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Shockwave14 has posted to let everyone know that he's found Voyager Brainstorm at a Wal-Mart in National City, California. Posting an image of his receipt for proof, it looks like Brainstorm's case revision is hitting just in time for what we can hope will be quick distribution around the US for the major holiday shopping weeks. Hopefully this will also mean online retailers receive their stock very soon as well. Good hunting!

Singapore fangroup Planet Iacon has posted images of diagrams showing Superion and "Ultra Prime," Combiner Wars Optimus Prime's super robot mode. These use only the Wave 1 limb-bots, so each of the Autobot combiners is making use of Stunticon Dragstrip in some form or another. Since they seem to be emphasizing the Scramble City mix-and-match aspect for Combiner Wars it works but still... weird. Keep reading to see!

DRIFT RETURNS! Last year, TRANSFORMERS readers were shocked when DRIFT left the AUTOBOTS in disgrace... and now he’s alone, on a mission to clean up the darkest depths of the galaxy -- until RATCHET shows up to try to bring him home!

Days of Deception begins with... PEACE AND HAPPINESS! To be honest, there's not much we can say about this issue without giving away the life-changing events of last issue. What we can say is this: everything’s fine. There’s no conflict, no sadness, no angst. Why is this a problem?

THE WAR AT HOME! But whose home -- and whose war?! Interstellar war has never been so cosmic! The G.I. JOE team faces the TRANSFORMERS -- on Earth and Cybertron. Plus -- just in time for Halloween... meet the OCTOBER GUARD!

YouTuber RocketPunchArmy has posted a review of Transformers Cloud Starscream! An e-Hobby exclusive figure, Starscream is a triple-changing recolor of Generations Voyager Blitzwing with a few new parts, such as new face and his trademark Null Ray cannons. Keep reading to see the review!

Haven't decided which version of Brainstorm you'll get? TakaraTomy's Hisashi Yuki has graciously taken a break from posting images of MP-24 Star Saber to give us a look at Legends LG09 Brainstorm side-by-side with his Generations Voyager counterpart! As is common these days, Legends Brainstorm sports a good bit more paint. Keep reading to see for yourself.

We've got the latest previews for IDW's upcoming Transformers titles. Coming to a shop near you this February are issues 38 of More Than Meets The Eye and The Transformers, carrying on the Days of Deception sub-heading, Drift: Empire of Stone reaches its conclusion, and we have Volume 8 of the Classics collection, and the Trade Paperback for Transformers: Primacy. Keep reading for the summaries and cover previews!

Out this week from IDW along with Primacy #4 is the sixth collected volume of Robots in Disguise. While the trade will also simply become "Transformers" with the next volume, this book collects issues 28 through 32, the "Earthfall" story arc, returning to Earth to attempt to rescue Alpha Trion from the Earth Defense Command. If you need to catch up and want to know what to expect from the issues in this volume, we've got reviews for each individual release. Keep reading to get a list of review links and preview galleries!

Megatron has bombarded and stormed Iacon, coated the city in acid rain, incapacitated Metroplex, and attacked Omega Supreme. Now, it's Optimus Prime's move. The tide turns in Primacy #4! Written by Chris Metzen and Flint Dille with illustrations by Livio Ramondelli and letters by Chris Mowry. Continue to full review



Transformers: Primacy #4
3 stars
The Transformers #35
6 stars
The Transformers: More Than Meets The Eye #34
6 stars
The Transformers: Robots in Disguise #34
4 stars
Transformers: Primacy #3
5 stars
8 stars
8 stars
5 stars
8 stars
4 stars

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Singapore fangroup Planet Iacon has posted images of diagrams showing Superion and "Ultra Prime," Combiner Wars Optimus Prime's super robot mode. These use only the Wave 1 limb-bots, so each of the Autobot combiners is making use of Stunticon Dragstrip in some form or another. Since they seem to be emphasizing the Scramble City mix-and-match aspect for Combiner Wars it works but still... weird. Keep reading to see!

Planet Iacon has posted new images of the first wave of Combiner Wars Generations figures in-package! The Voyager assortment includes Aerialbot leader Silverbolt and Optimus Prime, and the Deluxes include Aerialbots Firefly, Skydive and Alpha Bravo(the new kid)... and Stunticon Dragstrip. It also looks like, despite an impending $2 price hike, comics are no longer included with Deluxe figures. On the upside, that Voyager Optimus Prime looks a bit better in his final production colors. Keep reading to see the photos!

Thanks to BBTS who just let us know they have two new box sets listed for pre-order. First up is the Emergency Response set featuring First Aid, Groove, and Streetsmart. The second set is the Evac Squad Set which includes Hot Spot and Blades. Each of these box sets is priced at $59.99 with shipping slated for 1st quater of 2015. Pre-order them now at bigbadtoystore.com Read on to see the images for more details.

The HeroXNet Twitter is still publishing new photos of the Generations 2014 Volume 2 premium figure, GoShooter! A recolor of Generations Nightbeat with a Mini-Con partner to represent the character's Headmaster Junior, we now have images of GoShooter's packaging as well as a new "third mode" meant to emulate the original toy's heavily-armed Attack Mode configuration. Keep reading to see!

The Chosen Prime has posted a gallery of Generations Arcee, with some guest spots from Chromia and Mastermind Creations' own take on the character, Azalea. Generations Arcee is not only looking pretty decent, but she's armed to the teeth as befits the IDW version of the character, sporting two swords and two guns. Keep reading to see the mirrored images!

HeroXNet on Twitter has shared some new images of Generations 2014 Volume 2 mailaway figure GoShooter, and his Mini-Con partner Shuta Go. Goshooter is an attractive, heavily-decorated recolor of the Generations Nightbeat figure, itself the Bumblebee/Goldfire mold with a new head. Shuta Go is a recolor of Generations Legends Bumblebee's Mini-Con partner Blazemaster. Goshooter will soon be joining the ranks of Million Publishing's exclusives of Japanese Transformers characters such as Stepper and Artfire -until then, keep reading to see the photos!

The E-Hobby page for Transformers Cloud has updated with what may well be the final story image for the line. It'd make for a good wrapup, showing all eight Cloud figures to date. The story page seems to conclude with Optimus Prime declaring "Everyone... I'm home," which would reinforce the sense of closure suggested by the piece. Keep reading to see the image!

TakaraTomy has published a new picture of GoShooter, the Masterforce-themed recolor of Generations Nightbeat. (Which is itself a remold of Generations Bumblebee and Goldfire.) It's a really nice deco, and comes with a Mini-Con partner to represent Headmaster Junior Shuta Go. The figure is a Million Publishing exclusive and will be available to those who purchase Generations 2014 Volume 2. Keep reading to see!

Following the new images from Takara Tomy Mall of Roadbuster, we have found the official site also has new degree spin images have been posted for the Transformers Cloud TFC-D04 Hellswarp Get a look at the remake of Generations SkyByte mold as the Generations Cloud TFC-D04 Hellwarp character figure in his robot and alternate modes for the full 360 preview of this figure.

Seibertron is reporting that two of its members, GuyIncognito and Bounti76, have located the newest Generations Deluxe Comic Packs at retail. at ToysRUs and Walmarts in Pennsylvania and Utah. This is the wave that includes Crosscut, Nightbeat, Jhiaxus, and Windblade! Keep reading for a link to the post!

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