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Animated Episode 11: Lost & Found - Series

Okay, I know I’ve been ripping on Transformers: Animated as of late, but they have once again begun to redeem themselves. First with the uptick in coolness last week with episode 10: Sound and Fury (as reviewed by Blitzwing), this week’s episode continued to knock that notch up with the debut of Lugnut and Blitzwing. Let’s get on with the review.

Blitzwing and Lugnut follow a beacon that is believed to be Megatron’s ship, despite Blitzwing’s belief that Megatron is dead. Lugnut remains hopeful and the pair arrives on Earth.

Meanwhile, the Autobots are playing hockey and accidentally disturb Ratchet in stasis lock. Staying true to his old self, he wakes up very cranky. Ignoring him Sari, Bumblebee (using a stop sign as a stick), and Bulkhead continue to play. We find once again that Sari continues to use her key as a toy (she uses it on a trash robot who stops Bumblebee’s shot at the goal) despite seeing first-hand the consequences that can bring in last week’s episode.

The key activates and sends a beam to where the two new Decepticons have arrived onto the planet.

Lugnut, continuing his thought that Megatron still functions, he begins to start asking machines for information. Megatron witnesses their arrival, but are skeptical of their allegiance.

The Autobots arrive on the scene and begin to fight them. After a bit of a tussle, Lugnut defeats everybody (including Blitzwing), Megatron is convinced of their allergiance and contacts Lugnut through his processor.

After being contacted, Lugnut grabs Blitzwing and takes off using his rockets. Blitzwing is confused and starts calling Lugnut crazy when he explains that he has heard Megatron. They start fighting, as stupid as Blitzwing is, and Lugnut simply head butts Blitzwing and drops him from the sky. Megatron convinces them to avoid detection for now, and Lugnut scans a military airplane and because Blitzwing’s multiple personalities cannot decide which form to scan, he scans a jet and a tank.

Repairing themselves back at their base after being defeated by the Decepticons, the Autobots deem that keeping the AllSpark on Earth is too dangerous. They decide that they have to repair their ship and leave Earth. Sari does not take it well, but they know that they will need Sari’s AllSpark key to help repair the ship.

The Autobots on their way to their ship are pursued by the Decepticons. Ratchet and Sari go underwater to the ship while the rest of the Autobots drop into water to hold off the Decepticons.

Ratchet and Sari begin their repair of Teletraan-1 while the rest of the Autobots tussle with the Decepticons somewhere else.

Sari decides to sabotage the ship so they Autobots will not able to leave. After pulling out tons of wires behind a panel and attempts to walk away, her AllSpark key drags her back to the panel and plugs in behind the wires. The wires repair themselves and then panel closes, knocking Sari onto the ground in front of the AllSpark.

The AllSpark activates and in and creates a shadow figure of Megatron. Scaring Sari, she presses the button on the panel that opens up ship’s doors to the ocean. Ratchet saves her and she confesses that she attempted to sabotage the ship so they could stay. In a rare moment, Ratchet opens up and tells her that he has gotten attached to the planet and Sari, and would never want anything to happen to them; therefore, they must leave Earth.

Optimus Prime messages Ratchet and tells him that they cannot hold off the Decepticons much longer, but Ratchet has a plan and tells them to lead the Decepticons closer to the ship.

Ratchet heads into a deactivated weapon on the ship and has Sari reactivate it with her key. As the Autobots head to the ship with the Decepticons in hot pursuit, Ratchet turns a big cannon that blasts the Decepticons into pieces – literally.

Back on Earth, the Autobots are in repair and find that due to the immense damage that Teletraan-1 has suffered, it will take a long time to fix the ship. The Autobots will remain on a Earth for a long time to come.

In the Great Lakes, the Decepticons are still in itty bitty pieces but still function. Lugnut calls for Megatron’s help, but Starscream arrives instead. He offers to help, but with one catch: swear allegiance to him.

This episode was solid. As I said in the beginning, the back-to-back awesomeness of last week and this week is very good. I know back story episodes can sometimes be hit or miss, but these two episodes give me some hope on further back stories that will come soon.

Lugnut is badass. Lugnut is a powerful, powerful Decepticon. In the first battle we find that he is able to launch rockets from his back. It is so powerful, he needs to stabilize himself first. He also includes a rocket punch that he can slam into the ground and cause a big explosion, which defeated everybody during the first encounter. It has apparently happened, before, too, with Blitzwing’s comment after waking up, “give me a warning before you use the punch!”

Blitzwing was good too, with enough craziness for three people (you know, the multiple personality thing? Get it?) and enough power to complement Lugnut.

DateMarch 1st 2008  
Score 10 stars (10 out of 10)  
LinkTransformers: Animated Episode List, Synopsis  

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11:36 am

Aye. Roger that. 
12:19 pm

I love how the decepticons are actually a threat in this series. In G1 they were meant to be these giant threats to the universe, and then get pwned by  
Starscream the great
10:32 am

I kinda felt Lugnut's alt mode had one of those WW2 junker bombers looks to it mainly the cockpit area Though this has become my favorite episode and I really want blitzwing pics now! 
Big Daddy
10:06 pm

Just a reminder not to discuss upcoming episodes (including titles) without spoiler tags or in appropriately titled threads, thanks. 
7:30 pm

Suddenly, I get the feeling that Screamer Squarepants is gonna be sooo dead on the forthcoming episodes of Megatron Rising. 
Big Daddy
7:10 pm

Yeah. He saw the footage as soon as he came online again. 
Agent Zero
7:01 pm

Yeah, plus he said "I've already been betrayed by one of my own." Megs knows Starscream stabbed him in the back. 
6:48 pm

Then how about the "STARSCREEEAAAAAAAM!!" yells when he saw the footage of Starscream's attack on the Autobots, along with his confession of destroying Megatron, just after he got reactivated by Sari's Key? 
Zenmaster Omega
5:32 pm

Unless I missed something in one of the episodes so far, Megatron himself doesn't know that Starscream betrayed him. From Megatron's perspective he was just locked in battle with the autobots when he exploded from who know's what. 
( . Y . )
5:11 am

I'm waiting for BA to join them and keep them in line... 
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