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The Transformers: BotCon twitter account has posted a bunch of tweets about the 4th figure which is said to the biggest (size) BotCon figure yet. One of the tweets mentions the figures will crowd this years box with the toys just barely fitting. We also have a new look at this Olin fellow from Tornado's Facebook page who reveals him as "Olin Zarack" See the tweets and images below for the full details.

The official BotCon 2014 page has been updated with a new image asking "Who is Olin?" They teased us sometime ago about another Squirm character that was said to have a human form. Now we have another concept design shows a second human like character. See the image for the preview until we know more about what is said to be the most important reveal coming to the Pirates vs. Knights story line yet.

The crafty geeks at BotCon have revealed another BotCon 2014 character: Tornado - Decepticon Saboteur as a member on Facebook. That's right, he's got his own page where he's posting up bits and pieces about himself via the data logs that we have mirrored below. Of course as a Decepticon Saboteur, there is no telling what he setting us up for, so keep your eyes open while looking around.

There is still time to get the Protoform X Rampage is the Transformers Collectors' Club FREE Membership Incentive Figure for 2014! This figure will be sent to any Transformers Collectors’ Club member whose membership is active as of March 16, 2014. Rampage features an All-New head sculpt and will come with his weapon and an exclusive Tech Spec. Members can expect to receive this figure, with all of his accessories, in late spring/early summer. Sign up now at the Club Store!

The official Transformers Collectors Club has have posted the second figure reveal from the BotCon 2014 Convention set - PIRATES VS KNIGHTS! Formerly part of Squadron X, Ferak and his brother in arms, Tornado. The remake of the Universe Cyclonus figure with are the next of Cannonball's crew to pillage the galaxy for its riches. Note, All images are prototypes and the final product may vary. Get a look at the images and more details of the below.

The Transformers Collectors' Club Official facebook page have posted an updated image of the exclusive Protoform X / Rampage figure. Get a look at the remake based on the Transformers: Prime Deluxe First Edition Megatron figure. Fans who join the Transformers Club can get this FREE just for signing up by the membership deadline of March 16, 2014.

Thanks to the BotCon 2014 page, we have our first Convention Set Reveal Pirate Captain of the Star Seekers: Cannonball! As promised, the reveals would be rolling out from the official site with the first of the set being the leader, Cannonball who's mold is based on the Transformers Prime Ratchet mold. Check out he official images of the figure with more details below.

The official Transformers Club has posted an update letting us know they will be rolling out the lists of characters in the 2014 BotCon Box Set Exclusive. They have set up a matrix of placeholders for the five Pirates VS Knights characters that will be revealed over the coming weeks. They have also announced registration will begin soon. See the announce ment for Pirates VS Knights Transformers BotCon Box Set Exclusive below.

Transformers Collectors' Club posted a first reveal of their Transformers Figure Subscription Service 2.0 (TFSS 2.0) Rewind figure. Following the announcement of the figure that will feature a new head designed by Nick Roche. See the images of the figure below and compared with a couple of the G1 Tape bots Ramhorn and Steeljaw. See the images below for the full preview.

The official BotCon 2014 Twitter page has released another of their Transformers Priates Vs Knights teaser images. This one shows a dragon / lizard / sea serpent type illustration with the caption: "A Captain needs his Navigator..." Something tells me they are setting us up for a Beast Wars based figure as Cannonball is said to be the only Transformers Prime Beast Hunters mold. Who do you think they are hinting at? Share your speculations below.

Following our report on the new Transformers Collectors Club magazine revealing the Transformers Pirates vs. Knights Prime Ratchet base figure mold that was selected as Cannonball, the first Pirate figure in the set. The image has been posted on the BotCon twitter page. What do you think? Leave a comment below about this figure.

The BotCon 2014 Twitter feed have released a strange image with the topic asking a question: "So the question is... Who is Squirm?" The image shows what appears to be a rather rusty scupper that may or may not be one the Pirates if you the Tweet before that says every captain needs a crew. See the image and post your best guesses about who this might be in the comments.

Just out from the official site, TCC Issue #55 news has been posted and finally we get the scoop on The BotCon 2014 convention theme that will be: Pirates vs Knights. In addition to Cannonball, they are promising a selection characters that will be updated molds as part of the 30th anniversary celebration. The Issue 55 magazine has the first look at Cannonball who is revealed to be Captain of the Star Seekers. Check out the cover and more details now.

The TFCC have posted some new images TFSS 2.0 Transformers Thrustinator exclusive figure. Get a look at the robot mode test shot from many angles. This is a remake of the Beast Wars II Dirgegun figure in Beast Machines Thrust colors. According to the post, TFCC says these pics are of production samples. Minor changes were requested for final versions and the final product may vary from what is shown. Check out the new TFSS 2.0 Transformers Thrustinator images below.

Just in from the TCC Twitter account are new images of the Chromedome with Stylor Mini-con (Headmaster)! Get a look at the remake of the Transformers: Prime RID Wheeljack mold with new head sculpt as the G1 character Chromedome. Note that his little buddy is more of Stylor Mini-con deal as he doesn't transform into Chromedome's head. See the figures shown in their robot and alternate modes below for the full preview.

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