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The Official TFCC page drops the next reveal in their series of Figure Subscription Service 3.0 toys. Next up is Tarantulas who is shown in robot and beast modes that we are informed are mockups and final figures will vary from the images shown. Additionally, we get a look at his character art work as well. Read on to see the full preview

Just out on the official Transformers Collectors' Club site is the new image and details for the Transformers Figure Subscription Service 3.0 #2 Nacelle action figure. As promised they are re-introducing these toys along that were announced at BotCon 2014 last summer. Get a look at the TFSS 3.0 - the Decepticon Seeker Nacelle figure in both modes along with character artwork and more details now.

The official Transformers Collectors' Club facebook page updates with news of the online roll-out of their TFSS 3.0. While they announced all six figures at BotCon this summer, we only saw the preliminary mock ups. The Club will be re-introducing these figures' new official images in the coming weeks along with news on ordering. Read on to see the full details and a look at the Krok figure and character artwork.

Fun Publications, Inc., licensee for Hasbro’s official Transformers Collectors’ Club, is excited to announce their first ever 3 ¾ inch human figure from the Transformers mythos… Marissa Faireborn! Fans of the Transformers franchise will recognize Marissa as the Earth Defense

 Command (EDC) pilot from season 3 of the original Transformers cartoon. What G.I. Joe fans will recognize is the name, “Faireborn”.

Following the concept art reveal, we have new mockup images of the 2015 Transformers Collectors' Club Membership incentive figure. This figure will be offered for FREE to members who are registered for the TranFormers Collectors Club. Get a look at the robot and alternate vehicle modes for the Lio Convoy figure that is a remake of the Generations Alpha Trion mold.

Here comes Lio Convoy as the 2015 FREE Transformers Collectors' Club Membership Incentive Figure! This one appears to be a remake of the Generations Orion Pax mold that will have a new paint job ala the Beast Wars Japan character. No word if its a new head or not. Read on to see the character art showing off the concept for the figure.

The official Transformers Facebook Page has posted an image of the BotCon 2014 exclusive Kre-O Micro Changers. Included are previous BotCon figures Fractyl, Landshark, Shattered Glass Rodimus, Pre-Beast Wars Rattrap, Gigatron AKA Overlord, and of course, G2 Breakdown. Keep reading for the whole story!

TFormers' own BaCon has posted a massive image gallery of the BotCon 2014 display featuring all the convention exclusive toys! Check out Alpha Trizer from the Thundertron mold, Pounce and Wingspan from the regular and Jet Vehicon molds, Brimstone from the Fall of Cybertron Air Raid mold, and lots more!

The Radio Free Cybertron Twitter account has posted an image of this year's BotCon Souvenir order form with all available items, including some leftovers from previous years. Everything is priced, as well - check out the full article to get a good look at the form!

The BotCon Facebook page has posted some more new images of a production sample of the Scorponok and his Headmaster from this year's Pirates Vs. Knights BotCon 2014 boxset, and it looks great. The figure is made from the Energon Scorponok mold while using a remold of Encore Fortress Maximus' Spike figure as the head. Check out the mirrored image below!

The BotCon (Official) facebook page have posted a new image. How about a nice pic of DEVCON from the 2014 BotCon boxed figure set? Here is the retooled, recolored Generations Scourge representing the Autobot bounty hunter from the Generation One cartoon. Scourge has been a popular fan pitch for an eventual Devcon figure, Read on the see this figure that will be coming at us in just a few weeks!

Following the previous reveal of the BotCon 2014 box art for this year's convention box set, we have a new image showing the full box with figures for you today! With registration for BotCon now open, fans will want to be sure to visit official site for all the details. Read on to see the BotCon 2014 Convention Pirates Vs Knights Box Art Convention Figures Set now.

The Transformers: BotCon twitter account has posted a bunch of tweets about the 4th figure which is said to the biggest (size) BotCon figure yet. One of the tweets mentions the figures will crowd this years box with the toys just barely fitting. We also have a new look at this Olin fellow from Tornado's Facebook page who reveals him as "Olin Zarack" See the tweets and images below for the full details.

The official BotCon 2014 page has been updated with a new image asking "Who is Olin?" They teased us sometime ago about another Squirm character that was said to have a human form. Now we have another concept design shows a second human like character. See the image for the preview until we know more about what is said to be the most important reveal coming to the Pirates vs. Knights story line yet.

The crafty geeks at BotCon have revealed another BotCon 2014 character: Tornado - Decepticon Saboteur as a member on Facebook. That's right, he's got his own page where he's posting up bits and pieces about himself via the data logs that we have mirrored below. Of course as a Decepticon Saboteur, there is no telling what he setting us up for, so keep your eyes open while looking around.

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