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This week on Radio Free Cybertron: Transformers 5 Last Knight is well on its way, as we have tons of toy news this week, including the timeframe to expect Transformers 5 toys! From the Last Knight we talk about SQWEEKS, masterpiece movie Bumblebee, Voyager Optimus Prime and more! Also on the show we discuss the MP38 Masterpiece Optimus Primal reveal and photos, Mastermind Creations' AWESOME Carnifex upgrade kit, the Milan Fall Fashion show and tons more!

Click here to view the Radio Free Cybertron live stream for 1/18/2017!

This week on Radio Free Cybertron: We're back after a week's break to start off 2017 refreshed and energized! We start the show off this week with our 2017 predictions! Also on the show we talk about the Transformers 5 Last Knight toy information including Shadow Spark Optimus Prime and wave and price point information! Also on the show we talk about the upcoming MP-38 Legendary Commander Beast Convoy figure from Takara, Fanstoys Terminus Giganticus (aka Ouchicus my Walletus), Robots in Disguise Combiner Force, more unofficial 3P "Masterpiece" Springers and more!

Click here to view the Radio Free Cybertron live stream for 1/17/2017!

Roses are Red, Violets are Blue, 3P Loves Springer, and they think you do too! This week on the RFC Mini-cast: John, Don, Mellvarr and Rob Clay discuss: Why does 3P love Springer and not Arcee? Plus we analyze IDW’s impact on Transformers and Revolution’s effectiveness.

This week on Radio Free Cybertron: It's our big year end episode! We recap 2016 in terms of toys, media, events and major announcements. We also review our 2016 predictions from the beginning of the year. What were the biggest news items of the year? What were our favorite toys? Find out in this ginormous episode of Radio Free Cybertron, featuring a special Being Awesome segment from Rob Springer!

Click here to view the Radio Free Cybertron live stream for 12/28/2016!

This week on Radio Free Cybertron: Our pal Ben Yee reviews Titans Return Kup, and he looks great! But he needs some paint. And his gyros probably need adjusting. Also, we have new photos of Broadside, Super Ginrai and God Bomber to talk about. Photos of MP Dirge emerge, which rhymes. Plus we talk about the upcoming Titans Return deluxe wave 4, the new Bathing Ape Masterpiece Optimus Prime and tons more! We're just one episode away from our 500th episode! Make sure to tune in next week for this monumental year end special!

This week on Radio Free Cybertron: We have Titans Return Sixshot in-hand and we share our thoughts! We discuss the upcoming Titans Return Leader Class Skyshadow figure, the highly anticipated Overlord pretool! Also we discuss the differences between Titans Return Powermaster Prime and Super Ginrai, Don weighs on Toyworld's TW-M06 Leia AKA NOT Arcee, we talk about the newly revealed Last Knight movie poster and much, much more!

This week on Radio Free Cybertron: We analyze the Transformers 5 Last Knight trailer! Unicron!? Evil Optimus? Huge Explosions? That last one is for sure. Also on the show we talk about Takara's LG-42 God Bomber, MP-37 Artfire, art for MP-36 Megatron, new Robots in Disguise toys, the Bumblebee spinoff movie and tons, tons more! All that and more on this week's Radio Free Cybertron!

This week on Radio Free Cybertron: Big news on this week's show, as we announce that we now have our own Roku Channel! Diecast and Brian have Inferno, and a few differing opinions on the toy. Photos emerge of Platinum Edition Year of the Rooster Optimus Prime, and Platinum Edition Unicron. The guys weigh in. The Conclusion to Prime Wars Trilogy was revealed, along with two new upcoming cartoon series! Diecast gushes on the new color photos of Fanstoys Phoenix AKA NOT Skyfire, everyone gushes on Maketoys RE:Master Contact Shot AKA NOT Pointblank, and we cap off the show with our 2016 Holiday Buying Guide! All that and more on this DOUBLE-SIZED edition of Radio Free Cybertron!

On this special RFC Extra: There's no regular show this week, so those of us available get together to discuss some recent news items and topics we've had on our minds. The guys weigh in on the HasCon versus TFCon dilemma. A conversation about the upcoming third party Omega Supreme (which is sold in two parts) raises questions about the sustainability of third party's current state. Is the third party bubble about to burst? The "Me Too" third party strategy is causing customer burnout, what can these companies do to survive? All that plus Chris shows off toys that Matt doesn't have on this special holiday edition of RFC Extra!

This week on Radio Free Cybertron: Lots of things shipping in time for the holidays! Both Titans Return deluxe wave 3 and Platinum Edition Liokaiser are making their way into people's hands! Also, we discuss the new photos and art of Unite Warriors Baldigus. And in case you were worried that it wasn't going to happen, it looks like we have a NEW third party NOT Springer on the way! All that and more on this week's Radio Free Cybertron!

This week on Radio Free Cybertron: We talk about Transformers. Period. We have MP-32 Optimus Primal in hand, and we also have Titans Return Gnaw in hand! Hear firsthand thoughts about these exciting new toys! Also on the news, we finally have a size comparison for Lord Scorpion the sorta Legends-scale NOT Scorponok. All that and tons more (but no election talk!) on this week's Radio Free Cybertron!

This week on Radio Free Cybertron: MP32 Optimus Primal is nigh! Also, Amazon Japan now ships internationally, what will that mean for the hobby?! Titans Return Brainstorm is hitting Walgreens--if you don't have one, learn how you can win one just by following us on Twitter! All that plus Toysworld teases GINORMOUS 3P NOT Bruticus and NOT Superion combiners! Also: It's the wast week to support Children's Miracle Network via our first ever Extra Life game stream marathon! Learn how you can sponsor an hour and choose the game Brian plays!

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