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Starscream - Galaxy Force - Figure

Starscream, a character that is nearly as important as Optimus Prime in every series, simply because he's just so damn cool. Then again, I'd have to say, this figure doesn't do him justice, you'll find out why in my words to come, then again, this is just one person's opinion, and not a very sane person at that. Hehehehe. Ahem.


A long awaited release, Starscream is featured this time as a Cybertronian jet, a design based off the War Within comic. For the most part, the design is cool, if not bulky. The wings are tiny, which makes the design a little iffy, but its bearable, theres rubberish parts in this character, but only at the nose cone, or spike, whatever. This thing looks like it can deal quite a bit of damage in battle, and seems to have a lot of ventilation for smooth control and blah. But like I said, it looks bulky. And the top part of his head can be seen, its fine though. Turning it over, you observe theres no landing gear, just little wheels for landing. The arms can be seen beneath, the forearms anyway. Theres a point to attach his weapon too. Sorry to say, but this jet looks a little boring. Theres no gimmicks though, so I guess thats why. None of the weapons move, pity, I wish the front guns wood.

Rating: 8/10


Spread open the wings, just a fraction, as thats all it'll allow anyway, then spread apart the nose cone, followed by the feet itself. Then, very violently, or however you'd like to, pull out his legs to unfold them, lower upper torso to expose face, fold up arms and lock them into place, face arms down, fold back wings, fold down tail wing halves.

Verdict... Pretty simple transformation, but after doing so, you'll pretty much see for yourself just how much articulation his arms have, and if like me, will get a little depressed.

Rating 7/10

Robot mode:

War within Starscream, a pretty cool robot just by looking at it, but playing with it.... sighhhh..... here we go. Alright, his head is alright, but his face, just doesn't suit him, he looks too serious. Like an older, more mature and calculating Starscream, he almost looks like G1 Megatron. Perhaps thats just me. Meh. Anyway, his legs are long, very long, with 4 points of articulation each. And his knee joints are very nice, able to fold his calves all the way back, and even one 'click' forward, as if his knee was kicked in. The joint above the thigh has one problem though, with his legs closed, you can't lift his leg all the way up at a 90 degree angle, why? Because of the mini guns, another reason why i wish they could go up and down. Ahhh well. Now heres the worst part.... his arms... They have only 3 joints of articulation, one should be counted as only half a joint because it only allows him to spread his arms a fraction, and I hate his forearms, they're tiny and short, its just unnatural, and they can't rotate, so theres another bummer. And his blades? Well, they are only able to face down, so unless you're attracted to him slashing like he's cutting veggies, for the love of god, don't bother. I guess the reason why they made his arms this pathetic is because of the whole key thing. My opinion? They should have made his blades Horizontal instead, and added a little gap between arms for a weeee bit more articulation, as well as fix his forearms. He's cool but at the same time.... not. He's also too big, not being a fan boy but he doesn't look like Starscream. Must be the articulation getting to me. His arms... kill him. Decent toy, not too great for playing, limited for displaying.. Sigh...

Rating: 6/10

And with a heavy heart, I give my favorite TF char of all time a low grade. But I would argue that he's the second best Starscream toy up to date. First of course being the Energon Starscream.

Overall Rating: 7/10

DateDecember 28th 2004  
Score 7 stars (7 out of 10)  
LinkStarscream pictures I took.  

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