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As we reported on before, Transformers G1 and Regeneration One penciler Andrew Wildman has organized a massive group of G1 and RG1 talents to sign copies of the final issue of that run in order to benefit G1 plotter and Rocket Raccoon creator Bill Mantlo. Mantlo has required constant care since a devastating car accident in the 90s, and freelancers like comics pros have no health care. The second round of comics is up on eBay now - keep reading to get a link, help a comics pro and fellow human being, and get a very limited comic for yourself!

Have you thought about Fastlane and Cloudraker more than, say, twice in the last 25 years? ...you have!? Wow. That being the case, X2Toys (with photos thanks to our sponsor Robotkingdom) has the toys for you with a really nice looking set of figures based on the G1 Autobot Clones! Keep reading for selected photos and more details!

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The Kids Logic Facebook page has posted images of a Toy Soul exclusive version of their SD Megatron figure, now in shiny gold chrome! Still included are the extra parts: the extra face, the hands, the energy mace, and the fusion cannonless forearm. It'll be available at the Toy Soul show in Hong Kong on December 19th-21st, but for now you can keep reading to see the shiny little tyrant!

Blacklai has come through again, giving us a nice, meaty gallery of Superion images. Superion looks much better than Fall of Cybertron Bruticus by basically every metric: articulation, proportion, heft. He's also using Powerglide in Gun Mode for the complete package- keep reading to see the gallery!

It's a big day for the MegaDrive Megatron mold. Hot on the heels of a lucky draw campaign announcement, the TakaraTomy ARTS website has listed a special version, limited to 1000 pieces that redresses Megatron as a Sega Genesis. Changing red robot detail for purple and adding Genesis stamps and US-version Sonic cartridge labeling, it's a minor but distinct change. Keep reading for availability information and pictures!

Thanks to French gaming news site Playsmart we have some news on a possible new Transformers game coming to the Nestle Arcade Running Game series. The Transformers is reporting to being developed on the Marmalade gaming platform that other games such as "Godus" and "Beyond Space" have been developed on. According to their report the game is aimed at mobile and PC platforms. No series or characters have been identified at this time. Read on to see the translated story for the full details

Andrew Wildman has organized a very special series of charity auctions to benefit creator Bill Mantlo. Mantlo - who plotted the first two issues of Marvel's Transformers comic and co-created Guardians of the Galaxy's Rocket Raccoon - has required constant care since a hit-and-run accident in 1992. To help with this, Wildman has collected the signatures of a dozen different Transformers creators on 30 thrilling copies of ReGeneration One #100. The first of these is up on eBay now- keep reading for more details!

Vangelus has brought us what, as far as we can determine, may be the first detailed English-language coverage of Sentinel's Fortress Maximus-sized, non-transforming Scorponok figure. With a whopping hefty price tag attached - and shipping costs to match! - this is a purchase to be carefully considered, and now you can get a good look at the massive figure in action, and learn a little about how it's built. Click through to check out the review and decide if your bank account, or indeed your home can accommodate this monster!

Blacklai continues his Combiner Wars photosets, posting 22 new images of Aerialbot Firefly to TFND! We've mirrored them here, and he looks pretty good! Firefly is shown in Robot, Vehicle, and Leg modes, and looks pretty good in all three- particularly in his very G1ish jet mode. Keep reading to see the photos!

The official Transformers Facebook page posted a photo gallery "checklist" of all the numbered toys released as the Thrilling 30, the thirty special toys geared more to the older fanbase and meant to help commemorate the line turning thirty years old in 2014. But was the Thrilling 30 ever planned to be more than a packaging tag line - a catchy way of referring to how many years Transformers has pushed on? Keep reading as we break this down, and then let us know what you think!

Robot Kingdom has also posted images of MP-21 Bumblebee, along with both sets of exclusives - the Hasbro Asia-exclusive coin and base, and Amazon Japan's G1 toy-inspired faceplate! No matter which you go for, or both (or neither), Masterpiece Bumblebee is looking really, really nice - and not just because it's a toy we were all convinced Volkswagen would never let happen! Keep reading to see all the photos!

Robot Kingdom has posted extensive photos of MP-10 Convoy Mode "Eva," the first and very likely only crossover figure between Evangelion and Transformers! While he looks a bit bluish under these lighting conditions, Evangelion 01 Optimus Prime will likely skew a lot more purple in person. Robot Kingdom will begin shipping the figure out on Monday, and you can order it now for USD$279.9. Keep reading to see mirrors of all 30 photos!

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