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Amazon Canada has listed two upcoming trades for the IDW Transformers titles. First up is the 7th collected volume of More Than Meets The Eye, which should cover issues 34 through 38 of the fan favorite comic book series and its Days Of Deception storyline. Along with that is the collected edition of Angry Birds Transformers, the tie in comic for the crossover mobile device game. Both books are scheduled for release in May of 2015.

It's taken some time, but now that complete combiner sets are getting in the hands of more fans around the world, we finally have comparison images showing the relative size of the gestalts of Combiner Wars with their earlier and third party opposites. Thanks to "prjkt", we have pictures of Superion and Ultra Prime with FOC Bruticus and Maketoys' Giant, as well as a range of other size comparisons. It's pretty impressive, so click through and check it all out!

After a long and frustrating wait, Hasbro has finally put up pre-order pages for the Transformers Generations Arcee and Chormia figures. They are listed now but are likely to sell out really fast as they usually do on Hasbro Toy Shop. Far as we know they still taking orders, but when they sell out you can still get them at TFSource.com. Get them while you can at 20% off with code "SAVE20" now at hasbrotoyshop.com

Last night, ExVee was saying in his MTMTE #36 review that he was hoping to see a clean version Alex Milne's retailer incentive cover. Today on Twitter, Milne obliged with his pencils and inks as well as Josh Perez's colors! Keep reading to see the image, which features Transformers from practically every incarnation of the series!

They're from the future and they know a lot about history - a team from the Lost Light travels to Cybertron's past to protect Orion Pax, the logical target of Brainstorm's plan to change the timeline. But time travel never quite works out how you intend it to. "Elegant Chaos, Part 1: All Our Parlous Yesterdays" Written by James Roberts, art by Alex Milne, and colors by Joana Lafuente. Keep reading!

After he and Ratchet are taken prisoner by the Decepticon Gigatron, Drift is given a chance to win their freedom - by rejoining Gigatron as a Decepticon and leading him to a hidden army Drift discovered long ago. Drift: Empire of Stone #2, written by Shane McCarthy, breakdowns by Guido Guidi, finishes by Stephen Baskerville, and colors by John-Paul Bove. Read the full review!

OUTLAWS! Before the war, Orion Pax was part of the Establishment-until a friend opened his eyes to the truth behind the lies and he vowed to overthrow the system. Now, it seems as if his newfound enemies are willing to go to any lengths to see him dead-even if it means waiting four million years...

ONCE A DECEPTICON! DRIFT's past comes back to haunt him, as RATCHET tries to drag him back to the Lost Light. But alone on a far-off world, DRIFT's honor demands he stand his ground!

Today we celebrate the birth of Combiners in Transformers, for on December 15th, 1984 heavy Metal War premiered, and with it came the debut of Devastator who would be just the first of many teams of combining Transformers. It's appropriate this occasion falls just as Combiner Wars is beginning to reach fans around the world. If you're still waiting to find the toys, then relive the episode that started it all with Radio Free Cybertron's Transformers Rewind segment featuring Heavy Metal War, embedded below!

Combiner Wars is the topic on everyone's mind right now, and the new Optimus Prime finds itself high on that list. Despite a less than warm reception when revealed at Botcon, opinions have been changing as we've seen more and more of the toy. And like it or hate it, you can't deny that this Optimus is a huge wall of robot for being a Voyager pricepoint. We've got a couple pictures to illustrate, so keep reading and check it out!

Nichloas' Figure Reviews has finished out the first wave of Combiner Wars Deluxes with a video featuring Skydive. While we're still waiting for any video producers to get together a full set of toys and complete a combiner, we can in the meantime finally have a look at the last Aerialbot of wave one and see how it stands on its own. Click through to see the video!

From zy80 we have a set of high detail photos of Combiner Wars Powerglide. The newest Aerialbot is a great likeness between the original toy and media interpretations, along with some fun extras like forearms full of missiles. Besides seeing Powerglide in weapon mode and unofficial vehicle "attack mode", you can also check out some quick thoughts on the toy from zy80. Keep reading to see it all!

Youtube user thefallen835 has uploaded his review of Combiner Wars Silverbolt, fresh in stores this week in various places around the UK. This nearly half hour long video goes over a lot of the toy, including both primary modes and the combiner torso. Unfortunately just as with the earlier video of Optimus, a full video for Superion will have to wait a bit longer. Click through and take a look at the review embedded below!

Benscollectibles has posted a lengthy video showcasing Combiner Wars Optimus. While no extra figures were available to demonstrate full combination, the video does show the transformation to Ultra Prime torso configuration, along with the robot and vehicle modes. We also get our first impression of the scale of this toy with other common Optimus molds, and this new one is huge! Click through and check out the embedded video!

While we're still anxiously awaiting stock to arrive at US retailers, our friends around the world are beginning to enjoy the first wave of Combiner Wars. Singapore has most or all of the full first wave across the pricepoints, and today the UK is getting in on the action starting with Voyagers. Multiple sightings have been reported, including one with a picture from a Smyth's location in Derby. Click through and check out the photo!

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