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Following a long buildup of concept drawings, design art, computer renders and 3D printed prototypes, Play With This Too has finally launched their Kickstarter campaign to begin production of their action figure line. Between homages to Transformers, He-Man and other classic properties and artist-original material all built around a flexible base design, Play With This Too can have something for everyone upon successful funding of their project. Head on over to their Kickstarter and check out what they have to offer by clicking here.

Fan G1Hexatron has received an early test shot copy of an upcoming product from Bold Forms which we reported on some months ago. Their Lone Wolf figure based on Motormaster, developed before Combiner Wars was revealed has since been reworked to be compatible with the official combiner toys. If some of the rougher elements of the design can be tweaked it may have appeal to some as an alternative to the official Motormaster figure, but it remains to be seen if its Combiner Wars interactivity will preserve its relevance. We've mirrored select photos, click through to have a look!

Reprolabels.com has posted their update for this month and they've jumped right on to work on the most popular items of the moment, featuring label sets for three Combiner Wars figures so far - Optimus, Firefly, and Skydive. Besides those there's sets for Masterpiece Bumblebee and Ultra Magnus, Robots in Disguise 2015 Warrior Class Bumblebee, and an assortment of upgrade sheets for a range of Generations figures. Click through for preview images, and a link to the Facebook post that collects all the product pages.

TFCToys has posted new color shots of their version of Blades, Verti-Aid to their Weibo page. The new photos show the figure in its final plastic colors and deco, and gives us a look at each of the modes. TFCToys also posted pictures of Prometheus - AKA Not-Defensor - and a group shot of the completed team. While the interest in this set might be diminished a bit by Combiner Wars, the set does look quite nice all together. Click through to check out all the photos.

Site sponsor TFSource has shared new color photos of Shadow Fisher's upgrade set for Fansproject's Revolver figure, replacing the armor and weapon add-ons from Fansproject that were only sold with recolors of their Roadbuster-inspired figure. The new photos show a mockup of the packaging as well as comparisons with the Fansproject accessories. TFSource's product listing indicates they expect to receive this set soon. Click through to see all the photos!

Site sponsor TFSource has posted a preorder for X-Transbots' new MasterMini Masterpiece-styled figure along with giving us our first look at it. Seen in the form of computer renders at this point is a figure based on Beachcomber called Arkose, which is the name for a particular variety of sandstone and so may not be exactly the best thematic matching for the name, but the design looks nice and the one full color render which will probably be included on the packaging art doesn't hurt its early appeal. TFSource expects to stock these in April. Click through to check out the images.

Our wish has been granted, and Badcube has uploaded more shots including robot mode of their Wardog "Not-Warpath" figure to their Facebook page. Much as the tank mode shot promised, this figure is looking really sharp at this stage, and if all goes well and the figure's final production plastics are consistent with this, it's going to be an excellent take on the character. Click through to check out all the mirrored images.

Kapow Toys has gotten hold of our first look at Badcube's Warpath-derived figure Wardog in what will hopefully be its final plastic colors. Having reached the stage of production-color testshot, we get to see Wardog in the traditional Warpath red, which looks very nice on the figure. While we'd like to see the robot in color soon, the vehicle teaser is more than enough to catch our interest at the moment. Keep reading to see the full size image.

Site sponsor TFSource has received an album full of new pictures of Toyworld's Devilstar. This large figure based on Astrotrain is looking excellent in all three modes and makes an impressive show of how much it conceals the elements of its unused vehicle mode in both forms along with a nicely styled robot. TFSource is expecting these in stock soon, although the current January estimate might not be very likely at this point. Click through and check out the mirrored photos!

In that ever-wacky arena of unofficial parts for unofficial toys, we have new testshot photos of an upgrade package for the Revolver figure by Fansproject derived from Roadbuster. Made by "JS Industries", this replaces the armor units Fansproject provided with a set of recolors, and attempts to expand on their functionality. Seen here in an extremely awkward "drone" mode, it will break down in to weapons and armor for a Revolver figure. Click through to see all the photos.

The amusingly named Xipoo company is reportedly manufacturing block kits that are in the vague style of Kre-O Microcombiners, but fully brick-built instead of minifigure based. A series of five kits features dinosaurs that can change to robot models, and a full set can be rebuilt to make "Ultimate Warrior Dino King". We have a few sales listing images mirrored, and while we might not recommend trying to purchase these, they're an entertaining look at the more creative than usual side of the knockoff trade, much like the lego-style Angry Bird Transformers figures we reported back in December.

Badcube has debuted their newest upcoming products this afternoon, taking on a trio of figures based on the Insecticons. Badcube says they should scale well to their other products Brawny and the upcoming Wardog, but they don't offer any objective size reference so far. But, they say these figures should release around the same time as Wardog, so they may not be very far off. Click through to check out the photos!

A new group has sprung up, debuting with prototype photos for a series of upgrades for your Generations toys. "UltimateFansToys", not to be confused with "Fans Toys", is making ready new arms for Leader Class Jetfire and Voyager Roadbuster, each to feature swiveling wrists, and Jetfire's are promised to have articulated fingers on the final production piece. Meanwhile a set of generic, 5mm-compatible missile launchers were also shown, displayed with the Aerialbots and Jetfire and Roadbuster. Click through and check out all the photos!

TFsource has shared a few extra photos of Wardog from Badcube. The earlier series of photos gave a good sense of the tank's scale, but left the size of the Warpath-based robot mode unclear. Now there's little room for uncertainty, as Wardog unfolds to become something easily on par with a large Voyager Class figure, if not a bit bigger. Those who'd hoped for something more than a retread of ground covered by Generations Warpath seem to have gotten their wish! Click through and check it out.

Seen as uncolored prototypes very recently, preorders are now being taken at Robot Kingdom for Perfect Effect's add-ons for the Combiner Wars figures. Available as two sets, black for Superion and purple for Menasor, these are listed at $24.99 each, expected to ship in April. These form poseable hands and larger feet with ankle joints for the combined figures, and transform in to weapons for the individual team members. Click through to see pictures of both "Perfect Combiner" sets!

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