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The Solar Pool's Stuart Webb has interviewed the driving forces behind IDW's UK Transformers reprint series, James Roberts & Lloyd Young! Roberts talks about how his involvement in the project began with his dream of doing a book on the history of the UK comics, and Young recounts his quest to obtain pretty much every Transformers comic - and how difficult and expensive that is to do in Australia - as well as the work that goes into scanning the comics for inclusion in Transformers Classics UK. Keep reading for excerpts and a link!

GeeWun 4EVER! That's what The Cybertronic Spree might say to you when asked about their favorite Transformers series. Sorry Michael Bay, but your TFs just are not very cool when it comes to real 80s goodness. And that's what The Cybertronic Spree is all about. Reliving 1986's animated film music with great Mech-style robots and hard driving rock n' roll. Watch this clip from Nerd Noise Night 2014 to see the band performing in some of the best G1 costumes around.

NEW WARBOTRON The next 2 figures that create the enormous WB03 Combiner are up for preorder! WB03-B changes from a robot into a sports car and also becomes the right leg of the mighty WB03 Combiner; and WB03-C changes from a robot into a giant drilling machine and also becomes the left leg of the mighty WB03 Combiner. Both are listed for $95.99 each. Also look for the WB01-F X-Ray & Gun Set for the awesome WB01 Combiner. X-Ray transforms from a robot into a blaster and the gun can be broken down into several other weapons. This set is listed for $28.99 and no Warbotron WB01 will be complete without it!

Topless Robot has posted a series of interviews with the cast and crew of 1986's The Transformers: The Movie that reveals interesting new information about the production of the film. Writer Flint Dille has the most to contribute, revealing that Howard The Duck creator and G1 Season Three story editor Steve Gerber was an uncredited collaborator on the script. And also that input from Frank Miller (300) helped to shape the death of Optimus Prime. Also interviewed are voice director Wally Burr and actors Neil Ross and Michael Bell, who have their own stories to tell about Orson Welles. Keep reading for an except and link!

Autobase Aichi has updated their previous story with a couple more catalog scans. A second page of Cyber 7 Series figures has appeared, showing a Movie/Prime-inspired Bumblebee and also a movie-colored Grimlock. Bumblebee in particular looks to be a scaled-up Cyberverse Legion figure. Also shown is the Platinum Triple Changers set showing off Blitzwing and Astrotrain's out-of-nowhere new paint jobs. Keep reading!

By way of Autobase Aichi, a scan from a Brazilian catalog has surfaced showing off a new series of Generations figures. The Generations Cyber Series are larger figures - 7" and 11" - featuring G1-inspired character designs and simplified transformations for younger kids. Bumblebee and Optimus Prime are shown for the 11" line and Megatron for the Cyber 7 line. Autobase Aichi also speculates that perhaps that Starscream at the Children's Museum of Indianapolis might also be a Cyber 7 figure in the offing. Keep reading to see the scan!

Thanks to Daniel Oon, we've heard about the first sighting of the next Platinum G1 reissue set. The Seeker Squadron consisting of Ramjet, Dirge and Thrust were found at retail in Singapore, and the reported price of $109.90 SGD - about $79 US - may come as a relief to some given the Insecticons before them were the equivalent of almost $100 US when found in Singapore. It doesn't guarantee a US price, but it offers hope for this set to be a bit more reasonable when it makes its way here. Click through to see the full size photo.

Japanese fashion label Galaxxxy has announced a new series of women's Transformers tops in collaboration with TakaraTomy. The shirts are 5800 Yen, and the hoodie is 13,800 Yen, and all are One (Japanese) Size Fits All. So if you're 1) in Japan, 2) have between $50 and $130 to spend, and 3) are the size of a Japanese fashion model, keep reading to see if this line are for you!

DX9-D06 CARRY - D06 Carry is a robot that also transforms into a futuristic truck and trailer. He is able to transform without detaching any parts and features metal feet and rubber tires. D06 Carry is listed for $164.99. OG-01 SPINOUT - Omnigonix is a brand new third party company and they have just rolled out their first figure, Spinout. We know this robot transforms into a racing vehicle and that he stands about 6.3” tall in robot mode. Spinout is listed for $94.99.

E-Hobby has posted better-quality images of MP-25 Tracks, including our first really good look at Raoul & Blaster! Raoul is about the same size & quality as the other MP humanoid figures, and Blaster is scaled to him - by which we mean tiny. Keep reading to see for yourself!

Cartoon Brew reports Animator Jeff Hale, who served as animation director on the original The Transformers series as well as GI Joe and Muppet Babies, has passed away at the age of 92. In addition to his Sunbow work, Hale also contributed a number of recurring segments to Sesame Street such as Pinball Number Count and the googly-eyed typewriter. More details from the career of this talented animator after the jump.

Who is Minimus Ambus and why does he live in Ultra Magnus' chest? If you haven't been keeping up with IDW's Transformers comics you may be confused as to who and what Ambus is, and why comics fans were so thrilled to see him included. Keep reading for answers, but be aware that there are Spoilers for More Than Meets The Eye!

We have just listed the latest series in the 2015 Combiner Wars lineup, as well as the Robots in Disguise One Step Changers. Find Combiner Wars Leader Thundercracker for $46.99; Series 03 Voyager Set of Hot Spot and Cyclonus for $49.99; Series 03 Deluxe set of Blades, Streetwise, First Aid, and Rook for $65.99; and RID One Step Changers Series 02 Set of Grimlock, Fixit, Autobot Drift, Thunderhoof, and Decepticon Fracture for $64.99. All these great figures and a ton more can be found in this list.

YouTuber chuckdawg1999 has posted a review of Wave 2 Stunticon Dead End! He likes the figure, citing it as his second- or third-favorite Stunticon - but he's not thrilled with the exhaust pipe weapon, which doesn't make that convincing of a gun. Keep reading to see!

Thanks to @GeneralTekno on Twitter for this one! The story is that artist Livio Ramondelli, responsible for the The Transformers side of the Combiner Wars crossover, has confirmed that Cyclonus will not be appearing, thus there will be no impetus to redesign or move the character from his More Than Meets The Eye appearance in order to have him conform to the Combiner Wars crossover. And frankly, that's a relief. We'll update this story if we get a more direct confirmation of this but for now, keep reading to see the tweet!

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