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Hasbro Night Before NYCC Event - What Do We Expect To See?
ExVee - Tuesday, October 04, 2016

Tomorrow evening will see the doors open on Hasbro's yearly night before NYCC presentation where we get a preview of things to come in the following months. This is our last big look ahead before Toy Fair in February. Last year's presentation was the official debut of Titans Return - after an unintentional slip of some of its art assets at Botcon 2015. It was a major reveal that sparked a frenzy of excitement and interest all through our fandom, from the very first blurry images taken through a thick glass door before the event opened. So it's only natural to hope that we get something similarly big this time around. Keep reading to see our predictions!

Transformers: The Last Knight

It is most certainly much too early to expect to see any product for next year's movie at this stage of things. While there might well be a presence for Transformers 5 that the attending fan media will be allowed to see and share with everyone at Toy Fair in February, we shouldn't anticipate any activity on this front tomorrow.

Combiner Wars

While the line is certainly coming to its conclusion, it's not out of the question that a surprise could still be in store for us. Liokaiser is already revealed and on its way to Entertainment Earth in November. It's probable that any further entries under this subline will also be store exclusives. So while the chance is remote, this event might be used to announce another such partnership. A lot of fans would be hoping to hear of G2 Defensor in order to finish out that set of combiners, but until there's information about Liokaiser to judge on, it's probably too early to hope to hear of another boxset. A slightly more likely outcome might be a reveal of a Hasbro distribution of Unite Warriors Blast Off. It is the last fully unique mold out there, and would represent a much smaller investment and risk. And while a bit logistically troubled, Groove has shown that these things can happen as single releases, rather than having to be paired like Quckslinger and Brake-Neck.

Titans Return

This is naturally the main event we're anticipating. To start off we expect that the toys that debuted at Cybertron Con recently: Legends Kickback, Bumblebee, Titan Master Fangry, and the Deluxe assortment that includes Hot Rod. We will probably also see an appearance by Voyager Optimus and Leader Sixshot.

Titan Masters are difficult to predict. After all, no one would have guessed Clobber or Sky Tread in wave 2 before Botcon this year. The price point has a lot of flexibility in parts reuse and vehicle recolors that could just about be anything. In the case of this pricepoint, we might hope to see one or two things that confirm rumors or put images to store listing names like Ramhorn and Toraizer.

Legends has some potential from inventory data as well as rumors from the actually generally reliable sources. Besides what was seen at Cybertron Con, there are store inventory revealed Seaspray and Cosmos to look for, plus perhaps some of the rumormill, like the Throttlebot Chase retool of Bumblebee. It would be nice for those of us who like having complete groups if Eject and Frenzy were to turn up, though being the same base mold it'd be unlikely to have both happen at once, if at all.

Deluxes may end up limited to just the immediate upcoming assortment. Even in that case, Triggerhappy, Twinferno, and Breakaway will technically be new debuts as far as official events and reveals go. There are several characters whose names have been taken out of retailer data, some of which are believed to correspond to recolors of early molds. Krok is rumored to be a recolor of Skullsmasher, and Quake a recolor of Hardhead. If these things are true, it might be possible to see them as a sneak preview of Deluxe wave 4. But it seems more likely that we will simply stick with the full official debut of wave 3.

Voyagers are in much the same position. We've seen a testshot for Broadside, so that has a good shot at being on hand for tomorrow's event in its full deco, and showing alternate modes. Hasbro may still want to keep some focus on Voyager Optimus and Megatron right now, and so not put out anything much past that pair. If you're hoping to see Blitzwing and Octane now, you're probably a bit too early. Those seem more suited for a Toy Fair table, with the current way the timing seems to be laying out.

Leader Class is where I really start to hope for big things. The end of the Hasbro panel at Botcon was a clear tease for the Overlord that fans have been asking for for years. We also have store inventory confirmation of it in the Leader pricepoint. With Sixshot already revealed at Cybertron Con, I'm very hopeful that Hasbro will choose to unveil Overlord at tomorrow's event. As it seems like Sixshot and Overlord will be due up at retail both within the next two waves, there's probably not enough time to wait until Toy Fair to make the reveal if they want to show off for the fan media. They are well aware how much of a big deal this would be with the fans, so I'm of the mind that they'll want to treat that special, just as they did with the oh-so-subtle tease. But there is one bigger event that I think has a chance...

Titan Class. Trypticon got teased at Cybertron Con with a few slides showing isolated details of a grey prototype. It may be too much to hope that a physical sample will be shown now, but a more full reveal via slides or other graphical assets could well serve to build hype and get everyone excited for what will undoubtedly be the centerpiece of the display space at Toy Fair next year. I think some kind of reveal is likely in any case, as they were prepared to show bits and pieces at Cybertron Con. I don't think it's unrealistic to expect at least as much for another show two months later.


This is another wild card category. We haven't gotten any indications of future entries in a while, and Liokaiser is technically also under the Platinum label. But just by the nature of this branding, basically anything could turn up. Given that most or all of what can be packed together to observe the anniversary of Transformers: The Movie has been used up, if there is anything else at least we can hope the theme will be something - anything - different.

Robots in Disguise

The "third season" of the show has a lot of character model recolors which could all possibly exist as toys in some pricepoint or another. The six episode block that has started broadcast in some international markets already is more geared toward promoting an existing toyline gimmick, so this is probably not the time to be looking for the line's next big thing to happen. A pretty safe bet here might be the reveal of a general retail edition of Starscream, maybe one or two new mold Decepticons, and a couple of new Autobot decos and Decepticon recolors. This pattern would kind of hold true even for the other price points and product types, if they are to be displayed as well.

While the reveals at the pre-NYCC event may not be as monumental as the kick off of a whole new line, there is still plenty that they can show us. While the level of information we have nowadays makes complete surprises very difficult to accomplish, it's certainly not unheard of. But even if all we get is a few reveals of things whose names we already know, I don't think I'll be disappointed at all. The night before NYCC show has gotten better and better every year, so I have confidence that Hasbro is going to have some good stuff to show us tomorrow. And you can find all the coverage of the event right here on TFormers, so make sure you stay with us tomorrow night for all the latest!

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