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The official TakaraTomy Transformers Twitter has posted images of Transformers Legends Rattrap and Optimus Primal in-package, along with a quick cartoon informing us that Legends Rattle/Rattrap has now sold out. In addition, Legends package artist Yuki Ohshima posted some in and out of package images of Optimus Primal on his Twitter. Keep reading to see the images!

TakaraTomy has published a new picture of GoShooter, the Masterforce-themed recolor of Generations Nightbeat. (Which is itself a remold of Generations Bumblebee and Goldfire.) It's a really nice deco, and comes with a Mini-Con partner to represent Headmaster Junior Shuta Go. The figure is a Million Publishing exclusive and will be available to those who purchase Generations 2014 Volume 2. Keep reading to see!

Armada Starscream is a really well done Generations Deluxe, but one thing he's missing is his original Mini-Con partner, Swindle. MasterShooter Collectibles is working on fixing that, with a figure seemingly codenamed "Hustler" going by the capitalization of the word in the announcement. While not a racecar anymore, Hustler turns into a gun, which is at least just as good. You can also spy an adapter on the Mini-Con port on Starscream's left arm, which will likely let you mount Hustler in place of the traditional Starscream arm-guns. Keep reading to see the photo!

Hisashi Yuki has once again taken to Twitter to post an image of upcoming TF Legends figures! This time it's Brainstorm, the Japanese release of the upcoming Generations Voyager figure, and he's purusing a Japanese robotics hobbyist magazine with Rattrap, who is fast becoming the unofficial mascot of TF Legends. Keep reading to see the photo!

Singapore superfans Planet Iacon have posted images of an upcoming Platinum Edition set that includes five Age of Extinction Dinobots in eye-popping silver chrome. Grimlock, Slug, Strafe, Slog, and Scorn have all been rendered almost completely in vac-metal silver whilst retaining highlights in their personal color schemes. This makes the Dinobots closer to their in-film color schemes for Transformers 4. Also: blinding. Keep reading to see the pictures, but try not to stare directly at them for too long!

e-Hobby has posted new, higher-resolution versions of the previously revealed stock images of Arcee, Chromia and Windblade! In case you missed the previous versions, Arcee and Chromia sport G1-accurate color schemes while Windblade is a much closer match to Sarah Stone's rendering for IDW comics. All three are available now for preorder for 2520 Yen, and are due for release on Valentine's Day 2015 because of course they are. Keep reading to see the images!

Okay, so Generations Nightbeat is not a Headmaster. And his head is so tiny that it's extremely unlikely that anybody is going to be able to make a third party Headmaster for it. Mastershooter Collectibles has a clever solution: make him a Targetmaster (or Shooter Master) instead! Helped immensely by the fact that Nightbeat's Nebulan partner was named "Muzzle," the new Targetmaster will be available at TFCon Chicago. Prior experience leads us to believe this Targetmaster will be high-quality and reasonably priced. Keep reading to see the photo!

Following the new images from Takara Tomy Mall of Roadbuster, we have found the official site also has new degree spin images have been posted for the Transformers Cloud TFC-D04 Hellswarp Get a look at the remake of Generations SkyByte mold as the Generations Cloud TFC-D04 Hellwarp character figure in his robot and alternate modes for the full 360 preview of this figure.

Seibertron is reporting that two of its members, GuyIncognito and Bounti76, have located the newest Generations Deluxe Comic Packs at retail. at ToysRUs and Walmarts in Pennsylvania and Utah. This is the wave that includes Crosscut, Nightbeat, Jhiaxus, and Windblade! Keep reading for a link to the post!

TakaraTomy Toy Designer Hisashi Yuki has posted a few more images of upcoming Transformers Legends toys. This gives us a good chance to get a look at the Japanese decos for current and upcoming figures including Rattrap, Sky-Byte, and Whirl, who... ultimately end up in a display of respect or contrition towards Jetfire? Not quite sure on that one since the text is in Japanese, but keep reading to see the new photos!

Hisashi Yuki, Transformers designer and unofficial TakaraTomy ambassador to Twitter, has hit us with a series of new images this morning. In the set, Rattrap visits with a number of upcoming Transformers Legends figures including Optimus Primal, Sky-Byte/Gelshark, Roadbuster, Jetfire, and a hint of Arcee... who was just revealed via BBTS. Still, it's a good look at the deco changes on a variety of Japanese-release Generations figures. Keep reading to see the photos!

BigBadToyStore has just posted preorders with images for TakaraTomy's Transformers Legends versions of Generations Arcee, Chromia, and Windblade! Arcee's a significant improvement and more accurate to the G1 cartoon color scheme. Chromia is... more accurate to the G1 cartoon color scheme. But also very much worth mentioning is Windblade, who is a signficantly better match for the color scheme used for the character in the comic. It's possible the face paint is superior as well, but better photos will be needed to say for sure. In the meantime, keep reading to get preorder links to BBTS and see the photos!

TakaraTomyMall has posted a new image of Transformers Cloud Roadbuster to Twitter, showing the figure side by side with his inspiration, Energon Ironhide. Roadbuster is pretty inspired all around, using the Generations Roadbuster body to make Ironhide, also known himself as Roadbuster from Transformers: Super Link. The Japanese Roadbuster deco was slightly different, substituting silver for Ironhide's tan, and TFC-A04 reflects that. In addition, a new story illustration is up on the website featuring Roadbuster and Hellscream - keep reading to see!

TakaraTomy has updated their product pages for the Legends Swerve and Tailgate 2-pack and Voyager Brainstorm! Brainstorm's page has the first good shot of the Japanese release of Arcana, and Tailgate and Swerve are shown in significantly darker, more toy-derived color schemes than their US counterparts. Keep reading to see the photos!

Member Tober of the Australian Transformers forums, OTCA, has posted images and a brief review of Generations Deluxe Arcee! She's looking pretty good, with a decent set of accessories and a really well-executed headsculpt of the G1 design. Keep reading for the photos and details!

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