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Hasbro has posted its product page for Leader Class Thundercracker with official images and a product description! A seemingly chrome-free remold of Legends Jetfire, Thundercracker seems to come with most but not all of Jetfire's gear, with the iconic booster pack sensibly excluded. Keep reading to see!

Twitter user @2Danomite2 has posted images of his just-arrived Voyager Motormaster! The figure is looking good, and Daniel says that he ordered the case from Entertainment Earth. If so, we can hopefully expect preorders to be filled soon from other online retailers. Keep reading to see the photos!

Hisashi Yuki has once again posted an image of the upcoming Masterpiece Star Saber, but this time the V-Star seems to be giving Arcee, Windblade, and Chromia a lift. Most notable about the photo is the fact that Arcee sadly uses the open hands which are not very good at holding her accessories - you can see in the photo how far her gun sticks out of her hand. All three figures in what Yuki seems to refer to as the "Woman Robot" series are due to be released in Japan on Valentine's Day, February 14th. Keep reading to see for yourself!

The Higekuma Toy Blog has posted an extensive gallery of photos of the first half of Legends LG-08, Swerve and Phaser! A recolor of Generations Legends-class Swerve's US Mini-Con Flanker, Phaser looks at first glance to be in a more traditional space-shuttle white, but there was a second reason for that: Phaser's gun mode has been painted to look as much as possible like My First Blaster, the remedial training gun given to Swerve in the pages of More Than Meets The Eye! Keep reading for a sampling of photos and a link to the Higekuma Toy Blog so you can see them all!

eBayer Lena81822 is at it again, this time posting auctions for Hellwarp's wavemate, Cloud Roadbuster! A recolor of Generations Roadbuster made to resemble Super Link Roadbuster, AKA Energon Ironhide, the figure's looking pretty good! Keep reading to see about a dozen photos!

Autobase Aichi has posted a pair of blurry, fleeting images from German Toy Fair of Combiner Wars Devastator! There's not much else to be said except that he does look like Devastator and does appear, judging by the Silverbolt in the background, to be larger than Superion. Check it out!

Site Sponsor TFSource has posted images and a preorder page for the Sega Genesis version of the Mega Drive Megatron mold! Due in February at a price of $119, Genesis Megatron sports the changes related to the US release of the Mega Drive console: a Sega Genesis logo on both the console and controller, a color change (the purple is now on Megatron and the red is now on the Genesis), and a different molded font for the "16-Bit" mark on the torso. Oh, and of course the US label for the included Sonic The Hedgehog cart. Keep reading to see!

The Collector's Club figures aren't the only exclusive Transformers to have fallen into the hands of eBayer lena81822 of late. Also in the seller's listings is Transformers Cloud Hellwarp! A Beast Wars II-inspired recolor of Generations Sky-Byte, Hellwarp is an upgrade of Skywarp (with Cloud appropriating Takara's version of Fall of Cybertron Skywarp to serve as that universe's version of the character). Shark Mode isn't shown, but there's a solid gallery of robot mode photos. Keep reading to see!

eHobby has posted official images of Unite Warriors UW01 Superion, the Japanese release of the Combiner Wars Aerialbots. Also included are individual images of the robot mode Aerialbots, and thus our first good look at Slingshot! Keep reading to see the photos!

Autobase Aichi has posted a link to TakaraTomy's just-updated product pages for Transformers Adventure, the Japanese name for Robots In Disguise 2015. Beyond a variety of official photos for known toys, we've got the first official photos of recolors rumored to be in the line since late last year. Sources range from Prime Beast Hunters, Generations... and perhaps most surprisingly, Transformers Animated. Keep reading for photos and descriptions of the new figures!

The TFWiki's Tumblr Page has posted sprites and bios for the upcoming mobile game Transformers Battle Tactics, and in so doing has given us a full bio for Alpha Bravo complete with a function and details on his weapons, just like the old days. Considering that his packaging gave him nothing more than "Airborne Special Ops" to work with, that's a welcome addition. Keep reading to see it for yourself, along with sprites for Bumblebee, Optimus Prime and Wheeljack!

ToyWiz have posted a new listings for the Transformers Generations Combiner Wars that reveal figures First-Aid and Rook along with their product details. We've know about these coming our way from preview reports of listing the Wal-Mart inventory, now we have the details with character profiles and all. Read on the more on these new Protectobots that will be joining the Combiner Wars line.

A new image that has surfaced on Terminal Video Italia, an italian toy retailer. appears to reveal there will be a Transformers: Robots in Disguise 2015 SIdeswipe figure coming in Three Step Changer class. Interestingly, the image seems to be have been posted accidentally with the Warrior class Bumblebee figure. Shown, is part of the figure instructions depicting the three different change stages. Read on to see the image now for the full reveal.

Thanks to Meteor Operation who have posted a whimsical image of the Iron Factory Maiden, their Legends-scale figure based on the Fan-Built Bot character Windblade. That shows the small but super-articulated figure with the mighty Generations Metroplex for a nice scale comparison. Read on to see the image now.

IDW artist and colorist Josh Burcham found himself inspired by the deleted scene from More Than Meets The Eye #22 that was posted by writer James Roberts at New Year's, and took it on himself to bring the scene to life. The result, posted at the 2005 forums, is an absolute delight and captures the spirit of the scene perfectly. Keep reading to see for yourself!

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