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Masabon1980 has posted a pile of images of Transformers Cloud Brawn and Starscream to his Photobucket! Starscream is a recolor of Generations Voyager Blitzwing with a new face mold and added null rays, and Brawn is a somewhat more painted version of the unreleased hilarious Asian/TRU "GDO" Brawn, a remold of Transformers Prime Bulkhead. Keep reading to see more photos and a link to Masabon's Photobucket!

Manga artist Yuki Ohshima has posted an image from "Train Wars 2," a comic appearing in Million Publishing's upcoming Transformers Generations 2014 volume 2. It's a composite image showing off fan-choice figure GoShooter and his partner Shuta Go in both pencilled and final stages. Keep reading to see the tweet and the photo!

It's the Japanese Magazine Scans time of month, and Singapore fangroup Planet Iacon has posted some Transformers-related pages! In the Transformers Legends department we have a new image of LG06 Gelshark, AKA Sky-Byte, who is much darker than his US release. We also have a new Age of Extinction figure, LA-13 which is a Nemesis Prime made from One-Step Optimus Prime. Lastly, we now know Kabaya is releasing candy-toy figures of the Samurai team from Transformers Go! Keep reading to see the images!

TakaraTomy has published images of the official variety for Advanced Series AD-29 Slog and AD-30 Sky Drift! Slog is the most G1ish of the movie Dinobots in his default color scheme, and Sky Drift is the Japanese name for the Voyager Helicopter Drift which is a recolor of Dark of the Moon Skyhammer. Keep reading for more details!

The prolific Masabon has put out a series of images for Takara's G1 version of Generations Voyager Grimlock! Somewhat different than the Hasbro version from SDCC, it's a pretty good G1ifying of the mold. Keep reading for sampled photos and a link to Masabon1980's full gallery!

Pax Cybertron has followed up his images post with a Generations Nightbeat video review. Nightbeat is a reuse of the Bumblebee/Goldfire mold- it's not as nice a figure as the Jazz mold shown previously, but it is more accurate to the original G1 body type. Then there's that yellow paint on blue plastic not working too well, though... keep reading to see the full video review now.

Thanks again Pax Cybertron we have some more images this time of the IDW inspired Crosscut figure. Get a look at the Transformers Generations deluxe class toy that is a remake of the Generations Skids character with a newly molded head and paint scheme to go with. This figure was displayed at BotCon and SDCC this year and is expect to hit store shelves anytime now. Read on to see the out of package images.

Hero-X has revealed the package art for the premium figure for Transformers Generations 2014 Volume 1, Trainbot Shouki with Targetmaster Daniel! Shouki is a Headmasters Trainbot recolor of Classics Astrotrain, and his Targetmaster is none other than Daniel Witwicky, taken from a Power Core Combiners mold (funnily enough named Groundspike.) The alternate transformation of the mold from claw to bow is also pretty clever. Keep reading for the picture!

Pax Cybertron has shared images of Generations Nightbeat. Nightbeat is a reuse of the Bumblebee/Goldfire mold- it's not as nice a figure as the Jazz mold shown previously, but it is more accurate to the original G1 body type. Then there's that yellow paint on blue plastic not working too well, though... keep reading for some mirrored images and a link!

Following the Beast Wars Rhinox and Waspinator concept art, Artist Emiliano Santalucia has shared some more of final design illustrations for new Transformers: Generations Rattrap action figure. The artwork shows level of detail that went into this rodent character. Emiliano shows us what the concept for the robot mode looked like. Check out the notes and images from Emiliano for more details on the Transformers: Generations Rattrap.

Thanks to BBTS who have just sent out an update letting us know they have new listings giving us details on Transformers Generations Deluxe Series 5 and Voyager Series 3 & 4. The listing showing the case breakdowns let us know we will be seeing Chromia and Arcee as a set of deluxes as well as the figures Brainstorm, Sky Byte and Roadbuster in the Voyager series. Read on for the details below.

Alex Primo Salamanca Monroy of the Transformers Colombia Facebook page has posted an interesting item today- it appears to be Generations Deluxe Crosshairs in Oreo cookie-themed packaging. The packaging is printed in Spanish, and the website that is listed on the packaging does not seem to currently exist. What's the deal? How will these become available and what is the nature of the stickers included? We'll tell you as soon as we know, but for now keep reading to see the photo!

Thanks to the Japanese Radio Kaikan website we have some new photos of Mega Drive Megatron and Original Playstation Optimus Prime! Megatron's controller becomes a pair of small, batlike wings for the back of the figure where as Optimus Prime's becomes a pair of Batman-like forearm fins. (With slightly less Batmanic cannons, it looks like...) Keep reading for all the photos!

Planet Iacon has shared images taken by G3Studio of Japanese Transformers Expo exclusives Nemesis Grimlock and Nemesis Prime. Both are really attractive figures, and since word is that the Expo has already sold out of their entire stock, this may well be the best look you ever get at them. Keep reading to see!

TFND has posted images of Generations Jhiaxus out of package, showing off the extensive remolding from Generations Armada Starscream. It's an attractive shade of orange- which I guess is a decent second choice since apparently it could not be colored like Jhiaxus. Keep reading for the photos!

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