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Third party Transformers news for the week ending October 11th, 2014. Includes the latest news from Dawgstar, Dr. Wu, DX9 Toys, Impossible Toys, Maketoys, Mastermind Creations, MasterShooter Collectibles, and Play With This Too.

DX9 has posted an image to their Facebook page of D03I Invisible, a Mirage-themed recolor of their D03 Crasher figure. It looks pretty good! It seems similar in construction to the superb Classics mold of Mirage, but has less stylized proportions if that's your thing. Invisible is expected to appear in the 4th quarter of 2014 (you're soaking in it!) with a price of $84.99. Keep reading to see the photo! Order the figure now from BBTS at bigbadtoystore.com

Dr. Wu has updated his Weibo page with an image of his upcoming DW-P22E kit for MP-20 Masterpiece Wheeljack! The head features a head with light-piped eyes and clear blue earflaps to simulate the speaking effect from the G1 cartoon - neat! Keep reading to see the image!

Thanks to official Warbotron (Botron War) Facebook page, we have a batch of new images show uts the WB01-D Whirlwind action figure. Get a look at the fourth (D) combiner figure in their on-going Not Bruticus series that is a homage to the G1 Vortex character. Read on to see what looks like the final production figure in robot and alternate modes.

Just in from NYCC 2014 is more images showing off a variety ofThird Party figures that are on display on the show floor. No, Hasbro is not showing them. These are from a retailer who is at the show. Get a look at many of the figures we have seen circulating in recent months including Homages to a combiners and a number of G1 chararacter homages such as Shockwave, Blaster, Dinobots and Optimus Prime! Note, the proto ship is a non-TF Master Made SDF1 Makuros figure. Read on to see the images now.

Just an information update, people who ordered Ripper are getting shipping notices and tracking numbers sent to their emails. Also, in-hand pictures of Ripper have appeared online, including a fan-bird mode, that makes him look like Generation 1 Cutthroat.

Okay, so Generations Nightbeat is not a Headmaster. And his head is so tiny that it's extremely unlikely that anybody is going to be able to make a third party Headmaster for it. Mastershooter Collectibles has a clever solution: make him a Targetmaster (or Shooter Master) instead! Helped immensely by the fact that Nightbeat's Nebulan partner was named "Muzzle," the new Targetmaster will be available at TFCon Chicago. Prior experience leads us to believe this Targetmaster will be high-quality and reasonably priced. Keep reading to see the photo!

Third party Transformers news for the week ending October 4th, 2014. Includes the latest news from Badcube, Beezleboss, Before and After, Dawgstar, FansProject, GCI, GCreation, Guilty, Keith's Fantasy Club, Maketoys, Play With This Too, SXS and Unique Toys. Screen shot this week is of of the Marvin from the 1981 miniseries The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy.

The Guild of Concoctious Intent has shared pictures of their upcoming shoulder cannon accessories for MP-20 Wheeljack. It was mentioned before that they'd have storage options for vehicle mode and would also fit the MP Sideswipe mold, and both of those options are on display! Keep reading to see the photos!

Mr. Elljay of elljay-hobby-collection.com has gotten his hands on Sigma L, the long awaited fourth release from the Function X Line based on Mindwipe. The picture review reveals a few details not generally known about the toy, as well as the usual job of highlighting articulation, design, and accessories. We've mirrored a few of the images for a preview, so click through to check those out, and then see the full set at Mr. Elljay's site!

At their exhibit on making transformable robot toys, Beelzeboss had artwork on display depicting a design heavily based on G1 Slingshot. Currently identified as "Hot Air", it's intended as a replacement for Alpha Bravo in the Combiner Wars Aerialbots group coming in the early part of 2015's Transformers line. It will probably be a while before a meaningful prototype exists - at least until Hasbro's toys are in hand for the connection port to be cloned. Keep reading to check out the early images.

In an event recently, third party toy makers including Beelzeboss and Not-Guilty held a session going over the process of how products such as what they sell are made. In "How To Make Transformers", a title rife with irony, the exhibit mostly centered on one group's slightly modified bootleg of Classics Bumblebee which is expected to be an upcoming product line in various colors not officially used. ...and at least one that has been. Keep reading to see highlights from ToyCraft via DaimChoc on Facebook.

Site sponsor TFSource has posted images on their Facebook page from gigapower, revealing what appears to be a final-colors sample of their figure Guttur, a take on Dinobot Snarl at the Masterpiece scale. If giant dinosaur robots catch your interest, you have no shortage of buying options right now, so click through and have a look at these images to see if Guttur might be taking that Snarl-shaped hole on your display!

Third party Transformers news for the week ending September 27th, 2014. Includes the latest news from Boldforms, Custom Robots, DX9 Toys, Keith's Fantasy Club, Play With This Too, Renderform, TFC Toys and Toy Stages. Screen shot this week is of of the Heathkit Hero 1 on Mister Wizard's World.

MP-20 has barely been out a week, and already there's an announcement of Third Party parts for him! The twist is that this is a new group, the Guild of Concoctious Intent (nice name!), formed by members of the 2005 forums. The cannons will mount on Wheeljeck's shoulders, have a mounting part for vehicle mode, and even work with the MP Sideswipe mold! Keep reading for more info and pictures!

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