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Third Party News

Our friends at TFSource have brought us our first look at the next member of Toyworld's dino robot combiner project, D-03 Corelock. This figure inspired by Grimlock will make up the core of the eventual combiner robot, but looks great as a standalone piece in it's highly detailed sculpt that stays faithful to the source material. Corelock will join Roar and Muddy as they wait for their last two teammates. You can find the two already released members of the dino robot team over at TFSource! Keep reading to see all the photos.

Site sponsor TFSource has let us know they've added listings for Perfect Effect's upcoming Perfect Combiner products. PC-03 adds a new chest and a head for Superion that can be converted between toy or cartoon based appearances, and PC-04 gives a new head and torso parts for Menasor to improve the function of a popular fan configuration for the torso mode. Both sets are listed at $32.99 and expected to arrive in June. Check them both out right here.

If Fansproject is your third party Dinobot maker of choice, we have good news tonight. Swoop is notable for retaining the Diaclone blue colors in the cartoon despite the US toy having a red body. Accounting for this variation, Fansproject's Swoop-based figure will have a second torso available so you can decide which color your figure will have, rather than making it an exclusive variant as earlier Diaclone-color-inspired releases have been. Click through to check out the new pictures!

From the Weibo account of MrElljay we've got pictures showing new versions of some of Fanproject's popular Function X series figures. Included is an expected recolor of MADLAW to resemble Masterforce's Sixknight, a Code decoed more consistently with the original toy - including a grey head - and Smartrobin in colors resembling Sonic Bomber from Zone. No word on when or how these will be released, but at least a couple of these ought to carry quite a bit of appeal. Click through and check them out.

On their Facebook page, Perfect Effect has shown off some new looks at the upgrades they're preparing for Menasor and Superion. These items have been tweaked a bit since the initial prototypes were revealed, and notably Menasor has gained more parts that will help secure the torso mode in to one of the more popular fan-mode configurations, though it does give Motormaster significant added backpack. The potential improvements to Menasor may make it a worthy trade though! Click through to check out all the new images.

On their Weibo page, DX9Toys has posted several photos of their upcoming War In Pocket figures Hurricane and Tyrant, based on G1 Cyclonus and Galvatron. At Legends or Cyberverse size both figures suffer a little for their craft but in general look pretty good, and indeed Tyrant may be the best Galvatron figure produced to date by anyone. Keep reading to check out all the photos!

Today TFSource added several new images to their Facebook page showing off the soon to be released Wardog figure from Badcube, a Masterpiece-scale take on Warpath. The new pictures show the large shield and rifle that the figure will include, the former likely coming from some of the underbody structure of the tank mode. Also shown was a mockup of the packaging layout, detailing the contents of each package. Click through and check it all out!

Maketoys' website has updated with a set of prototype photos for their Inferno-derived Hellfire figure, part of their RE:Master Series of Masterpiece-style products. At what is probably a resin prototype stage (at least judging by the filenames) Hellfire is looking especially nice in robot mode, though the vehicle may be taking cues a bit too faithfully from the G1 toy. But this ought to look fantastic in Inferno colors, and probably in Artfire deco a little later down the line. Keep reading to see all the photos!

This morning we have photos of a prototype of another new entry in the field of unofficial Masterpiece-styled toys. DX9's next project is "Carry", their take on Rodimus Prime. According to reports this notionally takes after the Titanium Series Rodimus by including the entire trailer as part of the robot mode. The main image shows also a companion figure surely meant to be Targetmaster Firebolt. There's also low resolution photos giving a size comparison ...to iGear's Faith Leader downsized MP-01 bootleg. Keep reading for more detail on that.

Our sponsor TFSource has posted many photos to their Facebook showing the upcoming Wardog from Badcube. Their Warpath-derived figure stands quite tall, even topping some of the Autobot cars in robot mode. While it's still dwarfed by giants like Ultra Magnus, Badcube is no Mini-vehicle anymore. Click through and check out the photos with a wide array of figures, and get an idea of just how this figure will fit in on your shelves!

Following a long buildup of concept drawings, design art, computer renders and 3D printed prototypes, Play With This Too has finally launched their Kickstarter campaign to begin production of their action figure line. Between homages to Transformers, He-Man and other classic properties and artist-original material all built around a flexible base design, Play With This Too can have something for everyone upon successful funding of their project. Head on over to their Kickstarter and check out what they have to offer by clicking here.

Fan G1Hexatron has received an early test shot copy of an upcoming product from Bold Forms which we reported on some months ago. Their Lone Wolf figure based on Motormaster, developed before Combiner Wars was revealed has since been reworked to be compatible with the official combiner toys. If some of the rougher elements of the design can be tweaked it may have appeal to some as an alternative to the official Motormaster figure, but it remains to be seen if its Combiner Wars interactivity will preserve its relevance. We've mirrored select photos, click through to have a look!

Reprolabels.com has posted their update for this month and they've jumped right on to work on the most popular items of the moment, featuring label sets for three Combiner Wars figures so far - Optimus, Firefly, and Skydive. Besides those there's sets for Masterpiece Bumblebee and Ultra Magnus, Robots in Disguise 2015 Warrior Class Bumblebee, and an assortment of upgrade sheets for a range of Generations figures. Click through for preview images, and a link to the Facebook post that collects all the product pages.

TFCToys has posted new color shots of their version of Blades, Verti-Aid to their Weibo page. The new photos show the figure in its final plastic colors and deco, and gives us a look at each of the modes. TFCToys also posted pictures of Prometheus - AKA Not-Defensor - and a group shot of the completed team. While the interest in this set might be diminished a bit by Combiner Wars, the set does look quite nice all together. Click through to check out all the photos.

Site sponsor TFSource has shared new color photos of Shadow Fisher's upgrade set for Fansproject's Revolver figure, replacing the armor and weapon add-ons from Fansproject that were only sold with recolors of their Roadbuster-inspired figure. The new photos show a mockup of the packaging as well as comparisons with the Fansproject accessories. TFSource's product listing indicates they expect to receive this set soon. Click through to see all the photos!

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