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Voyager Optimus Prime - Dark of the Moon - Figure

Optimus Prime

If there's one figure that's been done to death as much as Bumblebee, it's Optimus Prime. Hasbro promised a whole new mold for Optimus this time around, and they deliver. By the end of this review, you'll likely know whether this mold is an improvement, or whether the original Voyager mold is still king.


Optimus Prime has defended countless worlds against the threat of the Decepticons, but Earth is the first since Cybertron that he has considered home. He lays his life on the line in the defense of this adopted world. Every action he takes, and every modification he makes to his formidable body, is done to protect Earth.


Robot Mode


This is definitely an all new mold, sharing no likeness to the previous Voyager mold. It almost has a sort of Robot Replica look to it. However, it's not without it's quirks. For one, the legs are extremely long compared to the torso. This is especially noticeable since the oversized fuel tanks hang off his shoulders. There is also an abundant use of false detaling, including false rear tires molded into the thighs and the false chest. The head sculpt is about the only improvement over the previous version. It uses a light blue piping.



Knees:Screw hinge, 90 degree bend
Hips:8pt pseudo-ratcheting for 240 degree bend, screw hinge for 75 degree spread. Pinned below hips for unlimited leg rotation.
Waist:Pinned for unlimited rotation
Shoulders:Pinned for unlimited rotation, rivet hinge for 90 degree spread. Slide tab below shoulder for unlimited arm rotation.
Elbows:Dual rivet hinges for 180 degree bend.
Wrists:Semi-concealed ball joint, 90 degree inward bend and unlimited rotation.
Head:Ball joint, unlimited rotation and marginal tilt.

The knees are never completely straight, although with some filing they could be. Same goes with the feet, which could make a static "at ease" pose a bit tricky.



The main gimmick here is the MechTech ion cannon. Pushing in the rear clip exposes 2 smaller cannons, as well as expands the main barrel. In a long overdue twist, you can lock the spring loaded gimmick in place by twisting the clip to one side.


Robot Mode Summary

Final Score:(out of 9pts total) Misproportioned and too busy looking. A case where older is sometimes better.

Robot Mode Specs

Supplied accessories:(1) Ion rifle



The transformation process is certainly clever. The instructions are easy to follow as well. Both of these points make this Prime a bit fun to convert between modes, perhaps his highlight.



Though there are a lot of parts moving about, they all have a fluid action. There's never any real binding. If there is a 'hard part', it's just making sure the shoulders are in the right position to lock the hood in place.


Transformation Summary

Final Score:(out of 6pts total)Simple enough to convert, complex enough to not bore you.

Alt Mode


Prime retains the classic Peterbilt 379 chassis that has carried him for 3 movies now. From dead on front, it looks great. However, any other angle shows off unforgiving gaps. The fenders and rear tongue highlight this point all too well. The previous Voyager did a much better job here.



Having all these gaps in the bodywork don't do wonders for realism. Then, for reasons unknown, Hasbro decided to pour salt on the wound. Who ever heard of solar panels on the hood and roof of a semi truck? Maybe I'm wrong about them being solar panels. Maybe they're something else. Like tacky.



At least you can have some fun with the MechTech blaster. You can either hook it to the side of the cab or on the 5th wheel in back. Just be careful wheeling it about, as ground clearance is ridiculously low.


Alt Mode Summary

Final Score:(out of 9pts total)To try and create a better robot mode, they threw the alt mode in the shredder.

Alt Mode Specs

Wheelbase:5.5in/139.7mm (From front wheel to rearmost wheel)
Scale Ratio:51:1 (est)
Wheels:6 rotating
Detailed cockpit:N/A



All negative aspects aside, this Prime looks to be pretty durable. All the important hinges and tabs are riveted, so there's little risk of long term looseness. The only concern may be the smokestacks, which are hard plastic and connected separately to the exhaust. I could see them stressing and breaking off with too much abuse.


Fun to Dollar Ratio

This totally depends on if you have the Robo-Vision Optimus or not. If you do, stop reading. Embrace him. This Prime is a step or two down. If you don't have the previous Voyager molds, I'd still reconsider. The robot mode has some merits, but the alt mode is just too sloppy looking for my tastes.


Value Summary


Fun to Dollar Ratio:

Final Score:(out of 6pts total) May stand the test of time, but he won't win a fight against his former mold.


The common mindset is when you redesign a mold for a new line, you generally find ways to improve upon it to make it more realistic, more appealing, etc. Hasbro has seemed to regress with this mold. In comparison, the Robo-vision version of Prime excels on almost all fronts. However, Prime sells. You're not likely to see this figure be much of a shelfwarmer, even if that's the type of fate it might deserve.

Final Verdict:



DateMay 11th 2011  
Score 5 stars (5 out of 10)  
LinkOptimus Prime via Movie Database  


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Jason X
7:50 pm

Ah, well that's not bad, but I just didn't get how it related to the rest of the system. So red=0, orange=1, yellow=2, and green=3 then? That's cool. It'll just take some getting used to. And sorry if I offended. I like those guys and it was all in jest. 
6:43 pm

1) Let's refrain from negative comments aimed at specific members please 2) In an effort to find a 'cleaner' system, I converted the 0-3 subratings into a bar system. Red is poor, green is excellent. Thought maybe that would be easier to understand. Guess I thought wrong  
Jason X
5:56 pm

Yeah, don't mind Timmy. He always comes off condescending to me, just as Ender is generally nigh unbearably sarcastic and I've been mistaken for an arrogant douche (which I am clearly not  
2:33 pm

Spooner, one thing to remember about a forum is that it's highly subjective to opionion. Everyone has one, and this allows them to voice it. With anything, it's HOW that opinion is voiced. I found nothing wrong with your criticism of Optimus. As my review is in part an opinionated piece,... read more 
1:33 pm

This is why I typically don't contribute to forums. I'm going to assume your remarks weren't meant to be as condescending as they sounded, so I will say this: what I was trying to describe is something that may be somewhat intangible, so no, it may not make sense to everyone. True, I d... read more 
Superior Grilled Cheese
11:23 pm

I think alt mode aesthetics and realism should be combined into one score (maybe double points?) because they both deal with how believable it is. Realism doesn't necessarily apply to a line like animated, but believability is universal across all lines. Is this alt mode feasible? Does it look ... read more 
10:52 pm

Change always is hard. I'm making some modifications and hope that, starting tomorrow, they'll ease some concerns. However, the realism category is staying. Why? I think it's important. When comparing to a real life vehicle (aka movie figure using a branded vehicle), it should be kn... read more 
10:39 pm

I like the new one, and you know people will still complain 
Jason X
10:38 pm

Well Blitz, you're damned if you do and damned if you do. How about every ime you give us 2 reviews simultaneously: one for the old system and one for the new? 
6:41 pm

i disagree with your assessment of the purpose of the toyline. yeah, hes not a perfect replica of the CGI model, but it is a toy. if you look back through the 70's and 80's at chogokin and super robot toys, they all had crazy colors, firing fists, missiles, propellers and other gimmicks tha... read more 
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