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Third Party
Third Party Images

Newly announced from Ark Studio is a small (Legends? Scout) sized Smokescreen inspired figure named Spook. Also looks like a Prowl and Bluestreak version are under way. Read on to see the concept design images for more details.

Echo TF have updated their facebook page with new and images for the a new project they are working on to offer upgrades for Fansproject Causality M3 Intimidator. Their goal is to improve the Fansproject Causality/Intimidator set with parts that provide a more G1 feel and address some gaps with the original figure. They are working hard to have all the parts useful in all modes. Read on to see the images and full details from GI Eddie and Echo TF.

Back with my latest upgrade kit. This time I produced a major redesign for FP/ROTF Brawl. This upgrade kit includes a proper turret, new head, new tank treads that will turn into his arms and feet (no more duck feet) and also eliminates the back kibble. I worked on the design for a few months and it went through multiple ideas and lots of retooling to get everything to workout the way I wanted.

You may remember the April fools image the X2 toys posted as a tumbler type car and a voltron lion. Well, they just posted some prototype parts images standing next to the G1 Autobot clones, which highly suggest they are making the clones Fastlane/Cloudraker and Pounce/Wingspan! Read on the see the images for more details.

Unique Toys have release a new image of the Metropolis Head and Weapons Upgrade Kit For Generations Metroplex Titan Figure. Get a look at the a colored head for Metroplex. The head has an alternate mode that is also a cock-pit with gun turret shown with a WST figure in place. See the images below now for more details.

Just went up for preorder at BBTS. These are Voyager sized figures. Expected to be released in May 2014. Sencho Barbossa is an homage to Brave Captain Shark. aiku is an homage to Robots in Disguise Sky-Byte. Tsunami is an homage to Energon Sharkticon. You can order these now from bigbadtoystore.com. Read on the see the images for more details on these figures.

A could of new videos are just out on YouKu showing the KFC EAVI METAL Phase Three: A Citizen Stack! Not MP Ultra Magnus Transformation Demonstrations. Watch the CGI demo followed by the actual toy being transformed manually by hand. Read on to watch both videos for the full preview of this awesome MP scale figure.

X-Transbots have released a new prototype image for their Ollie action figure that pays home to the G1 Wheelie character. Get a look at the first of the prototype pahse looks showing the figure's robot mode in the unpained grey casting. The figure that will be part of the Master Mini Series IV is 4.64 inches tall and will be in stock in early 2014, Read on the see the full image.

The TFC Toys "Star Dino Team" is still happening! Thanks to Action Figure Checklist, we have some new images of the actual toys including what looks to Not Grimlock, Not Sludge, Not Slag and Not Swoop that were shown in their Dino modes. There is one shot of Grimlock in robot mode who's colors look kind of funky, but other is packed with features such as articulated hands. Check out the images for the full preview till we know more.

We have some new images of the Giga Power Dinorobots Master Robots figure that pays homage to the G1 Dinobots Snarl. See the new images of the HQ-03 Not Slag figure that is reported to a MP scale figure in the uncolored prototype dinosaur mode. This figure is shaping up nicely and should be a welcome addition to the other Dinobots we've seen coming our way. Read on to see the images of Giga Power Master Robots HQ-03 Not Snarl for the full details.

TFUpgrader have updated their facebook page with new out of box images of the TFC Toys Ares Phlogeus figure. Here we get a look at the unboxing of the G1 character homage to Rampage of the Predacons team faction. This figure combines with the other figures to form the massive Ares robot. Get a look at the figure in and out of the box in full color displaying the robot and beast modes for the full preview now.

Just an update from the BMOG Toys people. They have some new test shots in hand and are testing 5mm peg and hold sizes. Looking good!

Thanks to our sponsor Robotkingdom who has posted some prototype images of the Unique Toys UT-D01 Salmoore figure. The have noted that this is still a prototype and the design is subject to UT final confirmation. Figure is listed to be shipping in May 2014. Check out the images to see the figure from many angles in robot and his alternate motorcycle modes.

So it turns out the DX9 is the name of the designer. He designed the Sharkies, Soundmixer and Maniaking for Unique Toys, and is making Salmoore. A homage to the Cy-Kill character. According to BBTS the figure will be a voyager scale toy that will begin shipping sometimes between now and end of June. Read on to see the new images. You can pre-order the figure now for $99.99 USD at bigbadtoystore.com

Keith's Fantasy Club has announced the first figure in the E.A.V.I. Metal line - Citizen Stack. This piece changes from 12" red, blue and white robot into a white semi with red and blue car carrier trailer. We have this new figure listed at $184.99. Pre-order now at bigbadtoystore.com

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