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Third Party
Third Party News

Meteor Operation has presented us with several photos of a new third party product. Well known accessory maker Dr. Wu has branched off and formed Dr. Q, which for the moment seems to be engaging in making SD-style figures of Transformers characters. The first example is an Optimus and Grimlock based on the G1 designs, but made for Optimus to ride Grimlock as in the movies. We don't have any release information yet, but for now you can keep reading to check out the photos!

Mega Steel has released a new picture of their Buster figure based on G1 Blaster. This roughly Voyager size figure can now be seen in what we expect are final production colors and paint applications, and while it diverges a bit more from the image of Blaster, it still looks quite nice! They're expecting final shipment from their factory next month, so these should hit your retailer of choice soon after that. Keep reading for the full size photo.

After showing off a resin prototype piece much earlier this year, Mega Steel has broken silence and come up with new photos showing their toy based on Don Figueroa's Megatron design from the IDW "Stormbringer" miniseries. Now in the testshot phase, we can see something closer to an actual production-ready design, and for the first time we can see some metal elements in the design. We don't have any release details to share right now, but this is looking pretty nice. 2014 was The Year of Predakings - will 2015 be the year of Unofficial Megatrons?

Via their Weibo account, DX9 Toys has shared new color sample images of their upcoming figures based on G1 Scourge and Ratchet. Joining the ranks of their other Legends-scale offerings meant to interact with Generations Metroplex, these small figures make good representations of their intended characters and are sure to please collectors a little more inclined towards Cyberverse and legends-style figures. Click through and check out all the pictures!

At TF Square One, Maz has just posted numerous photos of an early production sample of Invisible, the Masterpiece-scaled figure based on G1 Mirage. The toy clearly borrows quite a bit of engineering from Classics Mirage, which to this day is held up as a strong showing from the 2006 Classics line. The pictures give a good overview of the figure, including size comparisons with MP Wheeljack, and a good look at the packaging. Click through and check out the mirrored photos!

Weibo user G3Studios has uploaded two new images featuring Unique Toys' take on the Terrorcons. The team that will comprise Ordin, their interpretation of Abominus kicked off with Troll, based on Blot. Today we have images of testshots of the other three limb robots along with Troll, and a closeup look at their version of Cutthroat. These are the figures in basic plastic colors without paint, but give a rough idea what the final toys will look like. Click through and check out both photos.

Our sponsor TFSource has updated their Facebook today with new photos from X2 Toys showing their soon to be released Gemini figure set. Emulating the Autobot Clone duo, these similar but not exactly identical robots turn in to a jet fighter and a three wheeled land speeder. The set is also noted as including a bonus of a DKR002 figure, which appears to be a black robotic cat that's shown to turn in to a weapon, and act as an arm for Thundertron, though no reasoning for this is offered. Click through to check out the photos!

The Master Made group has revealed through Lunar Toy Store a prototype for their SD rendition of Metroplex. While it does not yet have a clever code name, known details include a standing height of 20.5cm (approx 8 inches), LED lighting, and full transformation between three modes without removing the robot's head. It will also come with a small figure of Ultra Magnus in the same style. Keep reading for more product details and to see all ten photos!

The BMOG Toys web store is currently offering a 20% discount on their current range of animal-themed gestalt weapon kits. Available in three colors, the set of Bear Made Of Guns and Manta-Axe normally sells at $25, but from November 27th through December 1st they're available for $20 each, and the standing free shipping offer for purchases of at least two kits remains in effect. If you've been on the fence about these fun, creative toys that are compatible with Transformers and many other brands, this would be a great time to try them out!

With the mold having debuted at TFCon Chicago in the form of the limited exclusive Grand Maximus-colored Grant, we now have an in-hand look at the final production Infinitor, the mass release edition based on Fortress Maximus. While it deviates from the original in some respects, this edition features a full paint deco with seemingly no stickers involved to complete its look. These photos from the Hong Kong based HKGTF Facebook group may serve to indicate the figure will reach US sellers within the next few weeks. Keep reading to see more!

While Play With This Too is using designs based on classic Transformers characters as a launching point, they're still aiming for fully original designs and products. This will eventually push them beyond our field of coverage, but for now we can take a look at some of the new incentive option heads for their Pretender-based figure designs. Blackjack and Moon-Unit's exclusive colors are planned to work alongside previously announced figures or their recolors, including one we haven't yet been shown. Click through to check it out!

On their Facebook page today X-Transbots has posted photos of a hand painted test shot of their upcoming Apollyon figure. This figure done in the Masterpiece style does a great job of capturing the cartoon likeness of Megatron, and this is only further highlighted when seen in an approximation of its final colors. A CG render is provided for reference of the intended final look. Click through and check out the mirrored images!

Play With This Too is preparing for a Kickstarter campaign in early 2015, to feature a series of exclusive versions of figures as incentives. The first shown is Bitemark, a black and red hybrid of Desolataur (based on Skullgrin) with a red Bloodbath (Bomb-Burst) head and a Tech Drone in matching colors. While not analogous to any Transformers character like the input parts are, it's an attractive deco and effective monster design that would fit right in with other Pretender Monster-style figures. Click through to see the concept art!

Writer Maz has posted an article on our sponsor TFSource's blog talking about his experience with Azalea from Mastermind Creations. Accompanied by numerous photos, Maz relates the course of his dealing with this anticipated figure from MMC, and tries to offer some advice and insight for others considering Azalea or another from her family. While not entirely shining a positive light on the toy, this piece may be helpful to those on the fence between MMC or Generations Arcee. Keep reading for select excerpts and a few mirrored photos!

Seen previously in colorless testshot form from sponsor BigBadToyStore's preorder listing, we now have color photos of an apparently more finalized version of Titanium Saint, an upcoming third party attempt at Alpha Trion. Designed with a battle ship vehicle mode, the figure is noted to be about 6 inches tall, intended to be scaled with Classics-family toys. The current price of $115 seems a bit steep for a figure this size and complexity from a group without a prominent track record, but perhaps this will greatly surprise everyone! Keep reading to see more!

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