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While Play With This Too is using designs based on classic Transformers characters as a launching point, they're still aiming for fully original designs and products. This will eventually push them beyond our field of coverage, but for now we can take a look at some of the new incentive option heads for their Pretender-based figure designs. Blackjack and Moon-Unit's exclusive colors are planned to work alongside previously announced figures or their recolors, including one we haven't yet been shown. Click through to check it out!

On their Facebook page today X-Transbots has posted photos of a hand painted test shot of their upcoming Apollyon figure. This figure done in the Masterpiece style does a great job of capturing the cartoon likeness of Megatron, and this is only further highlighted when seen in an approximation of its final colors. A CG render is provided for reference of the intended final look. Click through and check out the mirrored images!

Play With This Too is preparing for a Kickstarter campaign in early 2015, to feature a series of exclusive versions of figures as incentives. The first shown is Bitemark, a black and red hybrid of Desolataur (based on Skullgrin) with a red Bloodbath (Bomb-Burst) head and a Tech Drone in matching colors. While not analogous to any Transformers character like the input parts are, it's an attractive deco and effective monster design that would fit right in with other Pretender Monster-style figures. Click through to see the concept art!

Writer Maz has posted an article on our sponsor TFSource's blog talking about his experience with Azalea from Mastermind Creations. Accompanied by numerous photos, Maz relates the course of his dealing with this anticipated figure from MMC, and tries to offer some advice and insight for others considering Azalea or another from her family. While not entirely shining a positive light on the toy, this piece may be helpful to those on the fence between MMC or Generations Arcee. Keep reading for select excerpts and a few mirrored photos!

Seen previously in colorless testshot form from sponsor BigBadToyStore's preorder listing, we now have color photos of an apparently more finalized version of Titanium Saint, an upcoming third party attempt at Alpha Trion. Designed with a battle ship vehicle mode, the figure is noted to be about 6 inches tall, intended to be scaled with Classics-family toys. The current price of $115 seems a bit steep for a figure this size and complexity from a group without a prominent track record, but perhaps this will greatly surprise everyone! Keep reading to see more!

Though Masterpiece Bumblebee isn't even officially out yet, there's already an aftermarket addon kit waiting for it. Dr Wu has shown a new head that has modified proportions versus the figure's standard head, and may give a better option to some who don't quite finding the Takara designed face to completely agree with them. No information is posted on a release date or pricing yet, but there are at least test shots done already, so it likely won't be long. Click through to see the pictures and decide what you think!

Our sponsor TFSource has passed along photos of Transistor, a large space figure made in the image of Blaster. The latest offering by Keith's Fantasy Club (who had a brief pass at changing name to Keith's Toy Club that's seemed not to stick), this is sized to interact with Masterpiece Soundwave and accommodates Masterpiece or G1 cassettes. TFSource says this is due within the month, so keep an eye out for this to begin arriving. Keep reading to check out all the images!

Because even third party products must comply with toy gun laws, Apollyon - X-Transbots' attempted filler for the Megatron spot on a modern Masterpiece shelf - will be sold at least in the US with orange barrel plugs added. Site sponsor TFSource has updated their Facebook showing how these will be implemented, with one plug in the barrel, and another in the silencer. It is not stated how these will be secured to the toy, but similar plugs added to the genuine Masterpiece Megatron tended to be very easily removable, but of course would then no longer be legal to sell in the United States. Click through to have a look at both images!

Play With This Too has posted full design art for Bloodbath, a figure made in the likeness of Bomb Burst's Pretender shell with a small accessory figure based on the inner robot design which becomes weapons and other equipment for the main figure. Bloodbath is noted to be a remold of Desolataur, a previously revealed design taken from Pretender Skullgrin. Click through and check out the deco model and design line art!

Thanks to Radio Free Cybertron we have select highlights from TFCon Chicago's third party panel, including upcoming items from Maketoys, Fans Project, MMC, and more! As you might expect, photography in a darkened auditorium is sketchy at best, and we'll deliver clearer images of the panel slides as soon as they're available. Meanwhile we have photos of testshots of more third party toys, distributed via daim.choc. Keep reading to check out everything!

FPCore, a division of Fans prject has sent out an e-mail detailing shipping for everyone who preordered either the Steel Core Trailer unit or the deluxe Trailer + Steel Core set that was offered last month. Deluxe sets will start shipping early next week, while trailer-only purchases are shipping now. And sure enough the first few are reaching the hands of buyers, and we've got a few quick shots of the package along with the first member-exclusive Core figure, Ruthen. Keep reading to see them!

DX9 Toys have posted new photos of final colors samples of their D04 Armor Kit, designed to give Age of Extinction's Evasion Mode Optimus a new look. Taking cues from the Apex Armor (or Godbomber for the Masterforce purists), the set gives Optimus extra armor, weapons and wings and massively changes the look of the original toy. Advertised as suitable for both Hasbro and Takara's standard releases, this set is turning a lot of head. It's expected to be available very soon. Keep reading to see all the photos!

Following teaser images of the figures to be included, Mastershooter has posted updates on their Facebook page revealing the theme of the Shooter Master set they'll be offering at TFCon in Chicago later this week. Criminal Investigation pairs "Ballgag", with coloring based on Nightbeat's Headmaster Muzzle, and "Hustler" colored after Starscream's Mini-Con Swindle. Pricing is still to be determined, but keep reading to check out the package shot and card art!

Mr. Elljay of elljay-hobby-collection.com has gotten his hands on Sigma L, the long awaited fourth release from the Function X Line based on Mindwipe. The picture review reveals a few details not generally known about the toy, as well as the usual job of highlighting articulation, design, and accessories. We've mirrored a few of the images for a preview, so click through to check those out, and then see the full set at Mr. Elljay's site!

At their exhibit on making transformable robot toys, Beelzeboss had artwork on display depicting a design heavily based on G1 Slingshot. Currently identified as "Hot Air", it's intended as a replacement for Alpha Bravo in the Combiner Wars Aerialbots group coming in the early part of 2015's Transformers line. It will probably be a while before a meaningful prototype exists - at least until Hasbro's toys are in hand for the connection port to be cloned. Keep reading to check out the early images.

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