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Third Party
Third Party News

Cubex has reformed as Bad Cube, and has announced their first product: OTS-02 Brawny. Continuing the almost-but-not-quite naming scheme from Cubex's OTS-01 Huff, Brawny is being produced with help from a new factory and lessons learned from Huff's design and production. Keep reading for the first images of Brawny!

TFSource has listed a preorder for KFC's EAVI Metal Dai Stack, a Diaclone Powered Convoy-themed recolor of their Citizen Stack homage to Ultra Magnus. It will come with two faces, presumably one with a faceplate and one without. The figure is due for release in early August, and has an SRP of $159.99. Keep reading for mirrored images and a preorder link!

ToyWorld's website has been updated finally revealing the long-promised combiner mode for their Throttlebot-based line of figures. This combiner only clearly uses five out of the six figures, plus an array of parts to support the combined form. We can't say if the figure based on Goldbug will be a part of this mode until more information is released. Keep reading to see the pictures we've mirrored!

TFCon has posted a photo and bio for Pestilence, their attendee-exclusive figure. It's a recolor of the Keith's Fantasy Club Ironpaw figure, AKA Not-Steeljaw, in a color scheme that will go equally well with a Toxitron (who is alluded to in the bio) -or a Transformers Mode "Eva" Convoy. Click through to see the image and read the bio!

Found via Full Metal Hero, Fansproject has released promotional photos of Lost Exo Realm LER-01 Columpio, their take on Sludge. Columpio comes with a Mini-Con, Derpan (yes, really) who can ride Dino Sludge and become an axe for Robot Sludge. Keep reading to see the image!

Fansproject has posted new teaser images today showing that the Function-X line and its Headmaster updates will continue! Figured based on Hardhead and Highbrow can be seen, as well as a third figure that may seek to homage the Horrorcon Apeface! Also revealed is a team of Dinobot-based figures, the Lost Exo Realm series, showing Not-Slag and Not-Swoop figures at the prototype stage. Keep reading to see the mostly-obscured teasers!

Meteor Operation has posted images to Facebook of the ZF-002 Aristocratic Creature Huntsman upgrade kit for the original Voyager Beast Hunters Optimus Prime. This upgrade provides Prime with a battle-masked face as well as his gigantic chainguns shown in the Beast Hunters series. Zenith Forge is making the set available in two color schemes, one gold and black, and a limited edition black and silver chrome version. Click through for photos!

Beelzeboss Studio has posted an image of their product for this year - Mad Machine Custom Kit, a replica of Wheeljack's Instant Immobilizer to go with MP-20 Masterpiece Wheeljack. Also shown is "Samurai Head," Which looks very much like Age of Extinction Drift. What figure that's intended for is unclear and no written mention of it is made. Keep reading for the mirrored image and the announcement!

DMY has released pictures of their Pharaonic Upgrade Kit for Prime Voyager Megatron, which features a new head as well as new, more accurate forearms that include an equally accurate arm cannon with retractable blade! Also included is a scabbard for Dr. Wu's Tyrant Sword accessory, better known in Transformers Prime as the Dark Saber. Keep reading to see the photos!

An assortment of pictures has surfaced including an exclusive variant of Gauntlet not-Ironfist with a battered deco and Renderform custom alternate head, plus several things we've had looks at today already. But of note is the next member of the Function X lineup, with Fansproject's Not-Mindwipe, now seen in color for the first time. Hopefully this means that line will continue in the near future. Check out all the photos below!

Radio Free Cybertron continues bringing the goods, showing us photos from a Maketoys display. Notably we get to see Quantron in its combined form in size comparison with the Fansproject Not-Menasor set, plus the more G1-styled Utopia Metroplex figure alongside Platinum Omega Supreme. Keep reading to see all the photos!

At the same table where we saw TFC's Protectobots, a grey prototype of Planet X's upcoming dinosaur robot figure was also on display. Obviously at an early stage with a "do not touch" sign, it's an impressive looking take on Sludge, armed with a sledge hammer in robot mode. Check out the picture below, and thanks to "Dan Prime" for the photo.

Radio Free Cybertron provides more Twitter coverage from the convention floor at Botcon 2014, now showing products from Mastermind Creations including most of their Feral Rex team based on G1 Predacons, as well as a range of colors on their IDW Arcee-based figure Azalea, now being projected for a third-quarter release this year. Keep reading to see it all!

Via Radio Free Cybertron's Twitter, we have new looks at two of the Protectobot-inspired team from TFC Toys. A painted sample of their Not-Groove and a solid-color testshot of Not-Spot are both seen in vehicle mode here. Check out the full size image below, and keep watching right here for Botcon news all weekend!

The flow of third party goods at Botcon from various hotel room gatherings seems to be getting underway, as The_Nickbot has tweeted images of the Tempest figure in both modes with its Targetmaster sidekick straight from a room a Botcon. The photos give us a look at the figure's coloring under more natural light and some different angles than before. Keep reading to check out the images!

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