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Leader class Ironhide - Dark of the Moon - Figure

The two Leader class figures haven't brought as much inspiration to the table in comparison to the ROTF Leaders. While fans mull over when Megatron will get the Leader treatment, Hasbro presents us with an Ironhide. Ironhide hasn't translated very well into an action figure, and his current Deluxe figure is a prime example of that. Will the Leader class size correct that mistake?


Ironhide is a veteran Autobot soldier. He relies on knowledge gained from the countless skirmishes with the Decepticons to persevere in battle. He chooses MechTech weapons for their adaptability and power - the Decepticons don't stand a chance!


Robot Mode

Fron first glance, it looks like Ironhide finally gets a robot mode that showcases him properly. The legs are mostly cyan in color, with the chest and forearms in black. The upper arms are PVC gray. The fists are a gunmetal blue. The head mold is a bit off, but that's due to the battle plate covering his mouth. The eyes are jeweled green. Pressing down a lever behind his head will blink the eyes green and activate one of two voice prints:

A) Ironhide here!
B) Weapons ready!

The voice sounds more like Patrick Star than it does Ironhide, unfortunately.

Being a weapons specialist means you have lots of weapons at the ready. Ironhide takes his title seriously. Each limb features a different special weapon. Pull back on the exhaust stacks behind each arm to unveil a weapon. The right arm conceals a gatling cannon, while the left arm unveils a plasma cannon. Simply push on the stacks to retract the weapon. Pulling the sides of the lower legs down reveals more weaponry. The right leg hides a missile launcher. The missile can be stored while armed. The left leg holsters a combat knife that can be wielded in either fist. We're not done yet. Flip down the panel with the Autobot insignia on his abdomen and push down on the gray tab behind his head. A large gatling cannon will expose from his chest, spinning, making noise and lighting up upon it's exit. Too bad it doesn't stop making firing noises and blinking until you release the tab to retract it.

One thing Ironhide suffers from is kibble. While the legs aren't too bad, the arms just reek of it. It's due to the quarterpanels of the truck folding up against the forearms. To make matters worse, they have a tendency to not hold into the tab and work loose.


Feet:6pt ratcheting, 135 degrees bend. Minor flex angles.
Knees:3pt ratcheting, 70 degree bend. Pinned above knee for unlimited lower leg rotation.
Hips:6pt pseudo-ratcheting, 90 degree bend. 3pt ratcheting, 90 degrees spread.
Shoulders:20pt ratcheting, 360 degrees rotation. Screw hinge for 135 degrees spread.
Elbows:Screw hinge, 135 degree bend. Pinned above elbow for unlimited forearm rotation.
Head:Pinned, 90 degree rotation.

Because of the sound pack, the waist is solid. The legs are surprisingly restricted due to the joint design. Arms are set up great but that forearm kibble will get in the way.

Robot Mode Summary:Packed with features but a little short on posing

Robot Mode Specs

Supplied accessories:(1) Launchable missile, (1) combat knife


The front/top section isn't as frustrating as it is annoying. The fenders keep popping off their ball joint mounts.The roof/windshield section is also a very tight fit. In contrast, the leg transformation is ridiculously simple. Oddly enough, there is no 'automatic conversion sounds' as the box depicted. Could be I got a bum figure, could be they left it out.

Alt Mode

The alt mode is a mixed bag. The overall feel is very truckish and big, but it offers nothing new versus other class sizes. Using clear windows for the cab only shows off body parts. It might have done better to use tinted windows. It also makes too much contrast versus the black painted rear windows. The backglass is also painted black, except that the rod connecting the windshield is PVC gray. They could have at least painted that black too.

Ironhide's arm weapons are accessible in alt mode as well. They are still activated by pulling back on the exhaust stacks. There is also a button behind the backglass that, when pressed, will depict Ironhide pulling to a stop and idling his engine for a few seconds.

The biggest gripe by far are the rear wheels, which have absolutely no ground clearance. Seriously, this has 4x4 scripting on the quarterpanel. How do you intend to pull it out of a driveway? On top of that, the tabs which (barely) connect them to the arms in Robot mode stick out like a sore thumb in alt mode.

Alt Mode Summary:Flawed in ways that bring it down.

Alt Mode Specs

Scale Ratio: 26:1(est)
Wheels:4 rotating
Detailed cockpit:N/A


There are several things that can hurt the long term durability here. The loose ball joints on the fender are of particular concern. There is also the tight fit of the rod that connects the windshield to the backglass. The virtually non-existent ground clearance in alt mode will scrap up the leg paint if you're not careful. At the Leader price point, that's not too impressive.


Perhaps HasTak set the bar too high with Leader class Starscream. The latest offerings have been lacking to say the least. Unfortunately, that includes Ironhide. The flaws in both modes bring the value down quite a bit. It might be best to wait for clearance on this one unless you're a die-hard Ironhide fan.

Final Verdict:



DateJuly 8th 2011  
Score 5 stars (5 out of 10)  
LinkIronhide via Movie Database  


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Lord Atmo
6:05 pm

Agreed. ROTF Megs was awful. No elbow articulation is inexcusable in a Leader Class toy as well 
4:19 pm

Nah, 2007 Leader Megatron is better then ROTF Megatron, and Jetfire does have more detailing then Sentinel Prime. I've never had a problem getting Jetfire to stand on his own, didn't have to cut anything. Sentinel Prime is in need of a paint job to much red and not enough in the detail depar... read more 
Lord Atmo
11:56 am

Jetfire is much less detailed than the other leaders. His alt mode kibble is horrendous and his robot mode is boxy. An unfortunate sude effect from him having to combine flawlessly If I were to rank all the leaders in the movie lines from best to worst, it'd be: -ROTF Optimus Prime -Sentinel ... read more 
3:14 pm

If you include TF1 I think Megatron would be even lower then ROTF Megatron. Actually, I KNOW it would be the lowest. 
3:35 pm

Eh I would put Jetfire ahead of Sentinel Prime myself, Sentinel is great, but Jetfire has him beat with detailing. I will have to wait until I get Ironhide before I can determine where he would go on the list, but I do agree with ROTF Megatron being the lowest ranked. 
12:30 pm

Thanks tor the review Blitz, was ecstatic about getting him now I'll have to see him in person before I opt to buy. 
10:31 pm

Thanks for the review, Blitz. Another great one. I was actually looking forward to getting this guy, but his flaws have cooled me off considerably-especially the lack of ground clearance in alternate mode. REALLY bugs me. 
Hip-Hoptimus Rime
2:24 am

Really like this guy, but I need to get my sweaty paws on him. I will be doing some mods immediately, tho: getting the butt flap to fold up and out of the way and removing the ratchets on some of his joints, so they can be more finely positioned. And painting those jeans black for the love of Prim... read more 
Jason X
4:55 pm

I'm NOT 100% sure but I think one of the pieces of news out of BotCon was that they'd be repainting the DOTM Voyager class Ironhide red and releasing it in the 4th or 5th Voyager wave. I like the Recon mold better too but I can deal with the DOTM one. 
4:52 pm

My point exactly 
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