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Fansproject has rendered transformation demonstration videos of upcoming entries into their Function-X series meant to represent Headmasters Hardhead, Apeface and Highbrow. They're all looking pretty good, and it's noteworthy that Hardhead seems to have two different face configurations. Click through to see all three videos!

TFCon Toronto 2014 is happening now, and Fansproject has an exclusive Diaclone-colors version of Columpio (AKA Sludge) and his axe Mini-Con, Derpan. Overnight, that figure has already been reviewed by both Peaugh and Vangelus - keep reading to see both reviews!

TFCon has posted a photo and bio for Pestilence, their attendee-exclusive figure. It's a recolor of the Keith's Fantasy Club Ironpaw figure, AKA Not-Steeljaw, in a color scheme that will go equally well with a Toxitron (who is alluded to in the bio) -or a Transformers Mode "Eva" Convoy. Click through to see the image and read the bio!

Curt at TFSource have let us know they have two new preorders up, first is Sigma-L the 4th figure in the function-X series, and second is a new series of Dino riders Fansproject - Lost Exo Realm - LER-01 Columpio and Drepan! Both figures are set for an August release, preorder yours today!

The Full Metal Hero forums have posted renders of three new third-party Dinobots - Mechaform's MF-03 Gunk (Sludge), MF-04 Sneer (Snarl), and MF-05 Plunge (Swoop). This is yet another third-party take on the Dinobots - they've been getting a lot of third party attention this year. Can't really figure out what would've caused everyone to think Dinobots all at once. While I ponder that, click the title to see the mirrored images!

YouTuber Peaugh has reviewed the test shot for the upcoming Bullsfire DB-01 Air Strike, a third-party Swoop designed to go with MP-08 Grimlock. Unusual to see a review of a testshot. Check out the full review by clicking on the title!

Found via Full Metal Hero, Fansproject has released promotional photos of Lost Exo Realm LER-01 Columpio, their take on Sludge. Columpio comes with a Mini-Con, Derpan (yes, really) who can ride Dino Sludge and become an axe for Robot Sludge. Keep reading to see the image!

This week on Radio Free Cybertron: G2 Menasor sold for nearly $27,000!? We talk about the Harmony Gold Kickstarter, Transformers Universe’s Open Beta, Transformers vs G.I. Joe. Also on the show we talk about the changes to Mania King, the cancellation of Nova Lord, Salmoore, Rise of the Dark Spark and more!

Fansproject has posted new teaser images today showing that the Function-X line and its Headmaster updates will continue! Figured based on Hardhead and Highbrow can be seen, as well as a third figure that may seek to homage the Horrorcon Apeface! Also revealed is a team of Dinobot-based figures, the Lost Exo Realm series, showing Not-Slag and Not-Swoop figures at the prototype stage. Keep reading to see the mostly-obscured teasers!

Following the MP-08X Grimlock reissue with throne. Third party project Guilty have released a new image teaser that reveals plans to produce an Ark Chair accessory for the Fall of Cybertron Grimlock voyager class figure. The 3D model design shows an uncolored chair that relives the Grimlock taking is place on the Autobot's Ark spaceship. No word on pricing or a release date at this time. Read on to see the image for this first look at the accessory.

Thanks to Hamatoys who have updated their Weibo page with prototype images of what looks to be a new trailer for Optimus Prime. This one looks to be big and heafty to go along with the pumped up Western Star 4900X model that Prime is fashioned after three wheels to support the back-end of the trailer. We also see a fold down ramp in addition to the doors and a welcomed addition of a roller accessory may be included. Read on to see more details.

Thanks to third party maker DMY who have announced they will be making a D-03 Kit for Generations Doubledealer. The accessory adds the Missing Mega Missile and that was a signature of the G1 character (toy shown below) along with a new gun. The missile and gun kit for Generations Doubledealer coming in April 2014. See the images of the box and unpainted product below for more details.

From ACtoys comes the first prototype pictures third party toy inspired by Hot Rod, done using the mechanics of Masterpiece MP-12 Lambor Sideswipe. Additionally there is an armor upgrade and trailer designed to make a full MP-10 sized Rodimus Prime. Read on to see the images of the prototype figure in the different modes as well as looks as at the conversion and kit parts.

Perfect Effect PE-DX04 Guardian - Following the Warden release. This new robot changes into a powerful tank as well as becoming a head that can attach to Brave (or Fortress) Maximus. His giant cannon can also be used by Brave Max, and he comes with a display stand as well. This figure can take a variety of forms, including tank, robot, and a head for a certain larger robot, He is priced at $159.99 USD that can be pre-ordered now at bigbadtoystore.com

Robotkingdom have let us know there is an update on the Unique Toys Mania King Vintage Colour Version. The original sample is equipped with a Red Light Laser Pointer. Robotkingdom have carried out a test on the laser pointer, which can range for over 40 meters in indoor light condition, this implies the laser pointer is possibly a Class II or Class III laser pointer. In many countries, import of laser pointer is strictly regulated/prohibited by law. Due to these regulations and safety issues, Robotkingdom have requested Unique Toys to replace the Laser Pointer by LED, which will delay our shipment arrival for around 2 weeks.

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