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TakaraTomy has posted new images of their Japanese con-exclusive Grimlock and Slug! Transformers Expo takes place from August 9th through 17th, and the pair of exclusive Age of Extinction/Lost Age Dinobots in G1 colors will be available for pickup at the show. If I'm reading the official site correctly, Deluxe Slug/Slag alone will be 6,000 Yen (about $60) before middleman/international shipping. So good luck, collectors! Click through for photos and a link to the official Transformers Expo site.

Twitter user @deefuzz has posed in-package images of Fansproject's LER-01 Columpio in Diaclone Sludge-inspired colors (and package!), as well as Kar Krash, a G2 recolor of their CA-09 Car Crash, AKA Not-Breakdown. Wouldn't be a Transformers con without a G2 Breakdown, and the Ks are definitely extra-90s. Click through to see the images!

Scans have surfaced of the booklet for the controversial SDCC 2014 "Knights of Unicron" boxset. Beating the joke to death on epic levels, you can read the alternate history of Cybertron's most famous hair-metal band, their decline, individual careers, and reunion tour. You have never seen so many words replaced with "Bot" in one place in your life. Keep reading to see the scans!

And if you haven't seen enough photos to feel like you're really at BotCon yet, BaCon's got a nice, meaty gallery of the dealer room for you too! See anything you're looking for? Maybe something rare? Or maybe somebody you know? Click the title to see the full gallery of 50+ photos!

BaCon's added another nice, big gallery of the BotCon 2014 Knights 3-pack featuring Alpha Trizer, Flareup, and Apelinq! Trizer is a recolor Transformers Prime Thundertron meant to be an aged version of Cheetor; Flareup is a recolor of Prime RID Arcee (soon to be partially recycled as Generations Chromia), and Apelinq is our second recolor for this con of the Beast Wars 10th/Cybertron Deluxe Optimus Primal mold. Click through to see the 82 images of the figures and their bios!

The Radio Free Cybertron Twitter account has posted an image of Primal Prime's Tech Spec printout from the BotCon 2014 customizing class. It gives a brief history of the character, how he wound up in the Knights vs. Pirates story, and an explation of his "Surfblade" weapon. Check out the full story to see the full bio!

The Transformers: BotCon twitter account posted a picture of this year's customizing class, a new take on Primal Prime made from the Cybertron/Beast Wars 10th Anniversary "Surf Munky" Optimus Primal mold. Interesting stickers on the surfboard missile launcher, too! Click the title to check out the mirrored image!

Thanks to Ray from Robotkingdom who has sent us an update letting us know Prefect Effect will be offering the PE-DX04 Guardian pre-launch version at many conventions worldwide starting in June. The release that features exclusive convention cover art will be limited to only available 800 pieces worldwide. The normal version will release late 2014 only. Don't miss the chance to pick this up at BotCon for the first launch!

Thanks to Snakas we have more images and report from the Super Festival 65 in Japan where Art Storm and e-Hobby were showing various new official items. See more shots ArtStorm's SD Optimus Prime, and SD Rodimus. As well as Alpha Trion,Optimus Prime, and G1 Grimlock EX Alloy figures along with Unimetal Optimus Prime and the Unicron Head Playset. Read on to see the images and translated report for more details now.

Thanks to Tempting Toys who have posted some images from the Super Festival have was held this weekend in Tokyo Japan. Get a look at new products from ArtStorm and Fewture Models including their SD Optimus Prime, and SD Rodimus. We also see the Alpha Trion,Optimus Prime, and G1 Grimlock EX Alloy figures along with Unimetal Optimus Prime and the Unicron Head Playset. Finally, Takara Tomy were showing off the Transformers Cloud Starscream figure.

Thanks again to griffin over at OzFormers who's been given permission to post the rest of the news and images he got at the Austrailian Toyfair 2014 that was held a couple weeks ago. He gives us additional details on the Transformers mini-figures from Goldie as well as details on the rest of the display and images of the retailers merchandising catalog that was given out at the show. You can read the full details at otca.com.au.

Toy Fair 2014 has come and gone leaving A LOT of news and updates in its wake. If you missed it over the weekend, worry not as we have captured all the goodness. Get your looks at all the new previews including new Generations, Age of Extinction, Rise of the Dark Spark, Mashers, Rescue Bots, KRE-O, and lots and lots of DINOBOTS! We have compiled a list of all the posts you for you follow below.

Following on with our continuous coverage from New York Toy Fair 2014 are official images of the Toy Fair 2014 Hasbro Transformers Kre-O Age of Extinction and more. Get a look at images form the new Custom, Micro Changer Combiner, and Movie Micro Changer, Combiners and Playsets that you can see in the gallery now. Please share you comments on these new figures with others below.

More news just in from Toy Fair 2014, Get a look at the Toy Fair 2014 Transformers Hero Mashers official images Bulkhead, Megatron and Optimus Prime upgrade figures as well as the Bumblebee Drifter Springer Starscream from the regular assortment that we have just put up in the gallery. Check checking back, we have lots more to share from Toy Fair 2014!

This year's Toy Fair 2014 has been filled with suprises in the Transfomers Generations like. We've got some nice figures to look forwards to this year. The highlights of the show include the Leader Jetfire, Voyagers Sky Byte and Roadbuster, and and the Fan built Windblade figure. Get a preview of our hi-res images from the showroom with break down of what shown in each class in our report below. UPDATE: more images of Jetfire, and other figures added.

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