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DMY Studios has gone in an unexpected direction and put together an upgrade set for the Deluxe size Classics Optimus Prime, well known from the Ultimate Battle and subsequent relabeled two-packs with the green tank Megatron. Seen here in test shot form with non-final colors is a standard Optimus rifle, energon axe attachment, Matrix and more! Keep reading for the images and more details.

Following a lot of curiosity and speculation, we finally have much of the questions around Keith's Fantasy Club's Citizen Stack given answers, in the form of a massive photo gallery. Showing the cab articulated and able to turn while being integral, the structure of the car carrier, and holding Autobot cars, plus lots of group shots to demonstrate scale. There's nearly 60 photos, which we've mirrored, so keep reading and take it all in!

A new, and currently unnamed third party group is making their debut with design renders of an upcoming figure based on the Micromaster Countdown. Described as Scout-sized, this figure represents the original's moon buggy alternate mode, and while no launch base is mentioned, it will include a turret unit the figure can sit in, and will interact with Generations Metroplex! See all the images below.

It's a city without warning as Maketoys comes from out of nowhere with Utopia, a new figure based on G1 Metroplex. With an extensive gallery featuring what appears to be a finished, ready to sell product, you can see all of Utopia's modes and many highlights of the detail in the design, plus a tiny figure of what seems to be Ultra Magnus, suitable for making Utopia look gigantic. No pricing information yet, but it seems set for release in July! Check out all the pictures here.

I was speaking with DX9, the designer at Unique Toys, and he says that the Salmoore (Cy-Kill) mold will also have a version done as a Junkion/Wreck-Gar. No pictures yet, but neat news. So this will probably also be a $99 Voyager, but with a new deco, weapons and head.

TFSource has just uploaded a new gallery from Microblaze Creations of the MBC002 Military Titans set, featuring the full set of upgrade elements for your retail Combaticon figures and how they integrate in their individual forms. Not to mention continuing to tease us with a really well-proportioned version of the combined Bruticus utilizing the new Voyager sized substitute for Onslaught. Check out all the photos which we've mirrored below, and then start saving your pennies for the projected June/July release! Keep reading

Zenith Forge updated their Facebook with new test shot images for their ZF-002 set for the first Beast Hunters Voyager Optimus Prime (which we reviewed here last year). The set includes a large gatling cannon, and a new faceplated head to replace the Kenneriffic grimaced face the toy comes with. Take note, the colors shown are not final, though with exception of missing paint applications I think it looks pretty close. Click here to see all the images.

Thanks to BigBadToyStore, we have new prototype photos of the two pack Bluster and Trench from Mech Ideas, representing the Huffer and Pipes character designs from Transformers Animated. Seen in both modes and alongside one of Mech Ideas' Jumpstarter figures for size reference, they look small and relatively simple, but ought to be a hit with fans craving more Animated style characters. Check out the images here

The third parties are hitting on all cylinders today, as X2 Toys Interceptor joins the growing list of new product updates. Interceptor is the transforming rifle and artillery unit for Generations Metroplex made to complement the toy's existing rifle so your city can have extra overkill power in all modes. X2ToysPanda has posted two images of the packaging on their weibo page, which you can see mirrored below!

RobotKingdom has posted a new set of photos of the latest testshot of Unique Toys' Soundmixer figure. This take on Blaster is still without the armor advertised in the original materials, but is said to still be under development. While the rifle cleverly transforms in to a cassette shape for staorage, we're informed Soundmixer does not hold normal Transformer or third party microcassette toys, unfortunately. Click here to see all the pictures mirrored in our gallery.

Fansproject Core has posted a new story segment on their website, detailing Defender having an evil doppleganger. The most obvious interpretation of this would be that FPC is planning a reuse of the Warbot Defender "not-Springer" figure, which while having been reissued once or twice in its original colors has never been used otherwise. Keep reading for more!

Following news last year of low retailer confidence leading to the Mach 5 group's canceling of the Gauntlet figure based on IDW's iteration of Ironfist, Mech Ideas this morning has announced they've taken over developing the project. Posting uncolored prototype photos on Facebook, they say it will be at a lower price than before with preorders to come "soon". Check out all the photos with size comparison below!

Keith's Fantasy Club has shared new pictures of the final production version of Mugan Vox, the Soundwave-styled recolor/retool of the figure released in a number of different styles already. Showing off its unique range of accessories and fairly excellent Soundwave head mold, the gallery also ends with a couple of shots of Badbat based on Ratbat, which is so far exclusive to this release. Check out all twenty five photos which we've mirrored here.

Includes the latest news on projects from ArtTek, BMOG, Dr. Wu, Find Me Guilty, FireFair, GI Eddie, iGear, Keith's Fantasy Club and Perfect Effect. Spotlight on Real Toymaker Heroes.

First images have been released of the latest figure based on the Mugan Scope design from Keith's Fantasy Club. As promised leading up to the release of MC-20, this recolor and remold is based on Scalpel, at least as much as a bipedal robot design can be based on the insect-like movie character. Featuring a new head, chest piece and alternate accessories, this is more than a simple color swap. The images for now are just CGI renders but should be indicative of the final product due for release in January. See all the images below. bigbadtoystore.com

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