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Animated Episode 9: Along Came A Spider - Series

It’s Halloween, and the Autobots and Sari are getting ready to go trick-or-treating.

While they are getting ready, Prime begins to have flashbacks. I’ll talk about the whole flashback first and then fill in the gaps from the present afterwards.

Elita-1, Sentinel Prime, and Optimus Prime are on a planet that is off-limits to technological beings. However, Elita and Sentinel want to go on an adventure to find Energon and Prime is forced to tag along.

The three fall into a cave and come across organic spiders where they find their powers have no affect on organic beings. Here we find that Elita has the ability to take others’ powers as she takes Sentinel’s abilities in using a shield (think Captain America) and defeats one. Afterwards, more show up, forcing them to run.

Sentinel volunteers to cover their escape path, and Prime and Elita escape, but are separated.

Prime comes across a Decepticon warship and discovers a whole stack of Energon inside with a little side of spider nest. The eggs conveniently hatch right then and there, and quickly, Prime is surrounded by spiders and gets stuck in a spider web.

Elita comes to the rescue again and to escape, Elita borrows Prime’s power and they both zipline together. Elita’s temporary power expires, though, and falls into the awaiting party of spiders, despite Prime’s attempts to save her. The stack of Energon cubes explode inside the ship explode.

Sentinel arrives and they both escape. Once safe, they search for Elita’s lifeform, but are unable to find her and deduce that she has gone offline.

After Prime flashes back from his flashback, he is scared by Bulkhead, who is going to dress up as a ghost. The sheet isn’t long enough, so it only covers his head. Sari says he needs to find a bigger sheet. Bulkhead later finds a fumigation tent as a bed sheet, a sheet he said was “just draping over a house.”

Bumblebee dresses up as a vampire while Sari surprises Optimus Prime by showing off her costume as Optimus Prime. Sari then mocks him with, “transform and roll out!”

On their trick-or-treating escapades, Bumblebee sees a gigantic spider and freaks out. Blackarachnia shows up and attempts to kidnap Sari for her AllSpark key. Prime hears about the giant spider and quickly rolls out to their location, vowing that what happened with Elita-1 will never happen again.

However, during the Bulkhead and Bumblebee vs. Blackarachnia battle, she injects them both with venom and they pass out. Sari tries to use her key to reboot them, but to no avail. Blackarachnia explains that the AllSpark key does not affect organic matter, so the venom cannot be cured out of their system.

Prime arrives on the scene, but is defeated by the combined powers of Bulkhead and Bumblebee that Blackarachnia absorbed (anybody seeing a correlation with the flashback yet?). Blackarachnia kidnaps Sari and flees.

Giving chase, Prime is finally able to stop her on a rooftop. Prime attacks her, but Blackarachnia easily dodges his attacks, claiming that they are textbook Autobot academy. It is then that she reveals she was Elita-1 and holds Prime especially responsible for abandoning her.

She reveals that after she fell, she was injected with venom from the spiders and she absorbed it to become techno organic. That explains why Prime could not find her life form when he scanned for it – the organic side masked her signature. Blackarachnia feels like a freak, and Prime asks her why she joined up with the Decepticons. She says that she at least knows where she stands with them.

Blackarachnia reveals that she needs the AllSpark key to purge herself of the organic form. She takes they key from Sari and inserts it into herself. All of the organic life form begins to die, with Sari turning extremely old. Blackarachnia then throws Sari off the rooftop, but is saved by the recently awakened Bumblebee and Bulkhead.

Blackarachnia grows extremely weak and Prime tells her that her Spark cannot live without the organic side of her form. Prime tells her to take out the key, but she is unable to. Pushing through the field created by the key, Prime takes it out.

Weak, Prime tells her that she should stay with the Autobots. Blackarachnia, feigning weakness, tells him to come closer. As he does, she injects him with venom, saying that it will be a long time before she trusts another Autobot, especially him.

All-in-all, this episode was “meh.” It seems that the “female” robots in the Transformers: Animated storylines come with sob stories. While Blackarachnia is now an evil chick (unlike Arcee), and it was nice to give her character a back story, it was still rather lackluster in execution.

I said it last time, too, but I can’t help it. This pales in comparison to Lockdown’s introduction, “Thrill of the Hunt.”

DateFebruary 16th 2008  
Score 6 stars (6 out of 10)  
LinkTransformers: Animated Episode List, Synopsis  

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Mercenary X
7:29 pm

You're right about alot of it, but then I think Optimus might have taken the blame because he felt guilty over what happened with BA thinking it was his fault. That's one thing I like about this Version of TF, this Optimus has a major hero flaw. And I think he tired to use the second one, I... read more 
Mercenary X
7:19 pm

OMG, You guys noticed it too? 
8:45 am

Not too impressed with this episode. First of Bulkhead. He wears a fumagation tent with all kind of dead bugs falling underneath it. But he keeps wearing it. Apparently the tent also makes him huge because when he's wearing it Bumblebee moves around him like he's climbing a mountain. Also,... read more 
Beast Megatron
10:56 pm

Did anyone else notice Blackarachnia's future "helmet" on the ground while Prime was searching through the abandoned Decepticon ship? It's in the clip right before he notices the spider eggs among the Energon. I thought for sure it would turn up again in the plot. but there was... read more 
Snapes on a Plane
10:51 pm

Father Time
4:13 pm

Not to mention the fact that they have the same voice-actor, same design, and even the same vocabulary ("Energon-y goodness"). 
Big Daddy
3:56 pm

Technically, it's not really the same thing at all... She's like Rogue and he's like... some dude that takes your shit 
Snapes on a Plane
2:45 pm

Technically, she copies and he steals  
1:10 am

When I saw Elita's copying power, that was my first thought. "Didn't we already see someone who copied other people's abilities?" Granted, it's not the same thing at all, but it is worth noting. 
( . Y . )
1:01 am

I was thinking about this too. 
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