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Shockwave (G1 Colors) - Animated - Figure


When Shockwave first came out, there were many fans who expressed their desire to have a recolor in the traditional G1 colors. Someone was listening. As part of an exclusive pack, Target has released a purple version of the double agent and packed in Bumblebee to boot.


Because of his job operating deep undercover in the Autobot ranks, Shockwave very rarely lets his emotions get the better of him. There's something about Bumblebee, though, that just bugs him. The hyperactive young Autobot annoys him enough that he lets his cover slip, converts into this Decepticon combat mode, and attacks!

Galactic Powers & Abilities

Expert code breaker and thief
Enjoys blackmailing Autobots in positions of power
Stole his Autobot identity from old historic files

Click here for the review on Activator Bumblebee

Robot Mode

Shockwave just looks so at home sporting the purple paint job. The gray he previously had made him look so bland. there are no mold changes, and besides the purple paint job, there's not much else that has actually changed. The only other difference is the lack of turquoise, which was replaced with silver in most spots.

There is a little more difference with the gun. Gone is the Decepticon insignia on tbe barrel (which helps with his Autobot disguise). The turquoise here has been replaced by purple. One last note is with the chest insignia. Instead of a bland gold, you can see a true purple Decepticon insignia. Amazing what a color change can do to liven a figure up.


Feet: Stationary
Knees: 2 stage pin hinge, 90 degree bend and unlimited rotation below the knee
Hips: 2 stage pin hinge, 180 degree rotation with 120 degree spread.
Waist: Stationary
Shoulders: Pseudo-ratcheting hinge with pins, 8pt 360 degree rotation with 45 degree spread.
Elbows: 2 stage pin hinge, 90 degree bend and unlimited rotation above the elbow
Hands:2 stage pin hinge on outer claws.
Head: 2 stage pin hinge, unlimited rotation and 90 degrees tilt

No changes here. The shoulders are still somewhat limited in articulation.

All transformations remain the same.

Alt Mode

Again, besides the purple dominating the paint scheme, there's no changes to be had. It helps to take some of the blandness away from the alt mode. The gray just wansn't working for it.

Turret articulation remains the same, with 360 degree rotation and 45 degree barrel pivot. The only thing they could have done to make this figure stellar is to hide the screws that are numerous along the top.

Longarm Prime

Alt Mode

Not much to report here, besides the obvious.

Could be a mental thing, but the purple doesn't seem to work as well for Longarm's alt mode as it did for Shockwave's.

Robot Mode

It's really a toss up in robot mode which way looks better. On the plus side, he gets a red Autobot insignia instead of the silver one. Another change is the gold eyes instead of the blue eyes of the original.

So, overall, how do you justify it? It's quite simply for the G1 fans. Keep the original for Longarm, and buy the G1 inspired repaint for Shockwave. However, if you only want one or the other you can play it both ways. For showw accuracy, the original. For those who simply must have purple Shockwave, this is your figure.


Feet: Stationary
Knees: 2 stage pin hinge, 45 degree bend and unlimited rotation below the knee
Hips: Pseudo-ratcheting hinge with pins, 4pt 180 degree rotation with 90 degree spread.
Waist: Stationary
Shoulders: Pseudo-ratcheting hinge with pins, 8pt 360 degree rotation with 45 degree spread.
Elbows: 2 stage pin hinge, 90 degree bend and unlimited rotation above the elbow
Hands:Ball joint for unlimited rotation.
Head: Stationary

No changes.

Overall Score- :If you simply must have a purple Shockwave, or if you haven't been able to find the original release, it's a no brainer. For those who own the original and can't see owning two, you're fine with your original.
Size Class: Voyager, Target exclusive w/Activator pack-in
MSRP: $25

DateMarch 25th 2009  
Score 8 stars (8 out of 10)  
LinkG1 Colored Shockwave via Animated Database  













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