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Deluxe Ironhide - Movie - Figure

Deluxe class Ironhide

Downsizing seems to be a trend lately. Even the Transformers universe is no exception. Previously, Ratchet shrunk down to Deluxe proportions. Now, it's Ironhide's turn.


Ironhide is always looking for a challenge, which is why he volunteered to hunt Hailstorm solo. The two used to be in some of the same weapons clubs back on Cybertron, so Ironhide knows exactly how dangerous the Decepticon weapons specialist is. He's looking forward to the chance to test his new weaponry out against a guy with as much firepower as Hailstorm..


Alt Mode

Ironhide's GMC Topkick alt mode is still beefy looking despite being smaller. However, a lot of the detail is lost. The headlights, GMC badge on the hood, tail lights and grille surrounds are painted... and that's about it. On the lower left corner of the windshield, you'll spy an Autobot insignia.

The ornamental tailgate is gone, as are the weapons on his sides. However, you do get a weapons drone. The drone attaches to 2 tabs on the bed. It can also transform. into a three legged automaton. Each of the three legs are separately pinned, so you can get some posing out of it.

Alt Mode Specs

Length: 5.25in/133.4mm
Wheelbase: 3.63in/92.2mm
Scale Ratio:45:1 (est)
Detailed cockpit:N/A


It takes some work to start the process. You'll have to free pickup bed, cab and front end. They will peel forward. Fold the rear end up and forward, then pull down the feet. Fold the wheels into the feet. Fold the rear doors onto the back. Reposition the two body panels on his legs so they don't jut out. Swing the arms forward and out.

Pull the front end in half. This will free the chest piece. Pull up the head carefully, as it likes to pop off it's ball joint. Take the bed cover and fold it up and around the exhaust stacks. Rotate the cab panels on his arms 180 degrees to expose his weapons panels. Position the ball joint on the shoulder in place. Fold the front wheels under the fenders, then position the fenders at an angle under the chest piece. Puss down gently until the chest pieces lock in place.

Robot Mode

At first glance, you might almost think they were resurrecting the Premium lineup again, as the limbs and chest are done in the Allspark Blue scheme. Surprisingly, the head sculpt is done nicely here. I almost like it better than the Voyager class head.

His right arm holds his gatling gun, while his left arm has a mount for the weapons drone. It attaches with the top sliding against the side panel. He might be smaller in scale, but he's still got the firepower. Overally, a better translation from Voyager to Deluxe than Ratchet.


Feet:Pin hinge, 135 degree bend
Knees:Pin hinge, 75 degree bend
Hips: Dual pin hingers, 165 degree bend and 90 degree spread. Pinned below hip for unlimited leg rotation.
Shoulders:Ball joint, unlimited rotation and 90 degree spread, pinned below shoulder for unlimited arm rotation
Elbows:Pin hinge, 90 degree bend
Hands:Pinned for unlimited rotation
Head:Ball joint, unlimited rotation and 105 degree bend

You'll have to move around some panels to take full advantage of Ironhide's hip articulation. Also, the chest halves don't stay in place too well, so care is needed when setting up arm poses.

Robot Mode Specs

Supplied accessories:(1)Weapons drone


Alt Mode: Could have used a spot more detailing to be perfect.
Robot Mode:The loose chest will frustrate those trying to pose the arms.
Overall:In some ways, better than the Voyager version. In some ways, not so much.



DateJuly 10th 2010  
Score 8 stars (8 out of 10)  
LinkIronhide via Movie Database  

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