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Shout! Factory has posted Day 3 of their BotCon 2014 stream to YouTube, featuring once again a selection of Transformers cartoons interspersed with highlights from today's panels, including the IDW comics panel. Keep reading to see the video!

A lot of information has come out of Botcon this year, and TFormers has been there to bring it all to you. But the amount of news may be a little overwhelming to catch up on if you haven't been following along from the start. To help make it a little easier, we're bringing you a highlights list. Keep reading to get up to speed on everything we've covered over the extended convention weekend!

And if you haven't seen enough photos to feel like you're really at BotCon yet, BaCon's got a nice, meaty gallery of the dealer room for you too! See anything you're looking for? Maybe something rare? Or maybe somebody you know? Click the title to see the full gallery of 50+ photos!

BaCon's added another nice, big gallery of the BotCon 2014 Knights 3-pack featuring Alpha Trizer, Flareup, and Apelinq! Trizer is a recolor Transformers Prime Thundertron meant to be an aged version of Cheetor; Flareup is a recolor of Prime RID Arcee (soon to be partially recycled as Generations Chromia), and Apelinq is our second recolor for this con of the Beast Wars 10th/Cybertron Deluxe Optimus Primal mold. Click through to see the 82 images of the figures and their bios!

BaCon's uploaded a massive gallery from the BotCon Art Show! There's all sorts of great, creative work in here, from customs (Rack n' Ruin!) to crocheted dolls (More Than Meets The Eye Whirl's holoavatar!) to good old fashioned drawings. Click the title to see more than 180 images from the show!

The Transformers Collector's Club panel has just wrapped up, and we have the scoop on the development of this year's Botcon set, plus our first looks at the figures for the upcoming third Transformers Figure Subscription Set with another range of eccentric character choices from a wide swath of molds. Check out the photos and report from our own BaCon below!

Following on the earlier 2nd day Hasbro Booth photos, BaCon has brought us new shots for the Age of Extinction additions to the Hasbro display case, showing in person many of the things reported at the Hasbro brand panel and seen in official images distributed earlier today. Check out the extensive gallery of photos by clicking the title link and keep watching right here for more news from Botcon!

Finally on the press kit parade we've got G1 style Leader Megatron, who's reported to include a sticker sheet so you can optionally make him an Autobot if you'd like to follow the IDW continuity. But most surprising is the toy's retool, as Armada Megatron with a new head and modified transformation! Keep reading to see for yourself.

Next we have looks at the last unrevealed Voyager for this year, an IDW design inspired Brainstorm with Headmaster Arcana who can ride in the jet mode's cockpit. Then we have a look in to 2015 with a new Voyager Optimus Prime, the first since the original Classics toy in 2006! Keep reading to see images of both toys!

Possibly the most anticipated reveals from Botcon 2014 are Arcee and Chromia. Arcee is an incredibly pink and classic design inspired figure, while Chromia takes some design cues from Prime Arcee but is not likely a retool contrary to the current popular speculation. Check them out and keep watching for more official product photos coming up!

Moving in to the collector-oriented arm of the images, we've got the upcoming Generations Legends figures, starting with Nemesis Prime and Cliffjumper rounding out 2014, with 2015 bringing us Powerglide and Bombshell, plus more recolors and retools of the existing molds. And it just gets better from here. Keep watching for more updates!

Now up we have stock photos of the upcoming multi-pack Age of Extinction products including a Leader Two-Pack of Optimus and Grimlock, Breakout Scene Three-Pack featuring the "rusty" deco Optimus Prime, and an Autobots United Five-Pack, plus images of Hot Shot, an upcoming recolor of Crosswise. Keep reading to see it all!

We have a mass of images from the press kit distributed to news sites following the end of the Hasbro Panel showing many of the things revealed to panel attendees. First up we have a look at Age of Extinction's Power Battler figures and One-Step Changers. Keep watching because we have a lot more that'll be going up in the next few minutes, and check out our coverage from the Hasbro booth while you're waiting!

With the Brand Panel wrapped up the Hasbro showcase has had many of the newly revealed toys added for attendees to get an up close look at in person. For the rest of us, we'll have to just look at BaCon's photos of the new toys. Check out the new gallery from the Hasbro Booth, and keep watching for more updates today and tomorrow! Don't forget to read the report from the panel as well, by clicking here!

The Hasbro Brand Panel has just wrapped up, giving attendees the first look at many upcoming toys. As usual, photography of the presentation was not allowed, but BaCon was there and brought us this shot of the Hasbro team to hold us over until photos of the updated display and press kit are ready! In the meantime, click through and read BaCon's report!

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