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If you're in the LA area on Saturday, March 7th, you may want to see about getting tickets to The Transformers: The Movie! The Egyptian Theatre will be showing the 1986 film in a double-feature with GI Joe: The Movie from the following year. Also in attendance will be crew members from both films, including TF:TM's story consultant Flint Dille. But perhaps most interestingly, while the GI Joe movie will be shown from a Blu-Ray source, Transformers will use a 35mm print of the film! Keep reading for more info!

Genetic of the TFND Forums has posted 22 photos of Combiner Wars Breakdown! The figure is looking good and sports both a gun/sword and a port on the back to use his hand/foot/gun as a pair of back-mounted cannons. Keep reading to see for yourself!

There was a lot of information delivered from Toy Fair. Some of it came as reports from those who attended, but most of it was in the form of photos. With so much out there, it can be a little hard to keep up with what's what, so we're going to bring you the highlights of the coverage and break things down for you. Is Constructicon articulation really that limited? And why are they so big? How small is Minimus Ambus? Why is Defensor sad? Click through for the answers to these questions and more!

Our sponsor TFSource has just let us know that they've received a supply of the Sega Genesis edition of Mega Drive Megatron and a limited supply remains after filling standing preorders. This figure modifies the Mega Drive figure with Sega Genesis emblems more familiar to people in the United States and replaces the red on the robot deco with Decepticon purple, among other cosmetic changes. This run was limited to 1000 over all, so there won't be many available from US seller, so act fast!

The Spacebridge on Facebook has posted another fun rarity for everyone to see. This time they have pieces of Action Master concept art for figures that never got produced. Though most like Superion or Predaking have been seen a number of times over the years, art featuring Ultra Magnus and his large vehicle is something even I'm not very familiar with. If Optimus Prime had the Armored Convoy, might we call Magnus's vehicle the Powered Convoy? Click through to check out the photos!

Ben Yee of BWTF got the opportunity to sit down with Transformers Senior Brand Director Jerry Jivoin at Toy Fair, and they talked about Combiner Wars, how it came about, and how the decisions were made. Jivoin says that beginning with Wave 3, each wave will be dedicated to a single combiner, in this case Defensor! Also, did you know that Devastator was almost six LEADER class toys? Keep reading for an excerpt and a link!

Amazon Japan has posted their preorder page for Unite Warriors Superion! The list price is given as 16,200 Yen, which is about $140 at the current exchange rate, but those who are able to preorder through Amazon Japan will be able to get it for 12,316 Yen, or about $110. That should maybe negate most of the shipping, if you've got a middleman who can do that for you- but still, that is a lot of money to pay for a Slingshot figure. Keep reading for a link to see the listing for yourself!

This week's episode of QTransformers is as nonsensical as ever for a non-speaker of Japanese, but does seem to focus on explorers in some way, as the title implies. That said, you do at least get to see QTransformers Sideswipe and Sunstreaker joining the conversation, so at least there's new character designs to see. Keep reading to watch!

YEAR OF THE GOAT OPTIMUS PRIME - In celebration of the Chinese New Year, we are proud to present the Year of the Goat G2 Laser Optimus Prime with transforming trailer. Featuring an all new color scheme with bronze deco, translucent parts, and vac metal accents, Prime also comes with functional headlights and light up weapon accessories. Add this cool looking Prime to your collection for $139.99.

Radio Free Cybertron's diecast is still at Toy Fair in New York, and he's taken plenty of photos and video at the Play With This Too booth! We've got grayscale hardcopies on hand of Desolataur in both stills and video, and more. Keep reading to see it all!

Diecast's got photos of the Loyal Subjects booth! Largely what's shown is the most recent wave of the blindboxed Action Vinyls, but there are also some window-boxed figures such as Optimus Prime and Sideswipe. Keep reading to see!

Diecast is still at Toy Fair in New York, and he's still getting photos of Transformers-related goods! Now he's tracked down photos of metal lunchboxes, some refrigerator magnets, and a deck of playing cards, all G1-themed! The playing cards seem to use G1 package art, so that could be a nice collection of inexpensive artwork. Keep reading to see, and check out the Radio Free Cybertron Twitter to see Transformers and more from Toy Fair!

Radio Free Cybetron's Diecast is at New York Toy Fair 2015! Today he's touring the Metal Earth booth among others, and they've just announced that they'll be adding Transformers to their lineup! Metal Earth kits are laser-etched sheets of steel that are assembled to become starships, buildings... and now, G1 Optimus Prime as a robot and Revenge of the Fallen Jetfire as a jet! Keep reading to see the booth, the Transformers kits, and examples of their Star Wars and Star Trek models as well!

Just in from Toy Fair 2015 are our first looks at the Ultra Magnus Combiner Wars figures images from the show room. Get a look at the the robot and alternate vehicle with trailer mode as well as the Minimus Ambus figure will fit in Ultra Magnus Chest. It is said to convert to a small vehicle that fits on the car carrier in vehicle mode. Legends class figures will also fit on the carrier. Read on to see the previews, more images will be posted soon.

Just in from Toy Fair 2015 are our first looks at the Defensor Combiner Wars figures images from the show room. Get a look at the combined figure mode as well as the individual figures including Decepticon Viper, Warpath, Groove, Streetwise, Protectobot Rook , Protectobot Blades, Protectobot First Aid. Read on to see the previews, more images will be posted soon.

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