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Transformers Dark of the Moon - Transformers - Movie

My heart is still racing. I wish I could explain to you how many times the audience clapped at the screen or cheered for Optimus. Somehow through the miracle of fate, Michael Bay was able to pull off the most perfect Action movie he's ever done. The acting is really good, the story actually makes sense, and the effects just blow the first two movies away. But most of all this movie is the most balanced of all the movies, giving you everything you could hope for and more.

I would write more but this would spoil the joy you will have watching the movie and walking out of the theater. Go see Dark of the Moon today and you WILL be happy!


Like I said, Transformers DOTM is probably the most balanced and well done of the series. It could be considered probably one of the best 'Action' movies of all time if critics and 'flesh germs' understood story development and plot structure. I'm sure the critics will point out every flaw that they can find. They have no imagination, can only be the cynical bastards that they are and not provide and credit or worthiness to this masterpiece.

A 'Masterpiece' this truly is for Michael Bay. You can tell he really spent every single frame making sure this, the last in his series would be the 'swan song'. What's surprising is without Orci and Kurtzman the plot actually makes more sense than the previous movies, and there's less stupid humor in this than the first two. In short, its a two and a half hour dollar coaster that is non stop action with occasional moments of drama. But when the drama is there it's really good and well placed as compared to the previous movies.

Rosie-Huntingon-Whiteley isn't as bad as I thought she would be. In fact I thought she did quite well. Surprise roles from John Malkovich are awesome and Leonard Nemoy was perfect for Sentinel Prime. Frances McDormand was the nicest surprise of the film, with her character adding a nice kick of 'energy' to scenes with LaBouf. I almost wished she was 'Carly' at times!

The specific effects are once again superb. You really believe these robots are there in space; every single time. The action sequences with them will just blow your mental processors. You can't blink and your heart is going to be racing for the whole last hour of the movie. When I came out of the theater I was still shaking. There's enough fan wanks to make the die-hards happy, and just enough humor to be funny but not annoying.

But most of all what makes this movie 'well-done', is Michael Bay is able to capture those 'hell-ya' moments with the Autobots and LaBouf just perfectly. There were numerous times in the movie, people where clapping, cheering for Optimus Prime or just laughing out loud. In one scenes Prime is standing there (and without spoiling) it, says something that will just make your heart swell with pride. THIS is the Optimus Prime we have been waiting for and he is OUR Generation's hero!

With all this being said, Transformers 3 to me was like the last Rocky movie. Well done and a nice way to end it all. I'm hoping someone new picks this up and reboots it, but if not I can say Michael Bay did us fan-boys proud. So go enjoy this epic, and if you don't like then you really should consider killing yourself. Because if you don't like this then you really have no imagination at all and can serve no purpose to this Earth.

As for me, now I have to find a new purpose for my life now that the movies are done... till all are one!

DateJune 29th 2011  
Score 10 stars (10 out of 10)  

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