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Third Party
Third Party

Play With This Too has another slew up updates this week. New detailed color sheets has come out of their characters Ankhor, Bloodbath Flarestrike and Mighty Muscules. A new Head Shots set has been revealed. Vol. 6 was designed by Trent Troop and includes an homage to Dinosaucers. And much more!

CYBERGEEKS Alliance has posted images of Unique Toys' Y-01 Provider to their Facebook page. Based on the triple-changer Octane, Unique Toys seems to be living up to their name in that they seem to have created an Octane toy that looks good in all three modes. Keep looking and see it for yourself!

Third party Transformers news for the week ending January 17th, 2015. Includes the latest news from Clonedroid, Dr. Wu, DX9 Toys, FansProject, Gigapower, Mastermade, Mastermind Creations, Play With This Too, TFC Toys, Ultimate FansToys, Unique Toys, Warbotron and X-Transbots. Correction: MADLAW is Function X 5, not Function X 15, as I state in the video.

Facebook page The Falcon's Hangar has posted new images of Function-XV M.A.D.L.A.W.! Better known as Quickswitch, Madlaw is a six-changer just like his G1 inspiration, and is looking pretty decent in all modes. Keep reading to see the photos!

Dr. Wu has released images of the DW-M02 upgrade kit for Age of Extinction Generations Voyager Hound. The set adds the cartridge belt that's seen on Hound in the movie that isn't present in his stock Robot Mode. We have final product images of Dr. Wu's DW-M02 Mercenary upgrade set for AOE Voyager Hound.

A new group has sprung up, debuting with prototype photos for a series of upgrades for your Generations toys. "UltimateFansToys", not to be confused with "Fans Toys", is making ready new arms for Leader Class Jetfire and Voyager Roadbuster, each to feature swiveling wrists, and Jetfire's are promised to have articulated fingers on the final production piece. Meanwhile a set of generic, 5mm-compatible missile launchers were also shown, displayed with the Aerialbots and Jetfire and Roadbuster. Click through and check out all the photos!

Lots of news updated from Play With This Too over the last week. They announced a partnerships with Nonnef Productions and Kaiju Kaos. News on apparel and artwork by Eric Siebenaler, not-Metalhawk, and more! Read on for all the details now.

The 3rd figure of the massive Ordin combiner – Fenrir wields his massive tail whips and transforms into a deadly two-headed dragon! Together with the other Ordin members, each is scaled approximately the same size as Feral Rex - 37CM/15” Tall in combined mode! Preorder yours at TFSource here: Unique Toys - Ordin - O-03 Fenrir

Mastering the elements, V now roams the cosmos ready to dish out his own brand of justice. Featuring 6 totally different modes of play: Master V, the vibrant warrior; Air Strike, master of metal; Dirt Driller, master or earth; Laser Shot, Master of fire; Aqua Force, master of water; Wood Runner, master of wood.

FUNCTION X-05 M.A.D.L.A.W. - Featuring 6 totally different modes of play: Master V, the vibrant warrior; Air Strike, master of metal; Dirt Driller, master or earth; Laser Shot, Master of fire; Aqua Force, master of water; Wood Runner, master of wood. ORDIN O-03 FENRIR - O-03 Fenrir is the third release in the Ordin series and functions as the left leg of Ordin. Fenrir can also function as a standalone figure transforming from a robot into a two headed dragon.

Recolors of the 2010 igear/MGT Delicate Warrior. Being sold loose, and for only $35 each plus shipping, loose, no box. Not bad considering the pink one sold for like $120-140! Read on to see the images of the robot and alternate modes.

Third party Transformers news for the week ending January 10th, 2015. Includes the latest news from BadCube, FansToys, Guilty, iGear, Iron Factory, Mastermind Creations, Mega Steel, Perfect Effect, Play With This Too and Warbotron. Screen shot this week is of the robot boxer Maxo from the Twilight Zone episode Steel.

Thanks to Meteor Operation who have posted a whimsical image of the Iron Factory Maiden, their Legends-scale figure based on the Fan-Built Bot character Windblade. That shows the small but super-articulated figure with the mighty Generations Metroplex for a nice scale comparison. Read on to see the image now.

TFsource has shared a few extra photos of Wardog from Badcube. The earlier series of photos gave a good sense of the tank's scale, but left the size of the Warpath-based robot mode unclear. Now there's little room for uncertainty, as Wardog unfolds to become something easily on par with a large Voyager Class figure, if not a bit bigger. Those who'd hoped for something more than a retread of ground covered by Generations Warpath seem to have gotten their wish! Click through and check it out.

It hasn't been that long since Badcube began circulating the design illustration for their OTS-04 Wardog, but now TFSource has posted images of the test shot version! Larger than Masterpiece Autobot Cars (just as a tank should be,) Badcube's take on Warpath is looking good. Keep reading to see the images!

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