep reading to find out all about this figure that'll be hitting stores very soon!

While he didn't work on the interior art for issue 34 of More Than Meets The Eye, regular series artist Alex Milne did take the time to make character designs for two characters making first appearances with that issue. Froid and Terminus had both been referenced by name previously, but neither had been seen before. Milne cites Transformers Prime as an inspiration for the slim-built Froid, as well as noting later that Terminus is intended to share features with Megatron. Read on to see both pieces!

As I made note of in my reviews in October, the anniversary themed covers for IDW's regular continuity books was a multi-cover piece depicting the evolution of the G1 cartoon, from pre-movie to season 3. Artist Ken Christiansen has uploaded a copy of his original, unbroken art to Facebook so everyone can get a chance to see it as he originally envisioned it. While currently it can only be purchased as comic covers, fans of this art will surely hope for prints of this full piece down the road. Click through to check it out!

Time to start hunting once again! The latest Generations Deluxe assortment featuring the much-longed-for Arcee as well as Chromia has been spotted at Target in Manteca, California. JaZzPrImE74 posted a photo of the packaged Arcee literally in-hand for proof. Online retailers in the US should be receiving shipments of this assortment very soon for those who wish to avoid searching their local stores, but either way these are on their way, so keep an eye out!

Newly listed on Amazon, an omnibus collection of the Transformers: Spotlight series is due in March of 2015. The Spotlight series ran on and off alongside other IDW "main" titles for much of the publisher's history with the franchise before an extended hiatus which ceased at the end of 2012 for a six issue run. This omnibus is listed as volume 1, and collects the first 13 Spotlight issues, which should cover from Shockwave to Mirage and leaves another 18 to be divided among future volumes. This volume has a list price of $24.99. Keep reading to see the cover art for this collection!

DecepticusPrime made an interesting discovery, having found a listing for "Leader Ultra Magnus" in the inventory system of the major retailer he's employed by. This is listed in the ~$45 price point and follows under other known upcoming leader toys, Megatron, his Armada pretool version, and Thundercracker who was revealed just prior to NYCC. All details besides existence are up in the air right now, but for any skeptics, a leak like this was also how we learned first of Nightbeat, Crosscut, and Rattrap over a year ago. Click through to check out the photo of the listing!

The official Transformers Facebook page has posted a set of concept sketches for Windblade, showing a number of possible design routes the toy could have taken after the more general points had been decided by openly polling the fandom. Could we potentially see one or more of the other head designs here as an alternate for a future use of the mold? And check out how many turbines Windblade's design started out with before being restrained to a more reasonable proportion! Click through to see all the images.

A posting has been discovered on Hasbro's job site advertising an opening for Brand Manager, Global Brand Marketing based out of the Pawtucket headquarters. While qualified persons will view this as a potential employment opportunity, for fandom members this may raise a question of if changes are occurring for the Transformers brand team that we've just started getting used to over the last two years and what impact it may have on the Transformers brand as we know it currently. Keep reading for more information and a link to the listing in case you think you have what it takes, or just want to know what such a position looks for.

If you've fallen a little behind in your Transformers purchases, this is a great time to round up what you've missed. Hasbro Toy Shop currently has a new active coupon code that gives 20% off most in stock merchandise, and throws free shipping on as well, even for orders under $50! HTS is very up to date with their Transformers offerings, that combined with this excellent discount make it a perfect chance to snag some things you may have opted to wait on a bit. Keep reading for the discount code!

Finally from the Hasbro fan media press kit images we've got a newly announced Legends Class figure. Huffer is a remold of Legends Optimus Prime featuring a new head and plenty of orange in the new deco. Like all 2015 Legends it seems Huffer will not be packed with a smaller partner figure, and unlike the new molds we can't expect the figure to have any form of integration with combiner characters. Click through and check out the photos!

Surprising everyone at Hasbro's pre-NYCC fan media event was a Leader Class Thundercracker, remolded from Generations Jetfire and made to strongly resemble the existing Legends Class Seeker mold. While we can't say how likely it will be that the entire "main" Seeker team including Starscream and Skywarp will come to exist, with this already on the way it seems anything might be possible. Keep reading to see the official images!

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