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Third Party
Third Party Video Review

Vangelus (you know the one) has put up a video featuring both Brawny and Backland, the Masterpiece-scale/style figures representing Brawn and Outback by Badcube, formerly known as Cubex. While the video does not entirely make it clear, these appear to be test shot figures, but should be overall representative of the production units. If Huff had poor reception enough to drive Cubex to rebranding, this video will be a big step towards determining if they've come out of it for the better. Keep reading to see the embedded video!

RobotKingdom's Facebook page has posted a link to Kuma Style's video review of TFC Phobus! Phobus is Not-Divebomb, the fifth part of the Ares combiner (who looks an awful lot like Predaking). Not only does he have a massive set of wings expandable to a Predaking-appropriate wingspan, but even comes with Power Core Combiner-compatible connectors so he can quit the Predacons in a huff and go form his own combiner team with blackjack and drones. Keep reading to see the review!

Shartimus Prime swoops in with another of his video reviews for the Bullsfire DB-01 Air Strike action figure. You're eye don't deceive you, that is a homage to the G1 Swoop character is highly coveted Transformers Masterpiece scale, OH YEAH! Get the details on the chormed birdy with a full walk through of the unbox, robot mode, transformation and break down of the Dino mode! Be sure to peck at the image gallery where the high quality stills are waiting to be drooled over.

TFCon Toronto 2014 is happening now, and Fansproject has an exclusive Diaclone-colors version of Columpio (AKA Sludge) and his axe Mini-Con, Derpan. Overnight, that figure has already been reviewed by both Peaugh and Vangelus - keep reading to see both reviews!

YouTuber Peaugh has reviewed the test shot for the upcoming Bullsfire DB-01 Air Strike, a third-party Swoop designed to go with MP-08 Grimlock. Unusual to see a review of a testshot. Check out the full review by clicking on the title!

Shratimus Prime gets pre-historic on us with a brand new Fans Toys Scoria FT-04 Transformers Masterpiece Slag Iron Dibots action figure video review. The goodness of a MP scale homage to the G1 Slag character cannot be denied! Get the scoop on Scoria from the unboxing to the robot mode to the Dibot / Dinobot alternate mode to see how the guy measures up.

Thanks to YouTube member Vangelus who has posted a video review of the Before and After Sigma Six Sixgun Style Figure Upgrade For Transformers Generations Titan Metorplex. Watch the video review below to get the scoop on this upgrade that give Generations Titan Metorplex the company he deserves.

Thanks to Optibotimus, we have a video review and many new images of the Fans Toys FT-04 Scoria figure. The Images of MP Class Slag Compare with MP-8 Grimlock, MP Optimus Prime, and many more MP class toys as well as his dwarfed G1 counterpart, the homage to the Transformers G1 character Slag. Get a look at robot and dino modes of the MP scale figure in video review and gallery below.

Thanks to our forums member TJ Duckett who has posted another one of his wonderful video reviews. Get the scoop on his latest video covering the Maketoys Trash-Talk and Cogwheel - Not Swerve and Gears action figures. Get the scoop on this duo of ultimate remakes of the G1 Mini-bot characters in the review below.

Thanks to Shartimus Prime who has posted a video review of the Mastermind Creations R-05 Fortis Not Headstrong homage figure! This toy combines with the other 4 Feral Con to form the awesome Feral Rex! Get the scoop on this figure out the box and the details on his robot and alternate modes. See all the video and images of MasterMind Creations Feral Rex R-05 Fortis for the review now.

Thanks to forums member TJ Duckett who has posted a video review of the amazing third party Revolver project. Get a look at the figure that pays homage to the G1 Roadbuster character with extended detailing and articulation. See the robot and alternate modes images as well as comparison shots with the original Roadbuster toy and more. Get the scoop on this figure by watching the video review for FansProject Warbot Revolver below.

Tformers forums membet Tambeyoda has posted a new video review of the Fansproject CA-13 Diesel and Military Multiplexer Kit. Get a look at these figures that complete the Fansproject Not Meansor team in the video review below.

Thanks to TJ Ducket who has posted video review of the Perfect Effect PE-DX03 Warden. The IDW-inspired Fortress Maximus figure is reviewed here. Get the scoop on this figure that features the Fort Max headmaster mode made to replace Cerebros on your vintage or Encore Fortress Maximus figure as well as the BFG Gun accessory and Tank mode. Watch the Perfect Effect Warden Video Review by TJ Ducket below for the full review.

Thanks to forums member TJ Duckett who has posted a video review of Unique Toys Mania King third party action figure. Get a look at the production figure in what is believed to be the final production colors. Watch the video review that walks us through both of the modes as well as the many features of this toy. Watch the Unique Toys Mania King video review below for the full preview now.

Thanks to forums member blurrprime who has posted a video review of the Planet X Caelus figure based on Fall of Cybertron's Swoop design. Get the scoop on Caelus, the deluxe sized figure that has been realized quite nicely in both modes, including a pair of swords in a similar style to FOC Grimlock's broadsword, and two missiles like the Generation 1 counterpart. Watch the video review of the Planet X Caelus below for the full review.

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