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Megatron has bombarded and stormed Iacon, coated the city in acid rain, incapacitated Metroplex, and attacked Omega Supreme. Now, it's Optimus Prime's move. The tide turns in Primacy #4! Written by Chris Metzen and Flint Dille with illustrations by Livio Ramondelli and letters by Chris Mowry. Continue to full review

END OF THE ROAD! The final secrets of war for CYBERTRON are revealed! Everything has been leading to this-war has engulfed OPTIMUS PRIME'S world, and MEGATRON stands on the verge of triumph! But can any survive the battle of the titans?!

Previews World has updated with their list of comic books shipping to stores for the week of November 26th, and along with all else for which you're giving thanks, you can add three Transformers titles to the list! Drift: Empire of Stone launches with normal and subscription blank version cover, Transformers vs GI Joe #4, and More Than Meets The Eye #35. It's a packed comic book day for the week of Thanksgiving, so click through to check out cover previews and solicitation blurbs for next week's books!

A Japanese fan has reviewed Advanced Series Armor Knight Optimus Prime on YouTube! AD31 has been the focus of a lot of attention this week, and with good reason. A refinement of the Age of Extinction Generations Leader class Optimus Prime, Armor Knight/"Saikyou"/Ultimate Mode Optimus Prime sports retooled parts to reflect the final render for TF4 Prime, plus a highly detailed deco and a face-swapping gimmick to give both masked and unmasked looks in a single figure. Keep reading to see the video- hope you speak Japanese!

Autobase Aichi has just posted an album of ToysRUs Japan's exclusives for November, including Advanced Series EX Rollbar and the promotional Carnivac Mini-Con. Rollbar is a recolor of Generations Deluxe Skids in a color scheme similar to the Rollbar figure in the Breakout Battle Platinum Edition set. Carnivac is a recolor of Classics Mini-Con Overbite, and is a gift to those who spend at least three thousand Yen on Transformers in one visit to a Japanese TRU. Keep reading to see photos!

Hasbro has sent out the first round of official product shots for Combiner Wars. Wave 1 of this greatly anticipated iteration of the Generations Classics line features Voyagers Silverbolt and Optimus Prime, and Deluxes Drag Strip, Skydive, Firefly (Fireflight), and Alpha Bravo who can become the limbs for any combiner Voyager figure. These photos are our first chance to see these toys in production plastic colors, and they're looking pretty great! Keep reading for more, plus a bonus new Superion image from the Transformers Facebook!

Planet Iacon has posted new images of the first wave of Combiner Wars Generations figures in-package! The Voyager assortment includes Aerialbot leader Silverbolt and Optimus Prime, and the Deluxes include Aerialbots Firefly, Skydive and Alpha Bravo(the new kid)... and Stunticon Dragstrip. It also looks like, despite an impending $2 price hike, comics are no longer included with Deluxe figures. On the upside, that Voyager Optimus Prime looks a bit better in his final production colors. Keep reading to see the photos!

The Art of IDW's Transformers features a selection of comic book art from a wide range of artists who have contributed material to the various iterations of the series during IDW's publication. This release from the IDW Limited label features hand-drawn art from Casey Coller in addition to the collected works, and has a printing of only 15 copies. It also comes at no small price, at $250 per copy. But for the dedicated fan of IDW's Transformers art over the years, that might be irresistible! Keep reading for more details and pictures.

This week on Radio Free Cybertron: All the guys are back this week! We discuss the re-release of the TFTM soundtrack on vinyl, the possible end of Transformers Universe, the possibility of a Combiner Wars Devastator boxset, the need for another 3rd Party NOT Cy-Kill, the 27th anniversary of Rebirth and way more! Also, we could use your help! Click here to learn out how you can help!

Weekly Comic Book Review has posted a lengthy sit down with John Barber, discussing many topics relating to crafting the current IDW universe and how what the current creative team has done to reshape the perception of Transformers comics in general. As well as talking about Prowl in a fair degree of detail. There's a great deal of meat to this interview and it's more than worth the time to sit down and read through. We've included an excerpt you can read by clicking through, but be sure to go and check out the original article as well!

Thanks to Previews World we've got the details on what Transformers titles will be hitting your local shops next week. Primacy will be wrapping up with issue 4, concluding the trilogy of books depicting the beginnings of the Autobot/Decepticon war in the IDW continuity, while the 6th collected volume of Robots in Disguise will be right alongside, containing the first stories after Dark Cybertron. Remember to watch right here where we'll bring you the first posted reviews of Transformers comics every month!

As seeds of doubt and distrust are planted, a widening rift pushes Optimus Prime apart from his team. Meanwhile some old acquaintances of the Transformers come out of hiding, drawing the wrong kind of attention from all sides of the secret war on Earth. "Onyx Interface, Part One: Signals, Calls And Marches" written by John Barber, with art by Andrew Griffith, and colors by Josh Perez. Read the full review!

Days of Deception begins! PROWL and the CONSTRUCTICONS hunt the world's deadliest game -- three humans with a history of fighting CYBERTRONIANS! Lines are drawn as human and machine alike are drawn into -- the ONYX INTERFACE!

The Transformers© Official YouTube channel have posted a new Transformers Designer Desk video. Today we meet with Transformers toy designers, Joshua Lamb and John Warden, to talk about Combiner Wars. They are showing us previews on how to swap and combine all-new Legend, Deluxe and Voyager class Generations figures with the Superion and Menasor gestalts or a Combiner robot from your own imagination. Read on for the full preview.

Take as rumor for the time being, but jru42287 who has previously provided reliable information now reports finding Devastator listed in the inventory system at Toys R Us. While he could not share pricing at this time, it can reasonably be expected to be at least $100, and potentially a bit more besides with the Toys R Us "bump-up" practice. Our personal speculation puts this as the Metroplex-style big ticket item for 2015. If that turns out to be the case expect to see Devastator front and center at Toy Fair in February! Stick with us for more updates on this as they become available!

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