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Third Party
Third Party Images

Not only has Chinese company Wei Jiang made oversized (Alternators/Masterpiece size) versions of Toyworld's Grindrod, Aurora and Trace, they have started to promote the series with a toy commercial and product demonstration for the children in China! Take a look!

Today we have renders of a pair of their upcoming combiners cassettes. You might want to compare them to the G1 characters Dial and Saur. The brontosaurus will probably be recolored as not-Sludge and Fullstop. The other one will be recolored into Shift. Shift and Fullstop will form the combiner called Reelthing. Fullstop and Shift are potentially part of the upcoming Dinominions set, a team of fan-made dinosaur support cassettes for the Dinobots. Included in the pictures are the G1 Dail and Saur toys, and concept images of Fullstop and Shift.

News flash! First teased at Auto Assembly 2014, and now released to WikiAlpha.org and Retro Robot Radio comes your first glimpse of the Keith's Fantasy Club 'Con jet/tank combiner cassettes. KFC has a new recipe for action with recolors of their Airdancer cassette combiner as some of your favorite 'con leaders and jet troops.

Here is an update on the X-Transbots Mini-Master design. The bottom of the box for their Ollie figure teased Boost and Hatch (not Windcharger and Tailgate) from the design. Some fans are also speculating that we may get a version of the mold as one of the cars from the TV series Knight Rider, because the early model we saw of this mold had it's details on the design.

Keith's Fantasy Club has announced a second homage to Generation 1 Blaster (the last one being their Ghetto Blast figure), but this one is desgined to stand toe-to-toe with Masterpiece Blaster! Seem here are renders and unpainted color test shots of their upcoming figure Transistor! Figure will come with two head options, rifle and comic book. Test shot images care of Harris Loureiro Facebook page.

Mastermind Creations has shared images of the upcoming rerelease of their Sixshot homage, Terminus Hexatron Continuum. The figure features numerous upgrades from the original 2013 release including chrome guns and a metallic paint finish that is said to cover 70% of the body, and it is being touted as the "last chance" to get this mold. It's impressive looking, to be sure! Keep reading to see the photos!

Just out are some final product images from the X-Transbots Facebook page. Get a look at the Ollie and Sonic Coins, as well as looks at the Ollie figure along with his card and comparison shots for scale purposes. This figure is a homage to the G1 Wheelie character. Read on to see the images for a look at the production version.

While it can be argued that at least most third parties are taking Hasbro and TakaraTomy's IP and making something new with it, then there's the murkier realm of flat-out knockoffs of existing products. Reports are coming in that such a product is on the horizon: an upscaled knockoff of MP-08 Grimlock. Coming in at 29.5 centimeters, or ever so slightly shy of a foot tall, Robot Kingdom says they will not be carrying this figure but brings you the photos for educational purposes. As do we- keep reading for the mirrored images!

Seen on the FanProject display at the Singapore show this weekend was an image of a prototype which looks remarkably like Generation s Monstructor, recolored in Japan as Dinoking. Is this the next combiner from FansProject? Read on to see the teaser image as well as a shot of the actual Monstructor figure for reference.

MasterMind Creations Project Azalea has been made over as the Arcee Azalea Stealth Assassin. This figure was offered by Falcon's Hangar for the Singapore Toy, Games and Comic Convention 2014 exclusive. It's a dark color version of Azalea. Limited to one per attendee. Read on to see the image in and out of box.

Revealed this weekend at the Singapore Toy, Game Comic Convention, Mastermind Creations showed off the robot mode of their upcoming Beast Machines Strika homage, Titanica. Rumor had it this toy will also be remolded into IDW Roadbuster.

Following the news of Dr. Wu's accessory for Age of Extinction Optimus Prime- a more film-accurate Sword of Judgment. We have new Uncle Billy's Toy Castle has announced an exclusive translucent purple version of the Cavalier sword. Available now, come to about $20 USD shipped. Read on to see the image now.

Reformatted R-01C Terminus Hexatron Continuum - Mastermind brings us an updated version of Hexatron that features a new head mold, new blasters, and new chest wings. If you missed the first Hexatron this is a great chance to pick one up, or keep your Mastermind collection complete with this latest version. Preordres are availalbe at $139.99 from bigbadtoystore.com

From the Singapore Toy, Games & Comic Convention (STGCC) comes the first toy pictures of FansProject Volar, their not Swoop. He will come with a sword and a Soleron partner who turns into a crossbow. For those keeping track of the names, Volar is spanish for "flying".

Maketoys recently posted a fiction teaser called The Ripper on their web page. Art included seems to indicate it's a recolor of their Blindfire toy in the colors of Generation 1 Cutthroat. In other words's it's a Shattered Glass Strafe! Will we see the whole set in Shattered Glass colors? We can only hope. Also hinted is a character called Gluttany, who could be another SG not-Technobot.

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