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Rovio has released a new video spotlighting Angry Birds' mascot character Red decked out as Optimus Prime for the upcoming Angry Birds Transformers game. While previously the name "Optimus Red" was trademarked, it seems as though Rovio and Hasbro decided not to mix their trademarks that closely. Also worth mentioning is that the video features another snippet of music by The Transformers: The Movie composer Vince DiCola! Keep reading to see and hear for yourself!

Five days remain until Age of Extinction is available through digital channels, and only nineteen until the DVD and Blu-Ray releases. In support of which, the official Transformers YouTube Channel has released a new behind-the-scenes video focusing on the "Cavalry Charge" of the Dinobots at the end of the film. Keep reading to see!

The Furyu Prize Blog has posted images of a Bumblebee figure which appears to be the counterpart of the Optimus Prime prize figure we posted about almost two months ago. Also shown are Autobot and Decepticon-themed wall clocks. If you like any of this, you'd best get yourself to a Japanese arcade some time in November with a stack of yencoins. Keep reading for the photos!

The official Transformers Youtube channel has followed up their designer's desk updates with three new product demo videos. In these quick clips, you can see the action features of Stomp & Chomp Grimlock, the transformation of Mega 1-Step Bumblebee, and an accelerated build of the Construct-Bot Dinobots figures. In particular this does well to make Grimlock look like a fun action gimmick platform as well as giving a solid sense of its mass for anyone who has never seen one in person before. We've embedded all the videos for convenient viewing, so keep reading to check them out!

Shartimus Prime has posted a brand new video review for the Silver Knight Optimus Prime Target Exclusive Leader Class Transformers 4 Age of Extinction figure. Get a look at this repaint in his gleeming (not really) Knight mode from the unboxing, to the robot and transformation to his vehicle mode. We've also got a mass of images to look at for those who want the extra views to go with their video. Read on for to see the review and image gallery.

The official Transformers YouTube channel has posted a new video spotlighting the Walmart exclusive Age of Extinction figures, including the "old-mold" sets featuring Beast Wars' Terrorsaur as Strafe as well as the TF4 Legends- which confirms the previously rumored Lockdown and Hound Legends-class figures. Keep reading to see the video!

TakaraTomy has posted a set of interviews with their designers on three figures: MP-24 Star Saber, Age of Extinction Generations Deluxes Slug, and Drift. The interviews themselves are in Japanese so not much use to us (unless some enterprising translator has a go at them) - but there's a wealth of design images for the figures as well as new images of the upcoming Masterpiece. Keep reading for mirrored images and a link to the original article!

Thanks to Shartimus Prime who's hooked up a brand new video reivew of Transformers 4 Age of Extinction Slog Voyager Class Dinobot figure! Oh yea, the last of the G1 Dinbots arrives to complete the collection. Set you peepers on this review that shows this figure from unboxing and through the ever important transformation routines. As usual, we've got pics too for you spy on for the intimate details! Read on to see the review and gallery now.

Thanks to Weibo, we have some first look images of Dinobot Black Knight Generations 5-Pack. Get some rough looks at the repaints of Scorn, Swoop and Slug showing these figures to have dark colors and antiqued metallic paint apps. Read on the the Dinobots Black Knight Shared Exclusive Figures Scorn, Swoop and Slug.

Thanks to Yahoo! Auctions we have a preview of the Protectobots Emergency Response set. Get a look at the packaging along with the figures and packing. This set includes remakes of First Aid based on Prime Ratchet and Groove based on Legends Arcee and a repaint of Beast Hunters Prowl. Read on to see the images now.

Following the news of Dr. Wu's accessory for Age of Extinction Optimus Prime- a more film-accurate Sword of Judgment. We have new Uncle Billy's Toy Castle has announced an exclusive translucent purple version of the Cavalier sword. Available now, come to about $20 USD shipped. Read on to see the image now.

Thanks to Yodobashi and BigBadToyStore who have released official images and details for the EX Black Knight Slug Transformers Lost Age / Age of Extinction movie exclusive figure. Traditionally, Takara Tomy offer a lot of their figures in black / nemesis color versions. Following the G1 Dinobots, it is likely we will see all the figure made over in this style. Get Slug on pre-order for just $39.99 USD to be shipped in November now at bigbadtoystore.com

Transformers@The Moon reports that this Sunday, Hasbro will open an exhibit in the Pawtucket, Rhode Island City Hall entitled "From Sketches To Product: Development of a Transformers Figure." The event will run for 3 months and will give a look at the process behind creating the Stomp & Chomp Grimlock figure for the Age of Extinction toyline. There will also be a drawing for SDCC-exclusive Transformers at the event. Keep reading to link to the original post!

Transformers Colombia, ever the providers of new and upcoming product images have now shown us something of an interesting mystery. The previously known Power Battler Galvatron figure now represented with closed box packaging, a style more commonly associated with merchandise from Takara. Based on understanding that die cut and windowed packaging can be more expensive, this may point to an experiment in more cost-effective packaging. Whatever it mnay indicate, we'll be watching for more information. Keep reading to see the full image!

YouTuber chuckdawg1999 has posted a review of the TakaraTomy exclusive Battle Command Optimus Prime! Battle Command Prime is designed to interact with the simplified Age of Extinction/Lost Age figures, and has a trailer that transforms into both a battle station and a jetpack. Keep reading to see the review!

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