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Thundercracker - Galaxy Force - Figure

Alright, living in Singapore, I get a wee bit of perks, for instance, the wave of galaxy force toys have hit our shores, well, abit of the Tsunami hit us too. But heres my first ever review with..... Thundercracker! Yay!

Alright, first off, I was a little turned off studying all the pictures of this guy, but I gotta admit, after buying this thing, I realized just how much fun it is. Though this entire key mode thing is scary. Seems by the look of the box though, that each character would come from a certain world, here its listed as 'Earth' That would explain why Starscream just screams "OUT OF THIS WORLD" while Thundercracker is the conformist.

Jet Mode:

Ok, this figure has to be one of the most realistic looking jet transformations, if not a little cartoonish looking. But heres the little catch, rubber, yes, you heard me, rubberish pieces. And these are pertaining toward the nose cone, the rockets, the tail wings, and the little 'gill' wings. Though this isn't actually a total bummer, I kind of remove a full point off from the item because of this. Since it'll probably mean some damage if you're not too careful. Aside from that, it has the landing gear, the rockets don't fire, but you can insert the 'key' into its rear, and 'pop' the spinal roof section lifts and reveals itself the cannon and its been hiding the head. I have no idea how this would work. But I guess TFs have their ways. The colors actually go quite well, its a break from the normal color combinations, almost realistic. Underneath you can see the formation of his legs, and his arms.

Rating: 9/10

Transformation, lower legs, bring crotch to nose cone, fold nose cone inwards, lift up sides of calves, pull out feet from the sides then invert them, close calf shells down, blossom feet, unfold humane arm, lift flap at wrist to reveal fist, rotate out fist, close flap, nudge cannon forth to unhook, then lift up, pull back cannon, then rotate arm into alignment, lower body to complete.

Problems, there are very few connection joints, so getting this figure means yours would have to be very tight. Luckily mine is.

Rating: 8/10

Robot Mode:

The head reminds you nearly perfectly of Thundercracker, cool orange piping effects for the eyes, though he almost looks sympathetic, weird huh. Anyway, his humane arm has 5 points of articulation, if you include his wrist. His cannon arm has 5 too, enabling it to be used as a bitch slap device, I'm not kidding, it makes a perfect melee weapon, fly in, slap enemy with big cannon, blast. Ahem, enough sick thoughts. Head moves left and right, nothing more. Legs have 4 points each. (If I get this thing wrong, sorry, first time pointing out points.) Now added thoughts, the feet, are tiny, these are chinese lady feet, This figure looks like an imp character, annoying the hell out of you while blasting your face with a giant cannon. The joints are super tight though, just try lifting the leg to its side, it works, but it has a little resistance before so. And the stupid little gill flaps keep on getting in the way too. Another point gone, but trust me, playing with this guy is a bundle of fun, just that it doesn't suit as a male character in my view, would make a perfect female character, everything is too slender, but I love the cannon, it makes for a great toy to play with, not display though, as its a bitch to stand because of its feet,

Rating: 9/10

Overall: 8/10

DateDecember 27th 2004  
Score 8 stars (8 out of 10)  
LinkThundercracker pics I took.  

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