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Axor - Movie - Figure


Remember Actionmasters? They were the figures at the dying days of G1 that couldn't transform, but had transforming accessories. Yeah, most people would like to forget them,too. Hasbro hasn't, though. They recently repainted Lockdown in the image of Axer, who is now known as Axor.


Unlike most masters of bladed weapons, Axor could care less about form. He is a whirlwind of destruction, caring only about seeing his enemies in pieces - as long as those pieces are still large enough to claim a bounty on. He especially looks forward to claiming the bounty on Autobot Ratchet - and taking the healer's weapon for himself.


Alt Mode

Axor shares Lockdown's alt mode to a tee, besides the obvious color change. His main color scheme is a light gray, with red on the rear grass and behind the doors, as well as the fender vents. He has a dark blue on the roof spikes, as well as the wheel spikes. The bumper is a cream color.

Where Axor excels over Lockdown is in the details. The engine block is now pained with silver and cream, a vast improvement over the unpainted block Lockdown had. The red touches on the vents and rear windows also livens things up a bit.

Alt Mode Specs

Length: 5.75in/146.1mm
Scale Ratio:N/A
Wheels: 4, rotating.
Detailed cockpit:N/A


Identical to Lockdown

Robot Mode

Axor is almost a spitting image to this Actionmaster counterpart in robot mode. The color scheme is nearly identical and even the retooled head pays a close resemblance, other than the "horns" on his head.

The other retool on the figure is with the right arm, which employs a battle axe instead of Lockdown's hook (He's Axor, get it?). Beyond the head and hand retool, Lockdown and Axor are otherwise similar. This includes the few gripes that came with Lockdown, including the troubled kibble on the arms.


Feet:Pin hinge, 90 degree backward bend
Knees:Pin hinge, 105 degree bend. Pinned above knee for unlimited lower leg rotation
Hips: Dual pin hinges, 60 degree bend, 75 degree spread.
Shoulders:Ball joint, unlimited rotation and 75 degree spread
Right Elbow:Ball joint, 60 degree bend w/unlimited rotation
Left Elbow:Ball joint, 90 degree bend w/unlimited rotation
Right Hand:Pinned for 90 degree inward bend and rotation
Left Hand:Pinned at wrist for 225 degree bend
Head:Pinned at neckline for unlimited rotation, ball joint for various movement

Hips and arms are still a sore point.

Robot Mode Specs

Supplied accessories:None


Alt Mode: Nice color scheme, and bonus points for the detailed engine block
Robot Mode:Nice retoolings. Too bad they couldn't retool some of the joints as well.
Overall:A nicely done repaint. But why does Axor have Animated Lockdown's bio?



DateOctober 24th 2010  
Score 9 stars (9 out of 10)  
LinkAxor via Movie Database  

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